Top 10 Best Adjustable Pipe Wrenches 2022 Reviews

When it comes time to do work around the house, there are few tools as handy as a good pipe wrench. A good pipe wrench can help you loosen or tighten objects that are rounded. This includes bolts, pipes, rods, and nuts. The pipe wrench was originally designed to tighten and loosen pipes, but over time, the tool started to be used for a wide variety of around-the-house needs. A pipe wrench has a special kind of screw threading that allows you to have a firm grip on what you’re adjusting, which is a major benefit of the tool.

10. Goplus 4pcs Adjustable 8″ 10″ 14″ 18″ Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench Set

Goplus 4pcs Adjustable

This product is a pipe wrench set with different sized tools that can let you work in a wide variety of tight environments. Additionally, these are drop forged and heat-treated, so these pipe wrenches will definitely last for decades of use.


  • The heads are spring-loaded for grip.
  • These are made of very durable materials.
  • There are four wrenches in the set.

9. Irwin 2074124 3-Inch Jaw Capacity 24-Inch Cast Aluminum Pipe Wrench

Irwin 2074124 3-Inch Jaw Capacity

If you need a tight grip, then the Irwin 2074124 is a great option that locks in like a vise. In addition to this, this is a very light tool that’s good for a toolbox or belt. In fact, the material is 40 percent lighter than cast iron tools.


  • The nut on this is easy to spin so that it can be adjusted quickly.
  • This is a very durable tool.
  • For those that carry tools all day, the lighter design is convenient.

8. Ridgid 31015 Model 12 Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench, 12-inch Plumbing Wrench

Ridgid 31015 Model 12 Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe

If you’re a professional in need of a high-grade tool, then this pipe wrench by Ridgid is a good option for your day-to-day needs. It has a great grip, a pipe capacity of two inches, and self-cleaning threads.


  • It has a very durable housing that’s made of ductile iron.
  • The threads lock on tight.
  • This wrench’s handle tapers outwards for a better grip.

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7. Loggerhead BG8-01R-01 8-inch Bionic Grip Wrench

Loggerhead BG8-01R-01 8-inch Bionic Grip Wrench

The Loggerhead BG8-01R-01 has a unique design for a pipe wrench. As you’ll notice, it doesn’t have a spinning nut for tightening. This is because of its patented bionic grip technology that lets it conform to the bolt.


  • You’ll never have to adjust by hand again.
  • It won’t strip nuts.
  • This wrench interlocks securely.

6. Vise Grip 274001SM 11-Inch Aluminum Quick Adjust Pipe Wrench

Vise Grip 274001SM 11-Inch Aluminum Quick Adjust

For those looking for an easy-to-carry pipe wrench, this Vise Grip product is a great option. It’s made of aluminum, which means that it’ll be lightweight and durable for your jobs. Additionally, it even has a traditional-inch reach.


  • It’s lighter than many cast-iron tools.
  • The wrench has a very easy to grip handle.
  • It can clamp on tightly.

5. Crescent AT10SPUD 10 5/8″ Black Oxide Finish Construction Wrench

Crescent AT10SPUD 10 58 Black Oxide

When you don’t need a complex wrenching experience, the Crescent AT10SPUD is a good option for most around-the-house jobs. It even has a phosphate finish that helps it resist corrosion over time.


  • The knurl on this wrench allows for quick adjustments.
  • It is designed to be durable and damage-resistant.
  • The wrench has a black design that prevents corrosion.

4. Tradespro 836159 14-Inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench

Tradespro 836159 14-Inch Aluminum Pipe Wrench

If you need a traditional-style pipe wrench that is lightweight, this aluminum tool may be your next purchase. It has a good grip and is lighter than many of the similar products you can find on the market.


  • A lifetime warranty backs it.
  • With just a thumb-spin, you can adjust this very easily.
  • Aluminum is a lightweight material that can withstand punishment.

3. Ridgid 31000 6″ Pipe Wrench


Ridgid 31000 6 Pipe Wrench

Those that need a wrench for cramped areas will really appreciate the smaller size of this Ridgid product. Like all of the products in their line, this wrench has a sturdy build, a good grip, and self-cleaning threads.


  • This is smaller so that it can fit in more cramped places.
  • It’s built to last and is made of cast iron.
  • The wrench is great for gripping.

2. Bahco Snap On 9071RPC 1-1/16-Inch Jaw Capacity 8-Inch Two in One Adjustable Pipe Wrench

Bahco Snap On 9071RPC

For those looking for a versatile option, this pipe wrench from Bahco has a jaw design that is reversible for a different grip. Additionally, the wrench is made of hardened metal to slip or get damaged during your day.


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The handle is straightforward to grip on the job.
  • This wrench’s knurl spins easily for minute adjustments.

1. Tradespro 830914 14-Inch Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench

Tradespro 830914 14-Inch Heavy Duty

This Tradespro wrench is made of cast iron, and while this may make it heavy, there are few more durable and reliable materials. This is a professional-grade pipe wrench that is also good in the home.


  • The handle has a 14-inch length for basic jobs.
  • It’s effortless to grip.
  • If you need a firm attachment, this wrench really holds the nut in place.