Top 10 Best Accordions 2022 Reviews

Accordions are special and unique instruments with a very long history. Even though they are ancient, they have been seen in the market recently. Accordions have a rich sound and are mostly used by jazz players and other music genres. Moreover, many schools around the world now include accordion in their curriculum. It is easy to learn the instrument. Therefore, children and adults who want to play the instrument can become pros within a matter of works.

In this review, you will learn more about the top ten best accordions, their features, and specifications, starting from number ten to the top best accordion set in the market.

10. Hohner 3100GB Panther Diatonic Button Accordion

Hohner 3100GB Panther Diatonic Button Accordion

The accordion’s design is the first thing you will notice when you take a look at this instrument. The solid black design is wrapped up in metal on the right, where the sound-hole is placed. The bellows are red, which makes the entire unit look handsome.


  • The accordion features 12 chord/bass keys and a set of 31 treble keys. The buttons are easy-going and working with. Also, the quality is commendable.
  • There are two sets of treble reeds to allow for more flexibility intones.
  • The sound of the Hohner 3100GB is great, all thanks to the treble reeds. The sound released is powerful. The bellows ensure the tone is robust and clean.
  • The tone is clean and robust, interesting to most accordion-playing but especially well fit for Conjunto.

9. Hohner Accordions BR48R-N 26-Key Piano Accordion, 48 Bass, Red

Hohner Accordions BR48R-N 26-Key Piano Accordion, 48 Bass, Red

This is yet another great accordion to consider. It is especially ideal for beginners, and although it is expensive, it is a bit affordable than the pro versions. You can learn this accordion from the ground up and improve your skills.


  • This accordion comes with 48 buttons and 26 keys.
  • Also, the accordion has 4 void and 2 treble registers.
  • Also, the Hohner piano accordion features adjustable straps and a gig bag for protection.
  • The keyboard has a length of 12.75 inches.

8. Hohner 72 Bass Entry Level Piano Accordion Red

Hohner 72 Bass Entry Level Piano Accordion Red

The Hohner 72 Bass Entry Level Accordion has an advanced mechanism to ensure a stronger tactile key response, resonant construction, and tremolo-tuned reeds.


  • Red pearl color
  • 4 voices
  • Straps and gig bags
  • 48 bass buttons
  • Weight- 17 lbs
  • 72 bass entry Level keys

7. Rizatti Bronco RB31GW Diatonic Accordion

Rizatti Bronco RB31GW Diatonic Accordion

The bronco RB31GW comes with two sets of treble reeds, 12 chord/ bass buttons, and 31 treble keys. If you travel a lot, then this accordion would be the best fit for you because it has the perfect size that can fit in any vehicle. It is also ideal for playing different music genres such as Norteño, Vallenato, Mariachi Forró, Merengue, Cumbia, Cueca, Tejano, and Tarantella.


  • The combinations of keys are G, C, and F
  • Padded Straps
  • 2 sets of treble reeds
  • 31 treble keys

6. Hohner Compadre GCF Accordion, Red

Hohner Compadre GCF Accordion, Red

The Hohner Compadre GCF is ideal for bother amateurs and experienced players. This particular model is designed with both groups of players in mind. Firstly, the accordion features an open grille design that allows you to create louder and fuller music.

As far as performance is concerned, you will be glad to know that this instrument boasts 12 bass buttons and 31 treble buttons that let you play different kinds of music. Besides, it features a celluloid fingerboard, which makes the accordion even more valuable.

There is also a gig bag that accompanies the equipment; the straps are meant to ease transportation. This is definitely a good deal. Another feature that makes Hohner Compadre versatile is the 2-voice design, and that is why it is perfect for beginners and advanced players.


  • GCF Treble Keys
  • 12 Buttons
  • 31 Buttons
  • 2 Choruses
  • 62 diatonic Notes
  • Weight: 8 to 10lb.
  • Size- 12″x 7-1/2″

5. D’Luca Toro Button Accordion

D'Luca Toro Button Accordion

The D’Luca Toro is a 3 row diatonic accordion with 31 keys with 12 basses on the GCF key. The sound produced by the 31 treble buttons in high quality. The accordion is perfect for playing Norteñas, Cumbia, Vallenato, Tex, Conjunto, and Mex songs. Its stainless steel grill characterizes the accordion’s design. The key features GCF.


  • Italian style with a pearlescent finish
  • 20 fold design bellows for a louder sound
  • Steel corners for protection
  • Quality double straps hook on the accordion
  • Adjustable left-hand bass strap
  • Length is 13 inches in height, 12.5 inches long, and 8 inches wide.
  • The weight of the accordion is 11 lbs.

4. Rizatti Bronco RB31GM Diatonic Accordion – Mexican Flag

Rizatti Bronco RB31GM Diatonic Accordion - Mexican Flag

The Bronco RB32GM accordion has some amazing features that both novice and advanced players would love. The accordion supports 3 keys- G, C, and F. It also contains 31 comfortable treble buttons. When you purchase the accordion, you also get an extra padded strap.


  • 31 buttons
  • Available in white, green, and red
  • Key combinations include G, C, and F
  • 2 reeds
  • 12 bass/chord buttons
  • Padded straps

3. Beginner Accordion, 22-key 8 Bass Piano Accordion

Beginner Accordion, 22-key 8 Bass Piano Accordion

The beginner accordion has an elegant look and exceptional artistry. The accordion has amazing features, such as a maple wood design, durable, and resistant to corrosion. Letting you develop your skills and musical rhythm.


  • 8 Bass Piano
  • 22 Keys
  • Corrosion-resistant Maple wood design

2. Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion – Black

Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion - Black

There isn’t an intuitive formula for making music, like taking an instrument and starting to play it. You don’t even have to know where the notes are, plus you get to learn by dash and heart. The Hohner Panther GCF 3 row accordion is one instrument that allows you to play without any serious demands. The 3-row diatonic accordion features double-strap brackets, a nice matte black, and many more features, as listed below.


  • 32 treble buttons (3 rows)
  • 12 chords/bass buttons
  • 2 sets of treble reeds
  • Matte black color
  • GCF key combination
  • 7.5 wide by 12 inches high
  • Weight- 9 lbs

1. Hohner – Panther – 3-Row FBE Diatonic Accordion

Hohner - Panther - 3-Row FBE Diatonic Accordion

Finally, the best of the best, The Hohner Panther 3-row FBE is a beast. While it is among the most expensive accordions in the market, it is worth every dime. It boasts of so many amazing features at a value-packed price.

The panther comes with 12 bass/chord buttons, 31 responsive treble keys, and play in the keys Eb, Bb, and F. the treble ensures nothing but a robust and rich sound when you are playing. Moreover, the instrument lets you play different kinds of music styles.


  • The accordion is one of the lightest and smallest accordions on the market.
  • Keys in the equipment include Eb, Bb, and F
  • Has a rich sound when played in a group or solo
  • Great size and weight of 12″ x 7.5″, 9 lbs respectively
  • Features 12 bass/chord buttons and 31 treble keys
  • Adjustable over-the-shoulder straps
  • Foam padded
  • Side zippers