Top 10 Best Amber Necklaces For Teething 2022 Reviews

For all expecting or new moms out there, child care post-partum is a difficult task. There are so many things to consider as your child grows and moves past every stage.

Teething is one of the most important stages for your babies. For some babies, it could be super painful for as their teeth are growing.

It may not be as painful for some others, but it would still be annoying for them. Like their moms, you would hate to see your child in pain.

Thus, to help you and your child, our article will introduce you to the best amber teething necklaces.

Best Amber Necklaces For Teething Reviews:

10. Amber Jewelry Shop Baltic Amber Necklace 13 Inches

Amber Jewelry Shop Baltic Amber Necklace 13 inches

This Baltic Amber Necklace by the brand Amber Jewelry Shop is one of the most popular products on the market.

This is a natural Baltic amber necklace that is made from the national gems laboratory of Lithuania. The necklace is safety knotted beads and a “twist-clasp” closure individually.

The clasp lock is also allergen-free with no metal, which makes it safe for everyone to use. With this closure, this product is guaranteed to be super safe and prevent choking for your babies.

It measures to be around 33-34cm long—the perfect size for either the mom or the baby to wear. Worry about not liking it? You can get a full refund upon the product return.

What We Like:

  • Allergen-free and safe for kids
  • Certified quality materials
  • 100% money-back guarantee

9. Baltic Amber Adult 17 Inch Necklace by Baltic Essentials

Baltic Amber Adult 17 inch Necklace by Baltic Essentials

One of the best teething necklaces for babies is the Baltic Amber necklace by the brand Baltic Essentials. The product is made from high-quality and 100% natural amber beads.

Anyone of all ages can use this product for their different needs. Especially for babies, this is the perfect necklace for teething.

It can naturally manage pain and discomfort. You can also choose a wide range of colors and sizes to cater to different needs.

Each color gem represents different benefits. Pink rose quartz is for sadness, separation, anxiety, and depression. Amethyst works for anger and anxiety.

There are also others such as Lapis, turquoise, and rainbow for different needs.

What We Like:

  • 100% safe and natural
  • Naturally manage pain and discomfort
  • Effective for everyone

8. Baltic Wonder Baltic Amber Necklace

Baltic Wonder Baltic Amber Necklace

Here we have the Baltic Wonder Baltic Amber Necklace in Baroque Honey. This necklace comes 32-33cm long that can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

It is hand-made and put together individually with love. The beads are 100% certified authentic Baltic, and they are knotted together safely.

Guaranteed to be non-hazardous for your child even while chewing. You can rest assured that it will not break apart or hurt your babies while they’re teething.

The closure mechanism is also safe and high-quality. It is ranked n1st in the new release for Baby Teether Toys, and good reasons!

Within one year, you can return the product anytime if you do not like it and get 100% of your money back.

What We Like:

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 100% certified safe
  • Hand-made and put together

7. Amber Touch Raw Baltic Amber Necklace (Unisex) 13 Inch

Amber Touch RAW Baltic Amber Necklace (Unisex) 13 inch

This is the Amber-Touch RAW Baltic Amber necklace in honey color in 13 inches. The size is around 13” or 32cm. It would help if you kept a few things in mind when you are buying this product.

If this necklace is for the mom to wear, the length is perfect and needs no adjustment.

If you want the baby to wear it, you might want to adjust the right fit measurement. The necklace is made from unpolished natural amber from the Baltic Region.

Certified, 100% authentic!

The beads are unpolished to keep their raw and natural shape while limiting unnecessary energy and substance use for polishing.

It is handmade and safely knotted together for the ultimate best quality on the market.

What We Like:

  • 100% natural Baltic Amber beads
  • Natural, raw, and unpolished
  • Great for teething

6. Baltic Amber Necklace by Zhaoxia

Baltic Amber Necklace by ZHAOXIA

This ZHAOXIA Baltic amber necklace is one of the best products for teething in the market. This Baltic amber necklace is promised to be made 100% from authentic amber from the Baltic area.

The beads are safely knotted together individually with a twist clasp closure for another level of safety.

You no longer have to worry about the necklace coming undone, or choking, or breaking apart while your child is wearing it.

This teething necklace comes in a beautiful gift box with the beads in cognac, the perfect gift for new moms!

You can choose between three different sizes for your needs: 11” or small, 13” or standard, and 14” or large.

What We Like:

  • Different sizes for different needs
  • 100% authentic amber
  • Non-hazardous for your children

5. Cici’s Story Amber Necklace Gift Set (Unisex)

Cici’s Story Amber Necklace Gift Set (Unisex)

This Cici’s Story amber necklace gift set is also one of the best necklaces for teething in the market.

Like most amber necklaces on the market, this one is made 100% from authentic Baltic amber beads. All you need to do is choose the right size!

From small to standard to large, you will be able to enjoy the quality of your product.

The beads are put together carefully one by one with a twist clasp closure to prevent the risk of choking and breaking apart.

During the teething stage, this is the ultimate product for you as you can rest assured that it will help your child. All packed in a beautiful package; you can also buy this as a gift for your loved ones.

What We Like:

  • 100% authentic amber
  • Twist clasp closure
  • 1-year guarantee

4. Amber Jewelry Amber and Amethyst Necklace for Girls and Boys

Amber Jewelry Amber and Amethyst Necklace for Girls and Boys

Next is the Amber and Amethyst necklace by the brand Amber Jewelry. This necklace is compatible with both sexes!

Made entirely from genuine amber beads, this is 100% handmade with love.

Each bead is carefully selected to meet the highest quality and knotted from both sides to ensure no falling out or choking.

It has a safety screw closure for the ultimate safety. On top of that, the beautiful beads are almost round to be super convenient for the wearers.

It is shipped in a beautiful pouch that can work as a gift for any occasion. The beads are also super colorful and stylish to wear, as well.

What We Like:

  • Super convenient and stylish to wear
  • Authentic and super high-quality
  • Safe and non-hazardous

3. Genuine Amber Necklace for Adult – Cognac Color Glossy Amber Beads

Genuine Amber Necklace for Adult - Cognac Color Glossy Amber Beads

This cognac color glossy amber bead necklace for adults is among the best teething necklaces for babies out there.

This product is designed specifically for adults or moms out there to wear. It is stylish and minimal in terms of design but super high in quality.

Our moms can wear it on top of any outfit to provide your kids with something to chew while holding them. It is handmade 100% from genuine Baltic amber beads.

Each bead is put together with love.

You can rest assured that your child will not choke or be affected by the natural necklace. You can choose between 18” and 20” sizes.

The ideal combination of style, comfort, convenience, and quality.

What We Like:

  • Casual and stylish
  • Authentic, handmade, and safe
  • 1-year money-back guarantee

2. Meraki Adult Amber Bracelet – Raw Unpolished Baroque Amber Bracelet

Meraki Adult Amber Bracelet - Raw Unpolished Baroque Amber Bracelet

Moving along, we have the Meraki adult amber necklace and bracelet in cognac color.

Unlike most others, you can get this product either in bracelet form, necklace form, or a pack of both!

All of the products are made from 100% pure amber beads from Lithuania. The beads are also in their natural and raw states giving off a very boho and unique feeling.

Unlike most machine-processed beads that may be tough for your babies, these natural ones work best!

They are handpicked individually to meet the standards and quality. Each bead is firmly knotted into place with a sturdy twine one by one to endure the toughest use.

What We Like:

  • Handpicked and handmade product
  • Raw, natural, unprocessed
  • High-quality and super effective

1. The Original Baby Teething Necklace for Mom

The Original Baby Teething Necklace for Mom

The last product we’ll be talking about is this Original Baby teething necklace for moms. This is among one of the best of the best teething necklaces you can ever find anywhere on the market.

The brand Itybity guarantees the best in quality and performance. The beads are made from food-grade premium quality silicone that is chewable.

The necklace is made from different shapes beads for different chewing textures! Non-toxic! It is BPA free, no phthalates, cadmium, lead, or any other metals.

More than that, it is also CPSC/CPSIA certified. The perfect handmade teething necklace for moms can provide instant teething and gum massage relief for your babies.

With this product, you will provide your child with visual, motor, and sensory development. Super easy to maintain, as well as it is dishwasher safe.

What We Like:

  • Superior quality silicone materials
  • Non-toxic, sturdy, and easy to maintain
  • Lifetime warranty

How to Choose the Best Amber Necklaces for Teething? – A Buying Guide:

Best Amber Necklaces For Teething

Teething is the stage where teeth first come through a baby’s gums. For some children, it might begin as early as 3 months.

For others, it could be later.

Having amber necklaces for teething help your children by providing them something to chew on.

However, with so many options and brands available, it could be not easy to find the best amber teething necklace for babies.

Our article will introduce you to 10 of the best amber teething necklaces in the market and all the factors you need to consider.

Here are what you need to keep in mind when you are looking for an amber necklace for teething:


The first factor you need to consider is how safe it is for your babies. Remember that your babies will keep in their mouths and chew on.

It has to be made from high-quality and non-toxic materials. Look for 100% food-grade, FDA-approved silicone or other materials free of BPAs, Phthalates, cadmium, lead, and latex.

Another thing is to look at its durability and size.

It should be durable enough to endure the chewing and sturdy enough to not break apart while using it. It should also be safe from choking.


The second thing to keep in mind is effectiveness. Make sure that the products you are looking to buy are effective.

Look for customers’ reviews online for the ultimate honest feedback on quality. Another thing is to make sure that the teething necklaces are scientifically backed.

Some materials are more effective than others. Opt for the materials that are most effective for your child and your needs.


It is also positive to keep your options open. Look for other alternatives that you can alternate for your child.

If the amber necklaces are not right for you, find other things such as teething toys or fabric for them to chew on.

Learn other things such as applying ice to the gums or use pain relief medications such as Tylenol. Remember that the amber necklaces are not your one-stop solution.

It is just one of the most effective options.

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In conclusion, we understand how important it is for all the moms to get the best quality amber necklaces for teething for their babies.

There are so many things to look for and consider, especially concerning their babies.

With that in mind, we hope that our list of product reviews can offer you some guidance as you look for the best product that matches your needs.

What does the best amber necklace for teething look like? Well, it should meet the criteria we mentioned in our buying guide.

It should be safe and non-toxic as well as super effective for your child.

That is why the Original Baby Teething Necklace for Mom by Itybity is our favorite. It ticks all the boxes for the best teething necklace for babies and more!

With that product, you no longer have to worry about your babies having teething pain or discomfort.

That being said, we are confident that any of the products on our list will deliver satisfactory performance and unique advantages.

We advise you to read through everything very carefully before making your decision. Do not feel limited or constricted to buying just based on the order of the products’ appearance.

Happy Shopping!