Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes For Men 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for the ideal men’s bike to ride on the beach?

If you are trying to enjoy beach biking riding this summer or any time of the year, men’s beach cruiser bikes would be the ideal choice for you!

To save you time from having to research through all the bikes available right now, this article will provide you with the reviews and highlights of the 10 best men’s beach cruiser bikes along with a brief buying guide!

Among the best cruiser bikes for men, these ten bikes are some of the most comfortable bikes to ride around the sandy beach, allowing you to chill out and feel the breeze!

Be sure to check them out!

A cruiser bike is a casual and simple bike meant for you to enjoy the surrounding environment as you ride along the beach.

These bikes are straightforward to ride, so they are the ideal choice for beginners.

Most cruiser bikes have a signature look, including a long curved handlebar, thick tires, and wide bike cushion for your ultimate comfort.

The bike design encourages a more upright sitting posture with a minimalist design that appeals to many beachgoers.

Whether you are looking for men’s cruiser bike 7 speed or men’s 3-speed cruiser bikes, you keep in mind some essentials of a good cruiser bike.

The important points include the bike design and size for maneuverability, its material for durability and easy maintenance, and the bike’s appearance, including colors, frames, and accessories for your comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Now let us go through the reviews and highlights of the 10 best men’s beach cruiser bikes.

best men beach cruiser bikes

Top 10 Best Cruiser Bikes For Men Reviews:

10. Kent’s Oakwood Cruiser Bike

Kent's Oakwood


The Kent Oakwood is one of the recent cruise bikes that features an aluminum frame; this makes the bike light in weight while ensuring its durability.

This bike was created for the beach and street cruises and is a good choice for a work bike.

It is a 7-speed bike with classic rear and front handbrakes, a chain cover, and a quick-release post clamp seat.

It is a long-lasting bike with durable material to ensure it is rust-free and will not tear after using it in a salty air environment in the seat.


  • Durable aluminum frame.
  • Comfortable seat with thick padding.
  • Seven-speed gear system.
  • Chain cover for protection.
  • Rear-front handbrake.
  • Great price.
  • Anti-rust.

9. Firmstrong Chief Beach Man Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Chief Beach

If you are a tall man looking for the right bike size for you, then this is one of the best choices for you!

This Firmstrong’s Chief Beach Man Cruiser Bike is created especially for taller men as it comes with an elongated design that gives you enough legroom for riders up to six feet four tall.

It is ideal for commuting, exercise, and recreation.

It comes with a durable steel top tube and 26″ aluminum wheels for long-lasting support.

It is flexible with 3 riding options of 1-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed available with its powerful Shimano gear system.

It has an easy coaster brake for 1 and 3-speed bikes and front and rear handbrakes for a 7-speed bike to ensure your safety.


  • Comfortable for big sized men.
  • High quality for the retail price.
  • Can be used for recreation, commuting, and exercise.
  • Durable steel top tube.
  • 26″ aluminum wheels.
  • Shimano gear system.
  • Coaster brakes for 1 and 3-speed bikes.
  • Front and rear handbrakes for 7-speed bike

8. Firmstrong Bruiser Man Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Bruiser Man

The Firmstrong Bruiser is a specially designed cruiser bike for taller men.

This is ideal if you have a long leg and arm and find it hard to get the right bike for your height and size.

Not only will this bike fit you perfectly, but it is also very durable and powerful.

It has a single-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed bike option with coaster brakes and front/rear handbrakes for your safe biking.

It features a durable steel frame with 26-inch aluminum rims for long-lasting use and withstands daily use and weight support.

The seat comes with two springs to ensure it is comfy on your back.

The black frame and Green rim wheels also make it look super fancy for your beach ride!


  • Smooth ride with minimal noise.
  • High-quality and durable materials.
  • 3 gear systems available.
  • Ideal for taller men.
  • Durable frame and rims.
  • Comfortable spring seats.
  • Nice black-red design on wheels.

7. Firmstrong Urban Man Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Urban Man

The Urban Man comes in two sizes; 24-inch for men between 4 and 5 feet and 26-inch for men between 5 and 6 feet.

Buyers can choose between single-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed gear systems.

The 7-speed bike features Shimano internal shifting gear system.

Single and three-speed bikes feature coaster brakes, while the seven-speed bike comes with front and rear handbrakes.

The faux leather grips and large seat with springs add to the comfort of this bike.


  • Available in three gear setting – Shimano gear shift is smooth.
  • Easy to assemble – assembly manual provided.
  • Fit for men up to 6 feet 4 tall and up to 250 pounds.
  • Great value for money.
  • Strong and durable materials.

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6. Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike (26-Inch)

Kent Oakwood Men's

The Kent Oakwood Aluminum Cruiser is the ultimate beach cruiser.

With a lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum frame and high-quality components, this gorgeous beach cruiser will look great for years to come as well as be easy to ride and handle great.

Whether you live in the city or on the boardwalk, the Oakwood Aluminum cruiser is the perfect companion for cruising to the store or the local coffee shop.


  • 7-Speed Bike.
  • Cruiser Bike Frame.
  • Front and Rear Handbrake.
  • Enclosed Chain Cover.
  • Quick Release Seat Post Clamp.

5. Firmstrong Chief Man Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Chief Man Single Speed

If you are looking for a single-speed beach cruiser bike, this is an ideal one from Firmstrong for you.

It has an enduring capability yet lightweight feel for your comforting and breezy ride along the beach or down the road.

It has a 19-inch durable steel frame with a circular, high arching top tube design and 26-inch aluminum wheels.

This ensures your bike is mighty and provides a constant bump-free ride! Its elongated frame makes the bike even more ideal for taller riders.

The bike comes with balloon tires for a cushioned ride with easy-to-use coaster brakes.


  • Enduring capability.
  • Lightweight.
  • 19” arching top tube design frame.
  • 12” aluminum wheels.
  • Elongated frame.
  • Balloon tired cushioned ride.
  • Easy to use coaster brakes.

4. Firmstrong Cruiser-Bicycles Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Cruiser-Bicycles


This cruiser bike from Firmstrong features a 26-inch single-speed option and a modern look with a more macho feel.

This bike is ready to impress on-lookers!

It has an elongated and extended frame for more space between you and the handlebars, so it is ideal for recreational bike riding along the beach.

It has a curved 19-inch steel cruiser frame design with 26-inch aluminum wheels with thick tires to prevent bumpy rides.

It comes with an adjustable soft-spring cushion seat and easy-grip handlebars.

For your safety, it has a guard to protect pant cuffs from getting caught in the chain.


  • Macho look, single-speed.
  • Top tube design for a beefier look.
  • 19-inch extended steel frame.
  • Balloon tires for a cushioned ride.
  • Easy-to-use coaster brakes.
  • Oversized seat with dual.
  • Synthetic leather grips handle.

3. Firmstrong Chief Man Three Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle (Matte Black, 19 inches)

Firmstrong Chief Man Three Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle (Matte Black, 19 inch)

This Chief Man Three Speed Cruiser bike from Firmstrong is the ideal bike for long rides and climbing hills.

This three-speed bike features an elongated frame with a forward pedaling design for proper leg extension to ensure a more comfortable ride.

This is a great fit for men at height 5′-4″ to 6-4″. It features Shimano Internal Gear System to ensure a smooth ride, either you are going uphill or down.

It features a 19″ extended length frame made of durable steel with 26″ aluminum wheels and wide tires to ensure long-lasting usage and shock absorption support.

It is even more comfortable to ride on with a wide, oversized seat with dual springs for a soft cushioned feel.


  • Ideal for the long ride and climbing hills.
  • Three-speed features.
  • Forward pedaling design.
  • Proper leg extension.
  • 19” extended length frame.
  • 26” aluminum wheel & wire tires.
  • Oversize seats.
  • Adjustable seats and handlebars.

2. sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Single-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle (24 Inch)


If you are looking for the classic men’s single-speed beach bicycle, this is the ideal option.

This stylish-looking bike features a 15-inch durable steel frame for casual, safe, and comfortable riding. Its upright riding style handlebars keep your back and shoulders from pain and soreness.

It also has a dual-spring saddle and wide cruiser handlebar with foam grips for convenient riding.

Enjoy the relaxing ride with a single-speed option for cruising on flat terrain and pedal-backward coaster brakes for quick and easy stopping.

For your quick riding, it comes with 24-Inch wide aluminum wheels with large waffle tread tires that provide a cushioned ride for easy rolling and prevent accidents and flat tires.


  • 15-inch durable steel frame.
  • Upright riding style.
  • Dual-sprig saddle.
  • Wide cruiser handlebar.
  • Foam grips.
  • Single-speed option.
  • 24” aluminum wheels.

1. Schwinn Mikko & Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Mikko & Huron

Ride through your favorite beach with a Schwinn-Huron cruiser bike for your ultimate enjoyable experience.

This steel-framed cruiser bike provides you maximum comfort with retro-style full front and full rear fenders to protect your back from mud and dirt.

This cruiser bike comes with three-speed options, including single-speed, three-speed, and a seven-speed drive train option to fit different biking and beach conditions.

For a long time, enjoy this bike with aluminum alloy rims that are both lightweight and strong with a padded cruiser saddle with springs that leave you in complete comfort.

This cruiser bike comes with 26-inch wheels for fast and easy riding.


  • Classic Beach Cruiser Design.
  • 1, 3, & 7-Speed Options.
  • Steel-framed.
  • Protective rear fenders.
  • Retro-styled full front.
  • Wide padded cruiser saddle.
  • 26-inch wheels.

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These are the 10 best beach cruisers’ reviews for men with different highlights and pros to fit different user needs.

Either way, to get the good one for yourself, you have to remember the 3 main common important points, including the design, the material, and the extra accessories/features.

Looking at the cruiser bikes from the designer’s view, they should be features with an ergonomic design to allows you to sit upright instead of hunched over to prevent back pain and bad posture.

The handlebars should be easy to hold and turn for relaxed and safe riding.

The bike and wheel sizes should fit your weight and height and your desired level of comfort, and how big you want to bike.

The bike materials should be durable and rust-resistant for long-lasting use, especially along the salty-air beach sides.

As you use your bike along the beach, under the sun, and with salt air, they have to be enduring these rough elements.

With these protections equipped with your bikes, they would be most long-lasting and require less maintenance overall.

It should also have good steel and internal hubs to keep it functioning properly.

For the last important point to consider, you would want to look for a cruiser bike to easily add a basket to the front to carry any merchandise or groceries while riding, a lighting reflective tape for your convenience and safety.

This also allows you to make it aesthetically pleasing to have one of the coolest beach cruiser bikes.

We hope you are ready to go and look for the best one for your biking journey right now!

Enjoy beach biking and happy shopping!