Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 Reviews 2022

Are you looking for good mountain bikes to ride either on paved roads and rough terrains?

Are you trying to get a good mountain bike that comes with an affordable price tag?

Then this article is ideal for you!

As there are so many models of mountain bikes available right now with different types and prices, this article will gather you with the 10 best mountain bikes under 300 with reviews and highlights of each bike along with a short but concise buying guide.

Mountain bikes are durable and powerful bikes that, just like their name, can perform smoothly when you are riding on mountainous terrains and rough trails.

Good mountain bikes under 300 should come with a lightweight frame and be fitted with disc brakes for consistent support that works even if it is wet.

If you intend to take your bike off-road, make sure it’s got suitable gearing that is capable enough to bring you uphill when you want to without breaking a sweat.

With so many types of bikes to look through, you have to remember the main three factors when you are looking for the right one: the frame and disc to support your riding performance, the gear for going uphill easily, and the brake for when you are accelerating or going downhill.

Besides these factors, you obviously can cater to your preferences, including the appearance, color, and overall design of the mountain bike.

Now that you get the overall features of a good mountain bike let’s go through the reviews and highlights of the 10 best mountain bikes under 300 that are trendy right now.

Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 Reviews:

10. Roadmaster R8047WMDS

Roadmaster R8047WMDS

If you are looking for an all-around mountain bike suitable for riding on the road and rugged terrain, Granite Peak Mountain Bike by Roadmaster is an excellent choice.

It is featured with a steel mountain frame and a front suspension fork so you can enjoy comfortable and vibrate-less bike riding.

It has a durable knobby tire tread to secure grip on the pavement or dirt roads to prevent slippers.

The bike alloy rims offer added durability and stability. This mountain bike comes with 18-speed twist shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur, allowing maximum shifting performance.


  • Steel mountain frame
  • Front suspension fork
  • Durable knobby tire threads
  • 18-speed twist shifters
  • Shimano rear derailleur

9. Genesis 29″ Incline Men’s Mountain Bike, Black/Yellow

Genesis 29

If you want both on-road and off-road fun, then this Incline Men’s from Genesis Bicycles is right for you.

This durable bike features an aluminum four-bar linkage suspension frame with a strong spring-loaded suspension fork.

This ensures the impact and vibration are well absorbed to relieve strains on your back, neck, and shoulder.

It features front disc brakes, rear linear-pull hand brakes for quick and responsive stopping and slowing down.

The 21-speed drivetrain with Revo twist shifters from Shimano will enhance the accelerating capability.

You can enjoy an even more comfortable riding position with a padded saddle and an upright setting designed with handlebars.


  • Aluminum suspension frame
  • Spring-loaded suspension fork
  • Impact and vibration absorption
  • 21-speed drivetrain and Revo twist shifters
  • Padded saddle and upright sitting design handlebars

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8. Hyper 29″ Explorer Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike, Red

Hyper 29

This Hyper Explorer Dual Suspension Mountain Bike will bring your outdoor biking experience to another level.

It has a lightweight Hydroform aluminum frame that allows you to use this durable bike for years. It is also easy to bring along to your road trip.

The 29″ Hyper Explorer Dual Suspension is designed with a front and rear suspension to offer a smooth ride on any surface.

It features 9 speeds, ensuring versatility in the ride. The men’s mountain bike has a comfortable Shimano Altus trigger shifter for a quick gear change.

It is very durable and stable with alloy rims and front and rear disc brakes.

This bike is made with standard pedals for a comfortable and secure ride.

It has grips on the handlebars for sustained comfort during long rides.


  • Lightweight Hydroform aluminum
  • Front and rear suspension
  • 9 speeds, quick gear change
  • Alloy rims, durable tires
  • Front and rear disc brakes

7. Flite Taser II Men Mountain Bike Black/Yellow

Flite Taser II Mens' Mountain Bike

If you are specifically looking for a mountain bike for men, then Flite Taser II is an ideal choice for you.

Being one of the Best men’s mountain bikes under 300, Flite bikes are designed and developed to cater to fit men’s height, weight, and sitting posture.

Your feet will fall flat on the ground with fully extended legs, so it will not tire you after a longhouse ride.

It features a front and adjustable rear suspension for a smooth off-road ride and less vibration.

It comes with 18-speed Shimano indexed gears and powerful V-style brakes for sure stopping power.

The padded paddle is also comfortable to ride and accelerate.


  • Ideal for men, a fitting design
  • Fully extend legs
  • Front and adjustable rear suspension
  • Less vibration, 18 speed Shimano gear
  • V Style brakes, padded paddle

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6. BEIGOO 24/26 Inch Adult Mountain Bike

BEIGOO 24/26 Inch Adult Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a powerful bike to take you uphill, accelerate through mountain roads and rough terrains, then the Beigoo Adult Mountain Bike is the right model for you.

This bike features 24-26-inch wheels and a dual-suspension system to make for a great ride experience.

It comes with 21 speeds on-demand for uphill climbing, downhill riding, or pure acceleration.

Beige has a removable rear derailleur guard to ensure consistent gear operation. It has front and rear double disc brakes for your safety and controllability.


  • Ideal for the uphill and downhill ride
  • 24-26 inch wheels and dual suspension
  • Remove rear derailleur
  • Front and rear double disc brakes
  • Ideal for adults and great weight support

5. Barracuda Unisex Draco Ds Wheel 18 Inch Full Suspension Frame Mountain Bike

Barracuda Unisex Draco Ds Wheel 18 Inch Full Suspension Frame Mountain Bike

If smooth rides with a minimum vibration bike are ideal for you, then this is the model to go for.

The unisex Dacro bike from Barracuda features a large 18” full suspension frame that ensures it is shock absorption and vibration-free.

It is very lightweight for fast riding and pure acceleration. It comes with large 27.5″ Alloy wheels with Mtb tires for better traction.

Barracuda has 21 speed Shimano gears for slick, smooth transmission with V brakes to sure smooth stopping power and slowing down.

Enjoy paddling with the padded Mtb saddle


  • Ideal for vibration-free riders
  • Full suspension frame
  • Large 27.5” alloys wheels
  • Better traction Mtb tires
  • 21 speeds Shimano gears, V brakes

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4. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

This is a combo bike that combines indexed Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur with the micro-shift twist shifter to deliver a high 21 speeds on-demand for your mountain biking uphill, downhill, or racing along the rugged trails.

It has a removable rear derailleur guard for consistent gear operation.

The knobby tires tear into dirt bike paths with ease with linear-pull hand brakes for your extra safety.

Enjoy the smooth and comfortable ride with premium padded and stitched ATB saddle and alloy quick release for easy seat height adjustment.


  • Ideal combo of TZ-31 rear and micro shift twist
  • Ideal for racing on rugged terrains
  • Removable rear derailleur guard
  • Durable knobby tires
  • Premium padded and stitched ATB saddle

3. Mountain Bike Outdoor 21 Speed Bicycle Full Suspension MTB Bikes

21 Speed Bicycle Full Suspension MTB Bikes

If you are looking for adult Mountain Bikes with quality construction, this is the one for you.

It features a hardtail frame for great durability and no-rust features.

This aluminum frame is lighter, so it accelerates, maintains momentum, and is easier to handle. It has a 21-speed indexed derailleur for seamless shifting between gears.

The paddle is even easier to use the perfect front and rear disc brakes for safety and speed control.

This bike is height adjustable so that you can fit it to men and women of all adult heights.


  • Ideal for an adult of all heights
  • Hardtail frame, durable
  • No rust, anti-corrosion aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Seamless gear shift, disc brakes

2. Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Youth

For riders who want to take on various terrain, then Schwinn High Timber MTB is the ideal choice for you.

This Schwinn steel mountain-style frame bike provides you with the ultimate support with a Schwinn suspension fork to absorb any impact and shock when riding from pavement to trails.

It combines with durable and responsive 7-speed Shimano twist shifters to achieve pure acceleration and gear change.

The front and rear alloy linear-pull brakes provide the precision stopping power and slowing down.

The wheels feature lightweight alloy rims, so it is easy to carry and accelerate.


  • Steel mountain style frame
  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Impact absorption
  • Responsive gear shifter
  • Lightweight, easy to accelerate

1. TOUGH Handsome Fast Awesome Speed And Balance All Terrain

TOUGH Handsome Fast Awesome Speed And Balance All Terrain

Go on that mountain bike ride with this cool and powerful Tough MTB. This Speed & Balance bike gives you the confidence to ride a 21-speed twist shifting system, and a Shimano 7-speed rear indexed derailleur.

You can quickly shift gear and accelerate within seconds.

Front suspension is equipped for your vibration-less ride.

The ATB saddle is padded to prevent slipperiness, and the quick-release binder clip makes it easy to adjust saddle height as needed.

It features premium front and rear dual disc brakes to withstand high-speed traction and any weather for your safety.

It has slightly raised handlebars for comfortable upright sitting.


  • 21-speed twist shifting system
  • Quick acceleration
  • Less vibration, high traction
  • ATB saddle padded, raised handlebars
  • Front and rear dual disc brakes


These are all the highlights of the 10 best mountain bikes under 300 that you can go and purchase right now.

The best mountain bike under 300 will ensure you get a smooth and powerful riding experience while remaining within budget.

While you can pick your bike according to your preferences, especially on the look, color, design, and extra features, there are three overall points to consider when you try to get a good one.

First, make sure the frame and disc are durable to support your weight and daily riding on the flat surface road or rough mountainous paths.

It would be best to look for a frame and disc made of aluminum rather than heavier and cheaper steel. This ensures endurance and long-lasting use.

It also effectively supports your bike through a rough environment. Aluminum frames can withstand outdoor elements, vibration, and rough impact from the roads.

They also make the overall weight of your bike lighter for comfort.

The next thing you should focus on is the gear: from now on and accelerating.

If you are getting a mountain bike, you definitely want to feel the thrill of fast riding and quickly accelerating up and down the trails and hills.

Looking for high-quality and larger speed gear can help you get around quicker and give you more power when you go mountain biking.

Accelerating is fun, but stopping and slowing down is also very important. This is why the next main factor to think about is getting good breaks.

A high-quality disc brake offers better and quicker performance than brakes that use the wheel’s rim to stop.

This allows you to stay safe when riding. They slow your downtime, and you can stop dramatically in case of an accident or sudden movement of other riders and crossing animals.

After reading this article, we believe you are ready to go and get yourself a good mountain bike within the budget that you want.

Just remember the essential points that we mention, and you will be getting yourself a good mountain bike that satisfies your riding desire!

Enjoy shopping and happy biking!