Top 15 Best Projectors Under 500 Reviews 2022

Have you ever wanted to replicate the movie viewing experience in a cinema right in the comfort of your own living room? Then you are in luck.

A home theater projector is used to replicate the picture size and quality of a film you would normally see at the movie theater right in your own home.

While this is its primary use, the product can also work for other means, such as picture slideshows.

Best Projectors Under 500 Reviews:

15. Oley Android Wifi Bluetooth Projector

Oley Android Wifi Bluetooth Projector

This Bluetooth projector has a built-in Android KitKat System that provides a friendly and interactive interface for buyers to use when learning how to work their new product.

The projection screen size ranges from 30-100 inches (although the best screen size is apparently at 80 inches) and projects anywhere from 2-14 feet.


  • Very simple to activate for first-timers.
  • It has a series of ports that will allow you to connect to laptops and the wireless connection the Bluetooth offers.
  • Its portable design allows you to use it for an outdoor event if you would like that.
  • Also, it can be used for interactive games and picture slideshows.

14. Excelvan 2600 Lumens Mini Theater Projector

Excelvan 2600 Lumens Mini Theater Projector

The Excelvan projector has keystone correct support, meaning that you can switch your pictures’ aspect ratios with ease.

The projection screen size goes from 32-200 inches, and the device’s projection distance can go all the way up to nearly 20 feet.


  • The Excelvan has a pretty long bulb life of two years before you need to consider changing it.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty and some pretty strong customer service if you ever need to get in contact with them.
  • It is a very affordable projector.
  • It comes with numerous ports for you to connect your projector to your laptop, cell phone, and more.

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13. Flyinktech BL-20 Projector

Flyinktech BL-20 Projector

This project can connect wirelessly to your smart devices (such as the iPhone, for example) for you to transfer the picture you have on these devices to their screens, which go up to 200 inches.

The projection screen distance for this device also goes up to nearly 20 feet.

Change the aspect ratios of your picture at a distance by using the controller that comes with the device.


  • Long bulb life.
  • This projector can be put on a table or even hung up from your ceiling as well.
  • Can work up to 4 hours without worrying about overheating.
  • The built-in cooling system for this projector is excellent.

12. Oakletrea Android Wifi LED Projector

Oakletrea Android Wifi LED Projector

The Oakletrea is another device with a friendly user interface for newcomers while having a screen size that can be as small as 30 inches or as large as 100 inches.

The projection distance can go up to 14 feet, which is pretty good.


  • Its simple setup and friendly interface make it good for beginners.
  • Doubles over as a projector that can be used for slideshows to show at family gatherings or even fun games to keep a crowd of children calm.
  • The device can be used outside.
  • You can use a series of ports to connect to other devices using cables if you cannot connect to anything via the wifi feature.

11. iRULU Video Projector with Android

iRULU Video Projector with Android

This cool home theater projector can use wifi to connect to all the smart devices you have to stream the pictures from that device onto their maximum 200-inch large screens.

This type of projector is at its best when using it strictly for movies and other forms of video.


  • Not only does this have wifi, but it can also store and download videos, apps, and games!
  • There is a one-year limited warranty, and customer service is available around the clock.
  • This projector’s brightness is fantastic, and you can watch things during the daytime with it if you like.
  • Netflix and other apps run fantastically well on it.

10. Blitz Wolf Portable Wifi Projector OS

Blitz Wolf Portable Wifi Projector OS

This projector is another that will allow you to log on to websites and play games as if it were a smartphone.

The screen can be as large as 130 inches and has various imports that it supports (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and HDMI cables, etc.).

The projection distance for this product is a little over 13 feet.


  • Long bulb lifespan.
  • It can be controlled with a keyboard and a wireless mouse as if it were a computer.
  • Simple to use even for non-technical users.
  • Strong sound with excellent resolution.

9. Epson Home Cinema Theater Projector

Epson Home Cinema Theater Projector

The Epson is a uniquely designed projector with a screen range of 76 inches from 8 feet and 113 inches from 12 feet.

The brightness that the Epson provides is pretty high quality as well, and the keystone correction allows you to change the aspect ratios of your projects or movies with ease.


  • There is a 2-year limited warranty for this projector.
  • Nice and clear images even at maximum screen size.
  • Its portability makes it useful in multiple areas.
  • Reasonably priced.

8. LESHP 1080p HD 3D Projector

LESHP 1080p HD 3D Projector

The title of this projector makes things pretty self-explanatory.

The LESHP has the most up-to-date LED technology, which means the brightness is superior to some other models that make up the list so far.

The projection size is up to 200 inches, while the picture quality is at its peak from a distance of 13 feet.


  • Portable design makes it good for when you need to bring it along with you.
  • Sharp picture.
  • Is watchable even during the day.
  • Good price.

7. Epson Home Cinema 1080p Projector

Epson Home Cinema 1080p Projector

This Epson projector has superb picture quality while also ranging from up to nearly 20 feet distance-wise when delivering your projection.

It has keystone correction, just like the Epson product that came earlier.


  • Can project things indoors and outdoors.
  • Great picture.
  • Nice and bright.

6. Excelvan CL720 Projector

Excelvan CL720 Projector

Another Excelvan product, this projector comes with powerful light for optimal brightness while also boasting about its eco-mode that allows you to save money and power.


  • The lifespan for the bulb is phenomenal (5 years)!
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Great picture quality.

5. iRULU HD Video Projector

iRULU HD Video Projector

This iRULU projector comes with full HD color and a friendly interface for users who are not as technologically savvy as others might be.

What makes this notable is that it can also connect with different audio types through the use of the various ports the projector has to offer.


  • Solid picture quality.
  • Excellent brightness feature.
  • Connects to wifi quickly.

4. ViewSonic XGA Projector

ViewSonic XGA Projector

This projector offers some of the richest colors on this list when it comes to picture quality.

Several view settings also make it good for multiple usage scenarios. Finally, it has a strong amplifier that makes the audio great.


  • Crisp image
  • Loud when indoors
  • Connects to smart devices with ease.

3. Epson Powerlite Projector

Epson Powerlite Projector

This Epson projector shows off the high-quality picture and improved brightness from the previous two Epson projectors on this list.

What’s cool about this is that, with some 3D glasses (sold separately), this projector will allow you to enjoy three-dimensional entertainment.


  • You can watch things during the daytime with this projector.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • 2-year warranty provided.

2. iRULU Portable Multimedia Projector

iRULU Portable Multimedia Projector

With strong audio, high picture quality, and portable size, it is no wonder that this iRULU projector has made it to the top two of the list.

The two-year bulb lifespan also helps the projector solidify its spot here.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • The small size makes it easy to place it wherever you need to.

1. BENQ DLP HD Projector

BENQ DLP HD Projector

This projector from the popular brand BENQ has a wide array of features that include 1080p resolution, a 3D projector for viewing pleasure, and HDMI ports for gaming.

With its multiple features, it makes sense to put this at the top of the list.


  • The best picture quality on the list.
  • Loud and clear audio.