Best Toddler Bike Helmets 2022 Reviews

A bike helmet is essential when it comes to riding a bike or participating in many other sports. Helmets help protect your head from serious falls and crashes, possibly preventing serious injury and death. And when it comes to little kids, they may need more protection than anyone. It’s important to find the best toddler bike helmets that will keep them safe and stop you from worrying.

10. BeBeFun Toddler and Kids Multi-Sport Bike Girls Helmet


BeBeFun Toddler and Kids Multi-Sport Bike Girls Helmet

This cute helmet is super lightweight, weighing in at only about 11 ounces. BeBeFun uses a head-hugging, fit technology to ensure their helmets always fit perfectly. Instead of feeling like a hard-shell helmet, their technology allows them to feel more like a comfortable hat. The materials used in this helmet include environment PVC and EPS. Children from the ages of 3-10 can use this helmet for biking, skating, or BMXing.


  • It can be used for a wide range of age groups to be a long-term investment.
  • This helmet can be used for safety in many sports.
  • It’s very lightweight.

9. TeamObsidian Toddler/Kid Girls Helmet


TeamObsidian Toddler/Kid Girls Helmet

Not only is this helmet certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for its shock-absorbing materials, but it’s also pretty adorable. The company offers a lifetime warranty against defects because they know their helmets are quality-made. The helmet weighs just over 14 ounces and features 14 vent holes to ensure maximum breathing capability. Children from the ages of 3-7 can wear the helmet.


  • It is certified by the CPSC, ensuring safety dependability.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty on defects.
  • Straps and pads are ultra-soft.

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8. Bell Toddler and Kids Boys Helmet


Bell Toddler and Kids Boys Helmet

Unlike some of the others on the list, this helmet can be bought in 2 different sizes, both boy-themed. The toddler helmet fits children ages 3-5, and the child helmet fits children ages 5-They are both ultra-lightweight, weighing only 5 ounces and 8 ounces. Bell is one of the most trusted companies in the helmet business, producing safe, comfortable helmets.


  • Both helmets are extremely lightweight.
  • The helmets fit very well due to True Fit technology.
  • They are made out of breathable material, with the toddler helmet having 8 vents and the child helmet having 16.

7. Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol Helmet


Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol Helmet

This cute helmet is available in 2 different colors and can be worn by both girls and boys. They both weigh just over 9 ounces and feature a Dial-Fit technology that ensures an absolutely perfect fit. The pad system on the inside is large but soft and protects kids from almost any drop. There are vents on the front and back of the helmet to ensure comfortability.


  • It’s available in 2 colors and can be used by girls and boys.
  • They are both lightweight.
  • Dial-Fit technology ensures a perfect, comfortable fit.

6. Bell Toddler Zoomer Bike Helmet


Bell Toddler Zoomer Bike Helmet

These trusted helmets come in 6 different color/style options and weigh 10 ounces. The shape of the helmet is less bulky but just as safe and dependable. Bell even added reflectors to the helmet for added safety. There are 7 large vents to ensure the child is never too hot. It features a 1-step adjustment system that is not only easy but also ensures a safe fit.


  • There are many different options for colors.
  • Pinch guards ensure a safe buckling process.
  • There are reflectors for added safety.
  • It’s not overly large or bulky.

5. ProRider BMX Bike/Skate Helmet


ProRider BMX Bike/Skate Helmet

This helmet is a lot smaller than some others on the list, with a hard outer shell and less bulky pads. But don’t worry because this helmet completely complies with standards set by the CPSC. The helmet can be purchased in 4 different colors and come with padded inserts to help each child adjust to the perfect fit. The small helmet can fit children ages 3-6, and the medium helmet can fit children ages 6-There are an ideal amount of ventilation channels, ensuring comfort.


  • The helmet is available in 2 different children’s sizes and can fit a wide age group.
  • Complies with CPSC safety standards.
  • Available in 4 different colors.

4. Bell Infant Sprout Helmet


Bell Infant Sprout Helmet

This Bell helmet fits children 1 and older. It’s perfect for a smaller toddler or a child who is a bit younger. Bell’s True-Fit technology ensures an easy, perfect fit with just one simple adjustment. There are 7 vents on the top to make sure your toddler never overheats. It weighs only 9 ounces and comes in 7 different colors, making it an ideal option for boys or girls.


  • It comes in a wide variety of colors, perfect for boys or girls.
  • The helmet includes padding to ‘size-up.’
  • It’s lightweight.

3. Bell Frozen Child Helmet


Bell Frozen Child Helmet

This helmet is perfect for a little princess. There are 3 different style options, each featuring a different, beautiful scene from the movie Frozen. Each helmet fits children ages 5-8 and boasts Bell’s True-Fit technology to adjust to the perfect fit easily. Buckling the helmet is easy with the pinch guard, and it’s pretty lightweight at just 9 ounces. There are even reflectors for added safety.


  • There are 3 different style options.
  • The helmet is pretty lightweight.
  • True-Fit ensures a safe, comfortable fit.

2. Bell Star Wars Child Helmet


Bell Star Wars Child Helmet

If your kid is into Star Wars, Bell offers 7 different options for this helmet. There are 3 different sizes available and can fit children ages 3, all the way up through. Each helmet has absorbing pads and can be used for multiple sports. There are an outer hard shell and top/rear vents that help keep kids cool. They are skate/bike compliant, so you know the helmets will protect against even the worst drops. They weigh 10 ounces, so they’re not too light and not too heavy.


  • These helmets can be used for a wide variety of sports.
  • There are many style/color options.
  • A wide variety of age groups can use this helmet.
  • They are not at all bulky.

1. Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet


Bell Minnie Toddler Helmet

Just like the helmets just above on the list, there are many style options for this Minnie helmet by Bell. There are 6 different style choices, each one adorable and safe. The helmet weighs around 13 ounces and can be used by children ages 3-There are 7 vents in each helmet, so you know your child will stay cool. There is also a side-squeeze buckle that makes for easy, comfortable adjustment. Each of the helmets is bike and skate compliant, so you know they can take a beating.


  • Many style options are available.
  • They are bike/skate compliant.
  • Not bulky and comfortable to wear.