Top 8 Best Bicycle Helmet Lights With Light 2022 Reviews

Biking is fun and energetic; it is also a good exercise activity. To enjoy biking to the fullest, the must-have add-on item is a bike helmet. Bicycle helmets aim to protect your head during any unforeseen accidents. Either you get a helmet with a flashing light on top, or a helmet with light is the key to be safe riding in low visibility. We understand your struggle to pick the right bike helmet with light as there are just so many brands available right now. No worry, this article will provide you with the main features to look for in a good helmet with light, followed by reviews of the top 8 best bicycle helmets with light in the market. Three main things to consider when getting yourself a good helmet with light.

Buying Guides of Bicycle Helmet Light With Light

Helmet Size & Weight: look for a suitable size for your heat, not too tight or too loose, and a lightweight helmet for comfortable wear.

Light Brightness: check the brightness level of the bicycle’s light; the brighter, the better, and look for a rechargeable feature.

Comfortable Features: look for helmets with air ventilation features, adjustable straps, soft inner pad, or more.

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8. PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet (Urban Commuter)

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet (Urban Commuter)

Adult Bike Helmet, this black color model is made specifically for urban commuters. This helmet comes with a built-in USB rechargeable rear light with 3 lighting modes for the highest possible protection and visibility on the city roads. Complies with CPSC Bike and CE.EN1078 safety standards, the helmet features thick EPS foam core and the outer polycarbonate shell to ensure better shock absorption, giving you the best protection when road cycling or mountain biking. The helmet has top-channels for airflow. The bicycle helmet with built-in lights allows for up and down adjustments.


  • USB Safety Light with 3 modes
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Good Ventilation
  • Adjustable Size

7. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet (Urban Commuter)

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet (Urban Commuter)

This product is another Urban Commuters’ bike helmet but from the MOKFIRE brand. This white color model is very durable with inner thickened EPS foam and the outer hard shell engineered to ensure better shock absorption for your head protection and security. Either you go to work in the early mornings, and late evenings, you can use the built-in detachable USB light with 9 lighting modes. The light is also waterproof and fully-charged in two hours. It has an easy adjustable soft padded chin strap with 12 vent holes for great air ventilation. The padding is also washable for hygiene.


  • Durable outer shell with impact absorption inner EPS foam
  • Rechargeable USB Rear Light with 9 modes
  • Good air ventilation with 12 vents
  • Easy to adjust, washable hygiene

6. PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet (Mountain Road)

 PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet (Mountain Road)

This mountain bike helmet comes with a durable polycarbonate shell with thick EPS foam core for better shock absorption. Although durable, it is super lightweight, only at 300g. It comes with rechargeable USB light in slow mode lasting 40+ hours per charge. For your comfort, it features a huge 23 large vents that keep ample ventilation, leaving your head cool and fresh, perfect for long rides. The comfy padding is washable to maintain cleanliness. The helmet has adjustable straps for your convenience.


  • Premium material of the inner pad and the outer shell
  • Classy design for great grip
  • Responsive and easy setup

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5. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet (Mountain Road)

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet (Mountain Road)

This more intensive MOKFIRE model comes in black with red mesh lining for that fancy look but extra visibility on top of a USB rechargeable rear light. The light is waterproof and rainproof with 9 lighting modes and a two-hours fast charge. It features in-molding technology and thick EPS foam core, and an outer polycarbonate shell to protect your head against impact. This hat is ultralight at 280 grams with 22 large vents. Easily adjust the tightness and tension with adjustable straps. The inner pad is washable.


  • Black with red mesh lining, with 9 lighting modes
  • Thich EPS foam core and polycarbonate shell
  • ultralight at 280 grams with 22 vents
  • Easily adjustable straps and washable inner pad

4. Smart4u Smart Bike Helmet

 Smart4u Smart Bike Helmet

This is a new brand on the list by Smart4u with its Smart Bike Helmet, the newest version from the company. This protection- and lighting-oriented helmet comes with 7 key lighting modes, an automatic light sensation function, and a 180m visual distance. The helmet has an IPX4 waterproof design. The helmet would generally fit for most people with the adjustable strap to fasten. The exterior shell is made of polycarbonate, while the interior uses PSI-205T high-density polystyrene foam. It also features built-in 12 Vents with the white color aerodynamics design concept for breathability and airflow.


  • 7 lighting mode, auto lighting sensation function
  • Integral Molding for Better Protection
  • IPX4 waterproof design
  • Aerodynamics design for breathability

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3. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet with Magnetic Goggles (Mountain Road)

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet with Magnetic Goggles (Mountain Road)

This is the more intensive model from MOKFIRE with its Adult Bike Helmet with Magnetic Goggles for Mountain Road. This nice-looking matte blue helmet is made of tough and durable PC material and high-density EPS foam. It comes with a two hour fast-charging USB rear light with 9 modes. Another convenience to this mountain helmet is the detachable magnetic goggles that you can snap on the helmet. It also has an aerodynamic design for cool airflow and heat release. It comes with a dial fit system allowing for intuitive, one-handed adjustments, tightness & height adjusting for most head sizes.


  • Impact Resistant with PC material and EPS foam
  • Fast charge USB rear light with 9 modes
  • Detachable magnetic googles
  • Aerodynamic design for heat release
  • Dial fit adjustment straps

2. LIVALL BH60SE Smart Helmet

LIVALL BH60SE Smart Helmet

What makes this helmet special is its extra safety features. It comes with rechargeable USB rear light with wireless turn signals for a left or right turn. It has SOS Alert in case of an accident, emergency lights automatically turn on, and SOS signals will be sent to your emergency contacts on impact immediately via LIVALL RIDING APP. It is also convenient with a built-in windproof microphone and advanced Bluetooth speaker, even in high-speed cycling, for your hands-free communication and riding music. You can easily control your smart helmet with Bluetooth and a mobile app. It comes with a one year warranty.


  • Rechargeable LED rear light with wireless turn signal
  • SOS Alert feature
  • Built-in Bluetooth microphone and speaker
  • Manual control with a phone app
  • One year warranty

1. Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet

Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet

Finally, the top product on the list is Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet. This helmet has extremely high visibility with 500 lumens of lighting with 360-degree visibility design: 10 white fronts LED, and 38 red LED lights. This smart helmet allows you to wirelessly control it with a remote or app (connected via Apple Watch).
You can signal your turn with the LED lights, and when you brake, the rear lights will automatically flash red to keep you safe and prevent collisions when riding in traffic. The helmet has an adjustable retention system to get a secure, snug one-size fit. It is comfortable with a lightweight, water-resistant design with 22 vents for airflow ventilation. You can connect it to the mobile App to customize your lights, check battery life, track your activity, sync with Strava and Apple Health.


  • High visibility with 500 lumens of lighting with 360-degree visibility
  • Wireless control via remove or mobile app
  • LED Signal for turning and braking
  • Adjustable retention system
  • Lightweight and water-resistant
  • 22 vents for great airflow


And these are reviews of the 8 best bicycle helmets with the light available for you to consider right now. Now that you have gone through the basic features and all the reviews of bike helmets, we hope you are well equipped to go and explore your favorite bike helmet with light for your biking experience. Remember to consider the weight and size of the helmet, the light’s brightness, and the extra features for your comfort.