Top 10 Best Cross Country Ski Boots 2022 Reviews

Cross country skiing is a sport that encompasses several styles, including gliding through backcountry snow and racing or touring on groomed ski tracks. Your heel is always free, and striding forward keeps you moving. The key to enjoying yourself on the slopes lies in choosing the right cross country ski boots. The boots you use should match the type of skiing you do, i.e., touring, racing, or metal-edge touring. Before you splash your cash on poor quality boots, take a moment to reviews the top cross country skiing boots.

10. Rossignol X10 Skate Cross Country Boots

Rossignol X10 Skate Cross Country Boots

If you need something that fits like a glove, the Rossignol X10 will prove a worthy investment. The comfortable fit is achieved with a low-profile tongue that features a ratcheting quick lace that adjusts easily, without creating pressure points. Also featured in the closure system is a Velcro power strap that doesn’t get in the way of other elements of the lacing system and an external zipper that stays put. Rossignol uses a slim plastic rear cuff instead of a full foam collar found in cheap boots. The plastic cuff does a good job of preventing irritation to sensitive ankles without compromising support or responsiveness. A breathable fabric around the ankles allows for ventilation, while the minimal footbed is a welcome feature for those with naturally strong arches.


  • Comfortable fit
  • The closure system doesn’t get in the way of the lacing system.
  • Comes with slim plastic rear cuff
  • The breathable fabric around the ankles

9. Rossignol X-2 XC Men’s Ski Boot

The Rossignol X-2 XC is a cross country ski boot that’s specially designed for beginners and casual users. It is an exceptional touring boot that comes with a variety of great features, including plastic lateral heel support for ankle stability, a new lace cover that allows for breathability on the slopes as well as a thin foam lining that ensures better foot wrapping. The lace over, lower cuff, and upper cuff are all made from durable PVC. It features a New Speed Lace Lock that ensures a secure and snug fit. Other features include a T4 Mono sole and a lightweight of 940 grams.


  • Superior ankle stability thanks to plastic heel support
  • Lace cover provides added breathability.
  • Durable and lightweight construction

8. Whitewoods 302 NNN XC Ski Boots

Whitewoods 302 NNN XC Ski Boots

The Whitewoods 302 XC Ski Boot is designed to keep your feet warm and dry. It features waterproof synthetic uppers that ensure your feet stay dry as well as 200 gram Thinsulate insulation for keeping you warm on the slopes. To increase the comfort level, Whitewoods incorporates a generously padded collar along with a moisture-wicking, quick-dry lining. The padded footbed is removable while the touring sole works with any NNN binding system and features a great traction tread. This is a unisex boot that also comes with a toe box Gaiter D-Ring and a reinforced heel box.

7. Rossignol BC X-6 Ski Boot

Rossignol BC X6 Ski Boot

The design of this boot helps maximize your experience by allowing you to glide away on forest roads as well as untracked glades with firm support as well as superior comfort. The heel is made of 3D plastic reinforcement for longevity and support. It weighs 1580 grams, which is considerably heavier than other boots on this list. Another notable feature is the 3D injection high cuff, which goes a long way towards providing firm support. Rossignol incorporates a polyester thermal adjustable fit Thinsulate to keep your feet warm in the coldest environments. The closure system consists of a mid-cut gaiter and Velcro strap, both of which work together to ensure a snug fit while securing the boot to the foot.


  • 3D plastic reinforcement heel provides superior support
  • Thinsulate material helps keep your feet warm.
  • Great closure system

6. Whitewoods 75mm 3 Pin Cross Country Package Skis

Whitewoods 75mm 3 Pin Cross Country Package Skis

The major highlight of this boot is that it works with any 75mm binding system, which is also known as a 3-pin binding system. It is constructed using King Tex, a windproof, waterproof, durable, and incredibly breathable material. The material does a great job of regulating body heat, thus keeping you dry and comfortable so that you can enjoy the sport. Other comfort features include Thinsulate Insulation 301, an enhanced anatomic footbed, and the comfortable heel counter. The quick-dry liner is smooth, while the ankle padding provides added convenience by keeping the snow out. This boot has a composite midsole that’s waterproof. It is provided with ski baskets and fiberglass cross country ski poles that have straps on handles.


  • Compatible with 75mm 3-pin binding systems
  • It’s made of waterproof and breathable material.
  • Incredibly comfortable

5. Alphina Alaska 75mm Backcountry Boot

Alphina Alaska 75mm Backcountry Boot

This is an under the radar backcountry skiing boot that has plenty to offer. It is secured with a 75mm 3-pin rat trap at the front, and a hardwire style cable at the back. This combo is a proven closure method for backcountry touring. The hardwire cable can be taken off if you are a good glider or minimize the weight. This boot comes with a 3-pin sole, a great lacing system, and has a waterproof liner that keeps your feet dry on the track. The Thinsulate Insulate is a welcome feature that keeps your feet warm while the Alpitex membrane improves the boot’s waterproof capability. An aggressive grip provides good traction, which is incredibly important when walking in the snow. The only concern is that this boot is more expensive compared to other models on the list.


  • Good traction
  • Has a 3-pin sole
  • Waterproof Alpitex membrane
  • Great lacing system

4. Alphina Blazer Cross Country Ski Boot

Alphina Blazer Cross Country Ski Boot

The Alpina Blazer is a great cross country ski boot for beginners designed to offer maximum stability and comfort in and out of the track. It comes with a 75mm touring sole that fits earlier generation bindings without sacrificing modern construction. The speed lacing system makes it possible to fit nicely around the contours of your feet. Another comfort feature is the padded tongue. An HF heel counter is integrated with the sides of the boot. It cups the foot, thus keeping it from twisting while on the track. This feature also provides added downhill control as well as torsional stability. It only weighs 2 pounds, making it ideal for someone whose top priority is minimal weight.


  • Great torsional stability and control
  • Lightweight construction
  • Comfortable fit

3. Alpina BC-1550 Ski Boot

Alpina BC 1550 Ski Boot

This Nordic cross country ski boot is compatible with NNN bindings and comes with an anatomic shaped footbed that provides superior comfort and firm support. The heel counter teams with the plastic cuff to deliver unparalleled control and a comfortable fit. A Thinsulate Insulate helps retain warmth, even the temperatures are shallow and the weather is wet. It has a speed lace system that works with a Velcro strap to allow for a comfortable fit and additional ski control. The sole has great traction and ensures stability on the track.


  • Thinsulate material keeps your feet warm and dry.
  • Speed lace system for good fit and control
  • Great traction

2. Blazer 75mm Cross Country Ski Boot by Alphina

Blazer 75mm Cross Country Ski Boot by Alphina

This ski boot is similar in every shape and form to the Alpina Blazer reviewed above. Main features include a speed lacing system, an upper, synthetic closure, and a fleece lace lining. The sole is made from a thick plastic rubber material and offers great traction. However, some customers expressed concerns about its quality.


  • The plastic rubber sole offers great traction.
  • Upper, synthetic closure ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Fleece lace lining for ventilation

1. Whitewoods 301 75mm Ski Boot

Whitewoods 301 75mm Ski Boot

Topping our list of best cross country ski boots is the Whitewoods 301, which is compatible with 75mm bindings. Its range of features includes a Thinsulate material around the ankle that offers added support without compromising flexibility. This material is also breathable and works with a quick-dry lining to ensure your feet stay dry. The soft ankle cuff does a good job of keeping snow out. Other notable features include a removable insole for added comfort, a 75mm touring sole for firm support, a toe protector, and a Gaitor D-ring. The boot suitable for all skill levels and comes at varying prices.


  • Compatible with 75mm 3-pin binding systems
  • Thinsulate material
  • Breathable material
  • The soft ankle cuff keeps snow out.