8 Best Custom Weight Lifting Belts 2022 Reviews

Weight lifting is a useful technique for sculpting and toning the body. It also strengthens joints and muscles without requiring people to spend hours in the gym. However, to safely do most workouts, make sure that you have one of the best custom weightlifting belts. By increasing the intra-abdominal pressure of people from the inside, they stabilize the core. They also stabilize the spine. These enable people to lift heavy weights for a long without risking the safety of their lower backs.

8. RDX Weight Lifting Belt

RDX Weight Lifting Belt
This 6-inch wide weightlifting belt from RDX is one of the best for CrossFit and gym workouts. Made of oil-tanned cowhide leather, its durable shell retains its shape well for a long. Its interior has integral padding for comfort, while its heavy-duty buckle closure has anti-rust properties. If you are a professional or a novice weightlifter, thus, you will have peace of mind as your work out at home or in your local gym. Used well, RDX will stabilize your core and spine to lower the risk of severe back injuries.


  • Long-lasting 6-inch wide belt
  • Comfortable integral padding
  • Heavy-duty cowhide leather
  • Heavy-duty buckle closure (HG steel)
  • Stylish oil-tanned finishing

7. RDX Weight Lifting Belt

RDX Weight Lifting Belt
Home to some of the best custom weightlifting belts, RDX is a reputable sports brand. This 4-inch double prong belt, for instance, is popular among weight lifters for many reasons. Even though slim, the level of support that its users enjoy is desirable. It stabilizes the back and the core to keep your lower back safe. Made of cowhide leather, the risk of it cracking, ripping, or slipping while in use is also low. The material lasts for a long. It also has embroideries that boost its charm and stability further. This makes it ideal for bodybuilding. Finally, it is a perfect belt for doing CrossFit and other fitness workouts in gyms due to its flexibility.


  • Durable cowhide leather belt
  • Layered with buffalo leather
  • Stylish hand-embroidered finish
  • Flexible 4-inch design
  • Steel buckle (double prong) and rivets

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6. Element 26 Self-Locking Belt

Element 26 Self-Locking Belt
Do you enjoy weight lifting or doing CrossFit workouts? Are you looking for a quality weight lifting belt that will protect your back from injuries? Element 26 is a well-designed and self-locking model that will satisfy your weight lifting needs. You can wear it and remove it quickly. The self-locking technology that it has is handy. Recommended for heavy-duty lifting, its performance is also good. The 100% nylon used to make it, for instance, has a rip-proof design that lasts for a long. Whilst in use, it also distributes pressure equally to lower the risk of irritation and or injuries. Avoid the cheap knock-offs that let people down. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this competition-grade weightlifting belt will serve you better.


  • Self-locking technology
  • Heavy-duty nylon (100%)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Uniform 4-inch profile
  • Approved for USAW and CrossFit

5. Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt

Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt
To avoid serious back injuries, you should maintain good form whilst working out. This is not as hard as some individuals think. Once you have perfected your weightlifting technique, buy this Fire Team Fit weightlifting belt. It comes in many fun colors and designs. The light and contoured belt that you get, on the other hand, supports the back well without weighing down people. With one, you can exercise for a long while staying safe at the same time. Fire Team Fit is a durable weightlifting belt. Rips and tears are non-issues. You can also use it to do Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit without major problems.


  • Comfortable contoured design
  • Easy-to-use Velcro support strap
  • Interesting color options
  • Adjustable fit (comfortable)
  • Light and breathable belt

4. RDX Weight Lifting Belt

RDX Weight Lifting Belt
This double prong weightlifting belt from RDX makes weightlifting at home and in gyms fun and safe. Its flexible 4-inch design, for instance, is perfect for CrossFit training. It supports the abdomen and the back without limiting the movement of people. The thick cowhide leather used to make it, on the other hand, is durable, comfortable, and designed to angle perfectly on the body. The latter prevents irritation. RDX has moisture-wicking and odor-preventing properties. If you sweat a lot, use this belt. It stays dry and smelling fresh whilst in use. The reinforced stitches, heavy-duty rivets, and solid steel buckle that this belt has are also notable.

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  • Supportive contoured design
  • Flexible 4-inch structure
  • Moisture-wicking property
  • Odor preventing property
  • Steel buckle and rivets
  • Reinforced edge stitching

3. RDX Powerlifting Belt

RDX Powerlifting Belt
With this belt from RDX, you will never worry about the back problems that some people struggle with whilst powerlifting. Made using an oil tanned Nubuck leather, it has a durable and resilient design. Under stress, it does not rip or stretch as easily as some cheap knock-off belts often do. Its double prong buckle can support durability, while its contoured shape is comfortable to use. It does not irritate the abdomen or people or stifle their movements as they lift weights. You can also do CrossFit in it.


  • Oil-tanned Nubuck leather
  • Stable dual stitched edges
  • Heavy-duty HG-Steel belt buckle
  • Heavy-duty HG-Steel rivets
  • Contoured and classic fit
  • Retains its shape for long

2. Flexz Fitness Belt

Flexz Fitness Belt
When shopping for gym items such as weight lifting belts, look for a durable product that will protect you from injuries. This 10mm artificial leather belt from Flex Fitness offers these benefits. The belt and buckle (solid steel) that you get are durable. Under load, they do not rip or break easily. It also has heavy-duty stitches that stabilize its structure to boost its performance. Worn on clothes or the skin, for instance, it does not slip, nor bunches as some low-quality belts often do. Whilst in use, it increases the intra-abdominal pressure of your body naturally. This stabilizes the back and the core. It also lowers the risk of injuries.


  • Competition-safe design
  • Multiple sizing options
  • Money-back guarantee (100%)
  • Heavy-duty stitches
  • Steel buckle and rivets
  • Slip and bunch resistant
  • Durable artificial leather

1. Dark Iron Fitness Pro Belt

Dark Iron Fitness Pro Belt
Ideal for men and women, Dark Iron Fitness Pro, is a high-performance belt. If you are looking for a comfortable one that lasts for a long, do not hesitate to buy one. Its adjustable style cradles the body comfortably. Moreover, the patented leather used to make it is charming and durable. It does not crack or tear easily. It also has supple and well-reinforced edges that do not dig into the skin whilst in use. As you exercise, therefore, you can deadlift over 600 pounds without irritation and or injuries. If yours fails, you can ask for a replacement belt (lifetime) without spending a dime.


  • Patented leather belt
  • Adjustable to fit men and women
  • Supple yet reinforced edges
  • Lifetime replacements warranty
  • IPF and USAPL approved