Top 10 Best Electric Staplers 2022 Reviews

Electric staplers offer fast and effortless stapling. They are ideal for a shared office and allow you to staple up to 25 pages at once.

While it is easy to pick the first stapler, you find on the market, having the best stapler will save you time and offer great convenience.

Electric staplers are suitable if you are always stapling documents, you need to staple more than twenty pages, and you share an office with a group of people.

Best Electric Staplers 2022 Reviews:

10. Bostitch Office BOS02210 Impulse 25 Electric Stapler

Bostitch Office BOS02210 Impulse 25 Electric Stapler

This is an optical trip firing stapler designed with an impulse drive system to support consistent stapling.

It is created with NoJam technology, ensuring that it stays free of staple jams.

The unit’s plastic and metal construction enhance its productive life while ensuring that it remains lightweight for easy transport.

It sports a carbon steel driver blade, which lasts long. It also features urethane sound dampening for quiet stapling.

An on-board staples storage lets you keep staples for later use. When the number of staples gets low, the unit shows LED light.

The stapler accommodates up to 210 standard staples. Additionally, the stapler features a suction cup and allows you to staple at 45 and 90 degrees orientation.


  • Noam technology ensures the unit stays free of staple jams.
  • Compact and lightweight with durable construction.
  • LED light showing low staples.

9. Praxxis Pro Powerhouse Electric Stapler

Praxxis Pro Powerhouse Electric Stapler

The Praxis Pro Powerhouse is offered with a patented clinching design that allows it to perform smoothly.

With a clinching design, you are assured of no staple jams. The unit allows you to load staples from the front, which is much easy.

It is offered with 5000 staples and a bonus staple remover. The Praxis Pro Powerhouse can staple up to 40 sheets at once.

Its unique design, with a plastic and metal construction, dampens noise, giving you quiet stapling. You are offered a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Sleek and compact design.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Noise dampening for quiet stapling.
  • Offered with bonus staples remover.

8. Rapid 100E Electric Stapler

Rapid 100E Electric Stapler

This is created as a high-speed electric stapler for a large and busy office setting. It features sturdy steel, plastic, and glass construction, allowing you a long productive life.

At maximum, the unit can staple up to 50 sheets of paper. It features an adjustable paper stop that allows you great control.

Even better, stapling pressure can be adjusted to accommodate different quantities of sheets.

The unit can hold up to 210 staples easily loaded from the front. The glass front allows you to control where you see the staples’ positioning and the page to be stapled.


  • Durable steel construction.
  • Adjustable paper stop and stapling pressure.
  • High speed for a busy school of an office setting.

7. Swingline SWI69001 High Volume Electric Stapler

Swingline SWI69001 High Volume Electric Stapler

This unit is designed to offer great productivity thanks to its stability, speed, and durability.

It features a patented cartridge technology, accommodating up to 5000 staples. You can thus staple for long without the need to reload.

It features an adjustable throat depth for great preciseness and an auto-shutoff feature for safety.

The unit is top-loading and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • High volume, 5000 staples.
  • Easy top loading.
  • Great adjustability for precise stapling.

6. Amaze Tech Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

Amaze Tech Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

If you are always stapling, this heavy-duty electric stapler will offer you the speed and convenience you need to keep going.

It sports a noise-canceling design. Its durable motor staples up to 25 sheets of 20-pound paper with great ease. Even better, it is made with Jam-Free Patented technology, ensuring that it operates swiftly.

An adjustable stapling guide lets you choose between 14 precise depths. You can use AC or battery power. It uses 6AA batteries.


  • High speed with adjustable depths for preciseness.
  • Runs on the battery as well as AC.
  • Steel construction for durability.

5. OfficeMax Half-Strip Electric Stapler


OfficeMax Half Strip Electric Stapler

The Half-Strip electric stapler is a low-volume stapler that was created for small offices. However, the unit works great, especially when stapling 15 or fewer sheets of 20-pound paper.

It runs on the battery and AC, allowing you to carry the unit anywhere as you wish.

Push a button to load staples. The durable plastic construction enhances the durability of the unit while making it lightweight. Even better, you can control depth for precise stapling.


  • Compact design to occupy less space on your table.
  • Great design, enhancing the ease of use and fast loading.
  • Fast stapling.

4. Swingline Optima 20 Electric Stapler

Swingline Optima 20 Electric Stapler

Swingline has produced a high number of electric staplers. The Optima 20 is a lightweight and compact unit designed for fast jam-free stapling.

It is designed to staple up to 20 pages when used with Optima Premium Staples. The unit comes with a user control switch, which lets you switch between manual and automatic stapling.

Even better, it sports low-staples indicator lights.

With QuickLoad, you will only need to press a button to load the staples from the front.

You will be offered a detachable staple remover for convenience. The unit can operate on battery or AC. When using the stapler, the staples holder needs to be pulled out manually.


  • Easy to switch between manual and automatic stapling.
  • Great design, enhancing swift stapling.
  • Offered with QuickLoad design for ease of loading.
  • The indicator light for low-staples warning.

3. Jiraph Electric Stapler


Jiraph Electric Stapler

The Jiraph Electric stapler comes as a full stapling set with staples and staples remover. It is a compact unit designed for use in a busy office setting.

The unit works swiftly, jam-free, stapling up to 25 sheets of 20-pound paper at a go.

It features a 14-point adjustable depth, allowing great preciseness. You can power the unit with AC or with a battery. This makes it a good set when traveling.


  • Offered ready to use with all accessories needed.
  • Faster stapling.
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable design.

2. GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler


GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler

This unit staples up to 25 sheets of 20-pound paper with great ease. It is five times as fast as most staplers in its class, making it ideal for a busy office setting.

The motor fitted in this unit is greatly designed to reduce noise. This is a high-capacity and high-volume unit, allowing you to control stapling depths and bites.

Reloading the unit is as simple as pushing a button.

The unit is designed to be jam-free, letting you staple with no hindrances.


  • Compact and durable design.
  • Easy to load.
  • Comes ready to use out-of-the-box.

1. EcoElectronix EX-25 Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

EcoElectronix EX-25 Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

The EcoElectronix EX-25 Heavy-Duty Electric Stapler is designed to staple up to 25 sheets of 20-pound paper. It is powered by AC or battery, making it an ideal travel stapler.

The no-frills design enhances swift stapling. This patented design also allows the stapler to operate jam-free to save time.

The stapler gives you great control thanks to the precision stapling guide. This gives you up to 14 stapling depths to choose from.

The black unit is compact, lightweight, and eco-friendly. It features an impact-resistant and noise-dampening ABS material. The manufacturer backs up the quality with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Can operate on AC and battery, making it a travel companion.
  • Sleek and compact design, fitting on top of your table.
  • Great price-performance ratio.
  • Generous warranty.

How to Choose the Best Electric Staplers? – Buying Guide:

Best Electric Staplers 2021

After knowing about the best electric staplers, now it’s time to select the best product.

But how you will know which electric stapler is best for you?

No need to worry, because here we tell you some factors that will help you to make a decision.

So have a look at these factors and select the best electric stapler.


The first thing that you should see before buying an electrical stapler is its durability. Because in this way, you will get the real value for your money.

Do not think if you buy the cheap stapler you will save your money. As it will stop working after some time and you need to buy a new stapler.

In this way, your money will get wasted. So think wisely before buying a stapler.

No matter if the stapler is costly buy it if it has high durability.

Because, in this way, your money will get saved and with one stapler you can do work for a long time.


Each stapler has a different working speed. You surely need the one that has high working speed.

So that you can do your work efficiently in a short time. Stapler speed is calculated by how many steples they can handle per minute.

The highest speed of the best electric stapler is 40 staples per minute.


Some staplers have an irregular shape and can cause fatigue to your hands. You can comfort your hands by using a stapler that is designed specially and provides a better grip.

Some staplers are made of metal that increases the weight. And due to this, it becomes difficult to hold the stapler for a long time.

So select the stapler that is made of plastic because it is light in weight and provides comfort to the hand. Therefore you can hold it for a long time and do the work.

Anti-Jamming Technology:

The irritating factor about the electric stapler is that it sometimes stops working and pauses the process.

The frustrating thing about the stapler is its jammed staples. And also it is tricky to remove.

Therefore many staplers now come with anti-jamming technology.

By using them you can perform heavy duty work for a long time. As the pins do not jam inside the stapler.

So you can save the time that you spend in setting the pins and do the work.

Sheet Capacity:

The sheet capacity of the stapler changes as the model changes. So it is important to know what is the capacity of your model.

A standard manual stapler can handle more than 30 sheets at a time. While by using a heavy-duty stapler ou can handle up to 200 pages easily.

Staple Capacity:

The best electric stapler can handle more than 5000 staples. So before buying any stapler, first know about your work requirement.

If you want to get a stapler for some time then low capacity electrical stapler is good. But if you want to do the heavy-duty work then get a high-capacity stapler.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some questions that people asked about the electric staplers.

Have a look at them so that you can clear your confusion about the electric staplers.

Do electric stapler work just as well with batteries as it does with a wall plug?

Yes, the electric stapler works well with the batteries as it does with the wall plug. But your batteries should be undrained.

Because with undrained batteries the electric stapler will work powerfully as it does with the wall power.

Can I staple more sheets than what is recommended in the instructions?

No, you can not staple more sheets beyond their maximum limit. Because if you exceed the limit, the electric stapler will get damaged.

Will the electric stapler overheat and shut down if used for a long time?

No, the electric stapler will not shut down even if you use it for a long time.

Because they are made for continuous use. Also, with extra use, the stapler will not get overheated.


That’s all folks, in the conclusion, we will say you should use the best calculator for the heavy-duty work in the office and home.

Because for the high-quality work you need the stapler that allows you to pin up more papers without getting jammed.

Also, it should have an ergonomic design so that you can hold it for a long time.

Moreover, the plastic material will decrease the size and do not put a burden on your hand.

So, choose the electric stapler wisely. Read the buying guide carefully and you can consider the products that we discuss in this article.

Save your time, and select the best electric stapler in a short time at an affordable price rate.