Top 8 Best Exercise Bike Seats 2022 Reviews

Are you a big fan of outdoor cycling? Or do you ride a bicycle daily to school and to work? If so, are you not so satisfied with your current cycling experience due to discomfort and pain in your buttock. If so, it is not a surprise since a study indicated that almost half of the people have given up cycling after experiencing much pain and soreness. But, do not worry, we have come to your rescue with a list of the 8 best exercise bike seats. Thus, you no longer have to give up your favorite hobby due to excessive pain and soreness. And, it is time to protect your buttock.

Buying Guides of Exercise Bike Seat

Shock Absorption: Since not every road is the same, some are smoother, and some are just rougher; you may or may not need the shock absorption feature from your bike seat. Shock Absorption is a great assistant for you on a difficult road as it helps to minimize your body pain. However, if your exercise road is mostly smooth, you might not need this feature as it also comes with a price, and it might also over-elasticize the seat.

Sizes of the Seat: You have to consider this part since, depending on your body size and preference, the seat will have different effects. Some seats recommended below are made really narrow on the frontier, and some are simply oversized. Thus, depending on your previous experience, you should make a good judgment on which size best suits you.

8. IPOW Comfort Bike Seat for Women or Men

IPOW Comfort Bike Seat for Women or Men

This replacement bike seat has been designed to endure a long ride and ensure that you will experience minimal pain for a long-time ride. IPOW created this bike with much dedication to ventilation, comfort, and shock absorption. The padding made from thick and high-density memory foam attached with an anti-shock rubber ball placed just beneath the bicycle seat helps protect you from the firmness and sharpness resulting from bumps, road cracks, and frost heaves. Besides, there is also a breathable hollow at the center to relieve pressure points in your most sensitive areas and avoid any sweaty discomfort. You also do not need to worry about the bike seat being ruined from rain or washing since it comes with waterproof and wears resistance.


  • Suitability for Long Ride
  • Materials: Thick and High-Density Memory Foam
  • Water and Wear Resistance

7. Giddy Up! Bike Seat

Giddy Up! Bike Seat

This bike seat features strong shock absorption, thanks to the two rubber balls equipped below the bicycle seat to help absorb shocks from the potholes, bumps, or any difficult path you are trying to get through. Meanwhile, the gel foam inside the seat will provide you with the ultimate comfort while riding. Giddy Up also put much concern into your safety as they have placed a LED light on the tail of the bike seat with a reflective band. This will indeed make you safer when the sun is no longer up. When you purchase this, you also get a protective cover so that you can cover your bicycle seat when you are not riding it to keep it long-lasting.


  • Extreme Shock Absorption
  • Glow in the Dark: LED Light on the back of the Seat
  • Additional Seat Cover Provided

6. Bikeroo Large Bike Seat Cushion

Bikeroo Large Bike Seat Cushion

Bikeroo designs this bike seat cushion to help every biker feel painless no matter how long they ride on a bicycle. This seat cushion has been specially engineered to eradicate all sorts of pain and soreness, and you will not feel the pain during or post-riding. This cushion is not a complete removable of your original bike seat, but instead, it acts as an add-on padding to help you relieve your pain. And, coming in the size of 11″ x 10″, you can also use this bike seat cover on various bikes like road bikes, cruiser bikes, etc. Not to mention that it is available in three different stunning colors (black, blue, purple) for you to choose from.


  • Extra Pain Relief
  • Compatibility with Various Bikes
  • Three Color Options

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5. SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat

SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat

This one is indeed your hip’s best friend. SGODDE created this bike seat with a goal for softness and comfort. This seat, padded by thickening premium density memory foam, will indeed bring you ultimate comfort. The cushioned surface of this bike seat is also non-slippery and wear-resistant, thanks to its PVC leather. Meanwhile, the narrow design at the seat’s front sides allows you to move freely while riding and will create 0% to your thigh. There are also two anti-shock ball suspensions just beneath the bicycle seat to equip you with a more stable and strong shock absorption effect. This hollow design also enhances the breathability of your body’s lower parts. Besides, you can safely ride this bike in the rain and the dark, thanks to its water-resistant cover and safety reflective strip.


  • Non-Slippery and Wear Resistance
  • Comfort and Shock Absorption
  • Safety Reflective Strip and Water-Resistance Cover

4. OUTERDO Comfort Bicycle Seat

OUTERDO Comfort Bicycle Seat

This bike seat’s focusing point is that this seat’s whole seating is filled with only a memory sponge. And as this seat has a memory sponge-thickness of up to 16mm, you will experience ultimate comfort riding on this one. Like many of the earlier recommendations, this one also has two rubber spring balls beneath the seat for shock absorption and better stability. Meanwhile, its non-slippery surface and PU leather with an abrasion-resistant feature help to provide you an elastic yet very soft seat for a long ride. The hollow design of this seat also enhances your body’s breathability, allowing for better airflow and comfort.


  • Memory Sponge for Ultimate Comfort
  • Shock Absorption and Stability
  • Hollow Design for Breathability

3. Cmacewheel Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

Cmacewheel Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

A distinction from all the earlier suggestions is that this oversized seat has elastomers molded into the saddle base for shock absorption by creating the spring effect without additional weights or mechanical devices. These elastomers also help to eliminate vibrations from roads to your body through the spine. This oversized bike seat also serves to relieve pressure on your sensitive tissue, thanks to its lightweight and foam padded saddle. Being named “Oversized,” it is wider in the rear part than normal saddles, making it a more suitable choice for riders who love to be in an upright riding position. This bike seat from Cmacewheel is also built to last for years to come with its durable steel on the rail and durable synthetic vinyl top cover. You also receive additional comfort from the extra layer of gel attached to the seat.


  • Elastomers for Shock Absorption and Vibration Elimination
  • Pressure Relief on Sensitive Area
  • Durability for Years to Come

2. Comfortable Bike Seat

Comfortable Bike Seat

This seat is perhaps the best protection for your buttock. It comes with an ergonomic design that is soft, non-slipper, elastic, waterproof, and wear-Resistant, Waterproof. Meanwhile, the seat’s cushion is made from a wide, thick, and premium quality memory form pad. This bike seat can also help you improve your biking experience on a long journey with its central vent that can regulate your buttock’s circulation, enhance better airflow, and dissipate heat. With these, your buttock will stay cool and dry for any ride. There are also two rubber balls for shock absorption from this bike seat, like earlier products, to equip you with better elasticity, toughness, and endurance. You will get through any harsh terrain riding on this bike seat. Besides, the premium artificial leather covered in this seat will also make you feel like riding on a cloud.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Central Vent for better airflow and buttock regulation
  • Shock Absorption

1. Large Soft bike Seat Cushion

 Large Soft bike Seat Cushion

First and foremost, this one has a thick and comfortable gel pad coming in a dimension of 10-inch wide x 11-inch long x 2-inch height. You can use it to cover most bikes of this size, be it cruiser bikes or road bikes or mountain bikes, or others. There is also a premium blend of memory foam and soft silicone gel to create this bike. The cover materials are also extremely stylish, tear-resistant, stain-resistant. You also do not have to worry about outdoor dust and rain, as this bike seat has high-quality waterproof materials that provide you with maximum durability. As this bike seat is quite large, it helps to deliver a great pressure relief channel to minimize any riding discomfort. You can also find this cushion in four different colors, red, pink, black, and purple. While amid all these qualities, this seat cushion arrives at a much affordable price tag than the earlier suggestions.


  • Thick and Comfortable Gel Pad
  • Compatibility with Most Bikes
  • Maximum Durability
  • Multiple Colors and Affordable Price


So how are our suggestions for you? We cannot wait to help you upgrade your cycling experience with our suggestions above. And, we hope that from now on, your cycling experience will be entirely painless and comfortable. Make a good pick and enjoy your shopping!