Top 10 Best Girls Beach Cruiser Bikes 2022 Reviews

There are many girls cruiser bikes available in the market. However, before purchasing one, you need to know your specific requirements. For instance, you may desire a cruiser bike to ride for long distances or ride along with hilly areas. If those are your specifics, then you need to choose a bike that has several gears. Here are the Top Girls Beach Cruiser bikes that you could purchase.

10. Micargi Hero Beach Cruiser Bike, Red, 20-Inch

Micargi Hero Beach Cruiser Bike

The Micargi Hero is a stylish bike that comes as both custom and retro. This 20-inch bike features a coaster brake, has a one-speed crank, is single-speed, and comes with alloy rims. The Hero bike is a classic, and it is mostly recommended for girls aged 8 years and above. The Hero low-rider is mainly available in red and is suitable for sports.


  • It is stylish and efficient
  • Offers its rider a great work out

9. Diamondback Bicycles Clarity 20 Complete Children’s Performance Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Clarity 20 Complete

The Diamondback Clarity 20-inch bike is among those that you should consider buying your child. The bike has a 7-speed twist shifter that makes it easy to use. It includes proven flat bar road geometry and a healthy stand over height that optimizes the biker’s comfort and safety. The bike also features linear rim brakes that make it easy to stop.

Other Topics:


  • The bike is durable
  • Its hybrid geometry enables the rider to stay in an upright position.
  • Comfortable and secure

8. 20″ Beach Cruiser Bicycle Micargi Jetta Girls Kids Children Bike

20 Beach Cruiser Bicycle Micargi Jetta Girls Kids Children Bike

The Jetta is a cruiser bike that comes in an adorable shade of pink. You can rest assured that it will fascinate your little girl. It features 20-inch wheels, a coaster brake, and front and rear fenders. The wheel’s size is perfect for your child to ride, and its smooth stops ensure that your girl is safe when riding. The Jetta Cruiser bike is mainly designed for girls around 4’0″ height. This bike also features alloy colored rims and stainless steel spokes, which enhance its glam.


  • Comfortable and easy to ride
  • Safe for your child to ride


7. Nirve Paul Frank Skurvy Girls’ Cruiser Bike

Nirve Paul Frank Skurvy Girls' Cruiser Bike

Nirve Paul Frank Girls’ cruiser bike is mainly meant for light trails and around the residential areas. The bike features a Paul Frank Scurvy saddle, Paul Frank vintage grips, and Paul Frank Scurvy graphics. It has a pink Nirve proprietary Galaxie frame and is a one-speed gearing. It also features aluminum wheels, a welded cartridge kickstand, and a full-length fender set.


  • Pleasurable and fun to ride


6. Firmstrong Bella Classic Girl’s Single Speed Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Bella Classic Girl's Single Speed Cruiser Bicycle

The 20-inch Bella Classic Girl’s single speed bike is designed for children that are just learning to ride a bicycle and those that have shifted from using training wheels. This bicycle features 20-inch wheels, a 13-inch extended length steel frame, and front and rear fenders. The bike is fashionable to attract your daughter as it has a design of Hawaiian flowers on its thick top tube.


  • Very secure for children to ride in because its coaster brakes stop when the child peddles backward.
  • Guarantees your child a quality and enjoyable ride
  • It is also quite affordable.


5. Schwinn Girl’s Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Girl Cruiser Bike

The Schwinn Girl’s Cruiser bike features full wrap fenders and a rear cargo rack. It also has a new Schwinn steel cruiser frame and fork features that keep the rider comfortable. This bike has a Schwinn quality padded cruiser seat with springs, a rear foot brake that makes it easier and safer for stopping, and a classic cruiser handlebar fitted with an alloy stem to ensure that your child rides in an upright position.


  • The bike enables its rider to make smooth and quick stops in the case of an emergency.
  • Apart from being durable, its pink color is bound to motivate your girl into having an adventurous time for a long time.


4. Diamondback Bicycles Youth Girls 2015 Miz Della Cruz Complete Cruiser Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Youth Girls 2015 Miz Della

The Miz Della Cruz is bound to turn many heads and create a lot of attention if you are riding it. The bike is sleek and desirable to most young girls. They all want to have a feel of riding around on a green-wheeled, attractive Miz Della Cruz. It features a highly durable and high tensile steel frame. The Diamondback Miz Della Cruz Cruiser bike also has an extra standover height that makes it easy for the rider to alight.


  • Highly durable
  • The fenders and chain guard protect paddles.


3. Firmstrong Urban Girl Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban Girl Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This 20-inch, mint green Urban Girl Cruiser bicycle is best suited for the children that have already shifted from using training wheels and those that are learning the art of riding. The single-speed cruiser bike features front and rear fenders and 20-inch wheels that are the best fit for riders whose heights range between 3′ 2″ and 4′ 4″. It also has coaster brakes that stop when the child peddles backward. Such kind of brakes is the most secure for a child learning how to ride.


  • It is possible to adjust this bike’s seat and handlebars to suit the preference of the rider.
  • Its wide, soft seat ensures that the rider is comfortable.
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to assemble

2. Schwinn Girl’s Mist Polo Bike

Schwinn Girl Mist Polo Bike

This bike has a low stand-over frame that makes it easier for your young girl to mount her ride. The 20-inch mint bike has high-rise handlebars. These add fun and style to the general riding experience. The Mist Polo bike also has colored streamers and laser printed banana seats to add to the same. Moreover, it comes with rearfoot brakes that maximize the stopping power. Your daughter is guaranteed to love this bike once you get it for her.


  • A beautiful and sturdy bicycle
  • Affordable