Top 10 Best Golf Ball Display Cases 2022 Reviews

For someone who has been playing golf for a long time, the desire to show off their achievements comes naturally.

The same is true for individuals who love watching the sport.

This is where golf ball display cases come in. They allow you to display your memorabilia and autographed balls in an elegant, stylish manner.

With hundreds of golf ball display cases on the market, choosing one that’s right for you can prove a challenge.

Best Golf Ball Display Cases Reviews:

10. Gb04-Ch E 15 Golf Ball Display Case

GB04-CH E 15 Golf Ball Display Case

This is an attractive golf ball case with a solid wooden frame and a felt interior background.

It features a hole-in-one plate, door latches, brass hinges, and wall brackets.

The fact that it comes in one piece eliminates the stress of installation. It is a great gift for those who love golf.

Dimples on the shelves do a good job of securing the balls.


  • Glassdoor protects balls from damage and dust.
  • Great gift for golf lovers.
  • Can be mounted on the wall.

9. 57 Golf Ball Display Case Shadow Box

57 Golf Ball Display Case Shadow Box

Show off your club championships, memorable shots, and autograph balls with this shadow box wall cabinet holder rack.

It holds up to 57 golf balls and features a green felt background that gives it an attractive edge.

The dimples on the shelves help prevent balls from rolling, while the hinged door with crystal glass protects against exposure to dust.


  • Glassdoor.
  • Wall brackets to hang.
  • Only weighs 11 pounds.
  • Made from solid wood.

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8. GB20-MAH 49 Golf Ball Display Case from DisplayGifts

GB20-MAH 49 Golf Ball Display Case from DisplayGifts

This is an elegant golf ball display case whose green felt background contrasts nicely against the white balls.

You can put it on a shelf, table or mount it on the wall. It holds up to 49 balls, and the mahogany finish gives it a beautiful look.

At 5.2 pounds, it is way lighter than the 57 golf ball case reviewed above.


  • Built with mahogany-finished wood.
  • Can be located anywhere in the house.
  • Deep green felt background.

7. GBO5 110 Golf Ball Display Case

GBO5 110 Golf Ball Display Case

If you have plenty of memorable shots and autographed balls that you would like to show off, this display case is a pretty good start.

It has one of the highest capacities, 110 golf balls, on the market. Also, it features a glass door that protects from dust and damage.

Like most cases on this list, this one comes with a felt background, dimples, and can be mounted on the wall.


  • Dimples prevent balls from rolling.
  • The huge capacity of 110 golf balls.
  • Glassdoor for visibility and protection.

6. Clubhouse Collection Executive Ball Cabinet

Clubhouse Collection Executive Ball Cabinet


This gift item is constructed using mahogany finished wood, which gives it an attractive edge and helps with longevity.

Viewing the ball is easy, thanks to the acrylic door. Each ball is held on a tee, and a brass golf emblem at the top center of the cabinet adds to the general beauty.


  • Made with mahogany finished wood.
  • Acrylic door with latch.
  • Brass golf emblem.
  • Holds 63 balls.

5. Gold Gift 49-Ball Display Rack

Gold Gift 49-Ball Display Rack

This cabinet display rack is constructed from solid beechwood.

While it doesn’t come with a door, dimples ensure that the balls are securely held in place.

Metal brackets at the back allow you to mount on the wall with the green felt background offers a nice contrast.

You will certainly love the fact that it doesn’t require installation.


  • Made from solid beechwood.
  • The black finish gives it a sleek look.
  • Can be mounted on the wall.
  • Comes in one piece.

4. 80 Novelty/Souvenir Golf Ball Display Case

80 NoveltySouvenir Golf Ball Display Case

This is yet another great golf ball display case from DisplayGifts. It is a great asset for someone with up to eighty golf balls.

Notable features include dimpled shelves that hold balls in place, wall-mountable, a green felt background that shows off your memorabilia perfectly as well as a hinged glass door that keeps your treasures dust-free.


  • Constructed from solid wood.
  • Dimpled shelves.
  • Assembling isn’t required.
  • Features a hinged glass door.

3. 49 Golf Ball Display Case

49 Golf Ball Display Case

This handcrafted cabinet case offers up to 98% UV protection, thanks to a plexiglass door, and is available in four finishes, i.e., cherry, walnut, black, and oak.

It is made using solid Australian beechwood and features heavy-duty lockable latches that can be locked to keep your treasures safe.

The felt fabric background contrasts nicely with the white balls, while the indentations on the shelves prevent the balls from rolling.


  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Crown trim design at the top and bottom.
  • Can be mounted on a wall or kept freestanding on a table.
  • Great artistry.

2. 49 Golf Ball Display Case by DisplayGifts

49 Golf Ball Display Case by DisplayGifts

The GB49-BL from DisplayGifts has a holding capacity of 49 golf balls and features a green felt background.

It is available in various colors and is made using solid wood for longevity.

The dimpled shelves help secure the balls in place while the glass door allows visibility while preventing dust exposure.

The glass is acrylic, and as such, you don’t have to worry about your prized possessions fading.


  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Made with solid wood.
  • Acrylic glass door for UV protection.
  • Dimpled shelves.

1. Golf Gifts &Gallery UC625 Golf Ball Display Cabinet

Golf Gifts &Gallery UC625 Golf Ball Display Cabinet

This is an elegant golf ball cabinet whose construction incorporates high-quality mahogany finished wood.

Like other models on the list, it has a felt fabric background that contrasts nicely with golf balls’ white color.

Besides, it can be placed on a table, shelf, or mounted on the wall. Dimpled shelves ensure that the balls are securely held in place.


  • Made with mahogany finished wood for longevity.
  • Green felt background.
  • Dimples on the shelves to hold balls in place.
  • Works great for home and office décor.

How to Choose the Best Golf Ball Display Cases? – A Buyer’s Guide:

Best Golf Ball Display Cases

Do you have a hard time concentrating while you are out looking for golf ball displays?

Do you find yourself having second thoughts?

The reason we understand is that we have previously spent time studying Golf ball displays.

As a result, we have created an extensive list of the best Goofball Displays now available on the market.

In addition, we have compiled a list of questions you may have.

Purchasing any sort of goods requires far too many factors to consider.

Particularly if you are aiming to get the object. It is also valid if you are looking to purchase a golf display case.

When shopping for a new golf ball holder, there are many factors to consider.

We have done the best we can with our opinions and suggestions, but it is still critical that you carry out independent research before making any purchases.

Construction Materials:

When shopping for a new golf ball display case, the materials it is made of should be your priority.

The wooden structure is ideal for the majority of market displays.

Metal and stainless-steel displays, on the other hand, are quite popular.

Regardless of whether the display is of wood, metal, or stainless steel, be sure you understand what you are going to purchase.


The felt texture and the color contrast ratio are two additional considerations when purchasing a display case.

White is the most common color for golf balls.

Choosing an object with a strong contrast against white is perfect.

Aside from that, pay attention to the interior design’s quality as well.

Latching And Locking Mechanisms:

The item’s locking mechanism is the third essential consideration when purchasing a display case.

You must be considering purchasing a golf ball case to keep your golf balls safe and organized while not in use.

All the balls on the shelves will be well-protected with the right locking mechanism.

Additional Characteristics:

This is a crucial point that you must not overlook.

Even though not all the options are crucial, there are a few that may have a significant impact.

A few additional characteristics to keep an eye out for include things like UV protection, scratch/rust resistance, mounting, finishing, and durability, to name a few.


Last but not least, have a look at the item’s price.

If you are planning to purchase a branded product, expect to pay more money.

You may save money if the goods come from an unidentified producer.

However, if you are looking for both quality and longevity, we suggest going with a well-known brand.

The Length Of The Spherical Shaft:

To collect the ball without having to go into potentially hazardous areas such as ponds or shrubs, you should use an automatic ball retriever (ABR).

As a result, the greater the distance, the better.

Here’s some advice: go for the longest possible extended ball retriever.

While a nine-footer may be helpful, a 15-footer or an 18-footer is preferable.

For courses without numerous shrubs or bodies of water, you may want to consider a retriever less than 15 feet (4.57 m) in length.

To determine how long a ball retriever should be, think about where you like to play and maybe ask your friends for recommendations.

Take Care Of:

If something is more comfortable to hold, you are more likely to utilize it.

As a result, while shopping for a ball retriever, be sure to look at the handle.

To make the handle easier to grip, some manufacturers add dot patterns on it.

Some people used rubber or other non-traditional materials to make their handles.

Before you make a choice, keep in mind the advice I just gave you regarding comfortability.

Ball Protection:

The goal of a golf ball retriever is to grasp the ball in the simplest manner possible.

As a result, following the shaft, the retriever’s head design is critical.

Scoop and spring release are the two most common head designs.

Though a spring-loaded design holds a ball tighter, you must apply more pressure when catching a ball with one.

For each kind of danger, there is an appropriate head.

For a softer surface, then scoop one works well; for water or shrubs, other models perform well.

The Capacity To Maintain One’s Equilibrium:

When the telescopic design of your ball retriever reaches its maximum length, it may affect it.

After a few usages, certain instruments may easily bend or shatter.

Once again, you have wasted your money by having to purchase a new one.

One thing to remember is to focus on the substance of your retriever’s body.

In general, the lighter the item, the lower its durability.

Glass Construction Quality:

These golf ball display cases are well-liked because of the clear glass they have around them.

Be sure to look at the glass structure before purchasing the finest golf ball display case.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the case scratch-resistant?

All acrylic display cases consist of glass and the safety that it will not shatter and be very robust. It is determined by the case’s composition.

As a result of the fact that certain cases are scratch-resistant while others are not.

Keep in mind that the case’s wood is not scratch-resistant, so take care while assembling it.

Does it come with instructions?

Individuals who purchase cases that must be set up will get detailed instructions on how to do it.

Even the rules and regulations are simple to read and comprehend.

Can the engraved be changed if I want?

Yes, you have the option to alter the engraving if you so want.

You just need to notify the manufacturer and request that they replace it with your preferred model.


These golf ball display cases are a must-have for golf enthusiasts, regardless of whether you want to save just one or over 100 golf ball memories.

So, whether you choose with a wall cabinet holder that holds 49 golf ball display cases or one that holds 110, realize that you are deciding to preserve your memories for the rest of the time.

Some of the best golf ball display cases available today have previously been suggested to you.

Now it is your time to think about it and make a decision based on personal choice; you will not be disappointed with any of the options listed above.