Top 10 Best Golf Rain Gloves 2022 Reviews

Are you a huge fan of golf?

Do you think you can play it no matter what it’s like outside?

If your answer is yes, then this article is the right one for you. People often overlook the importance of golf gloves when it comes to golfing.

While the other factors are vital, gloves play an important part in your golfing performance. After all, it’s the gloves that are providing secure grips and make sure nothing moves around.

And not just any golf gloves; if you are someone that plays regardless of the weather, you might want to invest in a pair of golf rain gloves.

But, we know that it is not easy to find the perfect pairs. There are so many choices on the market. Therefore, to save you from trouble, we have rounded up ten of the best golf rain gloves on the market.

Furthermore, we will also include some buying guides for you to consider before choosing a pair to make sure that you make an informed decision.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Best Golf Rain Gloves Reviews:

10. HJ Glove Weather Ready Rain Golf Glove

HJ Glove Weather Ready Rain Golf Glove

The first one on the list we have the rain golf glove from the brand HJ Glove. This pair of gloves come in many sizes to choose from, and it is specially designed for men.

It is made with nylon mesh, which provides you great air ventilation and dries up very quickly. You don’t need to worry about wet hands problem with this pair of gloves.

In addition to that, it has Hexa Grip silicone reinforced palm to make sure that you can have a secure and firm grip while you are playing.

Furthermore, there are also reinforced finger bands that help stabilize your fingers from twisting.

You also don’t have to worry about a soggy wrist band, as this one is designed to prevent any moisture build-up—no more worries about golfing in the rain.

What We Like:

  • Comes in many sizes to choose from
  • For men
  • Provides great air ventilation
  • Dries very quickly
  • Provides a secure and firm grip
  • Reinforced finger bands
  • Anti-moisture wrist band

9. Mizuno 2018 RainFit Men’s Golf Gloves

Mizuno 2018 RainFit Men's Golf Gloves

Another pair of gloves on today’s list for men is from the Mizuno Store. This pair of gloves comes in three different sizes to choose from.

It is a very suitable pair of gloves for rainy weather conditions as it provides an extremely secure grip in wet conditions.

The design of these gloves is straightforward. It comes in a classic black finish with flex mesh inserts on the inside.

This pair also provides a sturdy and secure grip while playing in the rain or hot days. It is also sweat-proof, so to those with sweaty palms, this is the right pair of gloves for you.

What We Like:

  • Comes with three different sizes to choose from
  • For men
  • Ideal for wet and sweaty conditions
  • Provides sturdy and secure grip

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8. Wilson Staff Rain Golf Gloves

Wilson Staff Rain Golf Gloves

Up next, we have the pair of gloves from the brand Wilson Staff. This pair of gloves are available in four sizes and one classic black color to choose from.

It is made with multiple microfiber construction technologies that provide a secure and non-slip grip in wet conditions.

Furthermore, it features an ergonomic design that will conform to your hand while at the same time providing a faster time in drying.

Once wet, the grip tackiness increases, making the grip even firmer and more secure.

The palm area is made synthetic, which ensures that the gloves can last for a very long time. On top of that, the Velcro closure ensures that you have that perfect fit and comfort.

The gloves will stay put and won’t move around as you play.

7. Friction Gloves Friction Disc Golf Gloves

Friction Gloves Friction Disc Golf Gloves

The next pair of rain golf gloves on the list is by the brand Friction Gloves. This pair of gloves comes in four different sizes specifically designed for both men and women.

This pair of gloves is ideal to use in any weather.

It can warm your hands on cold days, so your performance won’t be affected during the cold. Furthermore, it is also suitable for rainy days.

The gloves are made with high-quality materials that can maintain a steady and secure grip even in the rain.

On top of that, it comes with rubberized palms and fingers that allow you to have more control; thus, leading to better accuracy, more spin, and longer throws.

Even more, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee policy, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t end up liking the product.

What We Like:

  • Comes in many different sizes
  • For women and men
  • Ideal for any weather
  • Maintains a steady and secure grip even in the rain
  • Rubberized palms and fingers for more control and accuracy
  • Money-back guarantee policy

6. Cobra Golf 2019 Stormgrip Rain Glove

Cobra Golf 2019 Stormgrip Rain Glove

Next up, we have a pair of golf rain gloves from the brand Cobra. It is made with durable and top-notch material that gives you both comfort and control when you play.

This pair of gloves is also weather-resistant, meaning that you no longer need to worry about rainy days.

Even when it’s wet, this pair of gloves still gives you the ultimate grip and control you need. In addition to that, it features a tailored cuff that gives you the ultimate fit.

What We Like:

  • Durable and comfortable
  • Excellent control and grip
  • Ideal for harsh weather conditions
  • Provides the perfect fit

5. Golf Gloves with Non-Slip Grip by Holiberty

Golf Gloves with Non-Slip Grip by Holiberty

The next one on the list is the women’s rain gloves from the brand Holiberty. This glove offers you both comfort and durability.

It is made with top-grade microfiber, making the glove super thin, breathable, lightweight, soft, and wear-resistant.

In addition to that, this glove comes with sweat vents that ensure air circulation and moisture reduction.

It is ideal for any weather condition. Plus, it comes with premium stitching that allows for a better fit and more breathability.

It also enhances the control over your fingers with its ergonomic design.

Moreover, it features anti-skid grips and adjustable closure. It has anti-slip particles that make the grip even more secure.

The adjustable hook and loop give you an elastic closure and customized fit.

What We Like:

  • Comfortable, thin, breathable, and lightweight
  • Ideal for any weather conditions
  • Dries very quickly
  • Better fit
  • Firm and sturdy grip
  • Adjustable closure

4. Hauni Women’s Golf Glove One Pair

Hauni Women's Golf Glove One Pair

This is another pair of gloves specifically designed for women. It provides you with a strong and firm grip, excellent control, and comfort.

The palm area of this glove is designed to give you additional grip strength.

Moreover, the microfiber fabric material is super breathable and flexible but gives you the balance and stability you need while golfing.

In addition to that, it features ergonomic tailoring that gives you the most control over your fingers. It also comes with built-in sweat vents to free you from discomfort from the moisture.

What We Like:

  • For women
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Additional control over fingers
  • Comfortable yet stable
  • Comes with sweat vents

3. TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves

TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves

This pair of gloves from the brand TaylorMade comes with two different colors to choose from. It is suitable for any weather.

You no longer need to worry about losing your touch when you want to play in the rain.

It also provides a 40% stronger hold compared to any other kind of gloves.With this glove on, you no longer need to worry about the discomfort from the sweat or the rain.

Just enjoy your golfing time.

What We Like:

  • Stronger and firm grip
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for harsh weather

2. MAZEL Premium Men’s Golf Gloves Left Hand

MAZEL Premium Men's Golf Gloves Left Hand

Next on the list, we have one of the best golf gloves for wet weather conditions.

It is specifically designed for men. It is made with high-quality, flexible, and breathable materials, making your golfing experience even more joyful.

Whether on hot or cold days, you don’t have to worry about the discomfort that comes with it.

The finger area’s top is designed for enough air circulation and breathability, making sure that there is no moisture.

On top of that, this glove can dry very quickly, leaving you with an excellent grip. It also comes with an adjustable and precise fit.

It will get a closer fit and maximum control.

What We Like:

  • For men, left hand
  • High-quality material
  • Comfortable, flexible, and breathable
  • Maximum control
  • Firm grip
  • Dries quickly

1. FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Gloves, Pair

FootJoy Men's RainGrip Golf Gloves, Pair

This is a pair of gloves from FootJoy’s brand and is one of the best waterproof golf gloves right now.

This pair of gloves is designed to withstand wet conditions and moisture to provide you the best-golfing experience.

The palm area is made to provide a secure fit even in the harsh weather.

The gloves can conform to your hands’ shape, thus achieving that firm grip and maximum control. The material of this pair is also high-quality and durable.

It is breathable and flexible and dries very quickly. You don’t have to deal with the discomfort from the moisture.

Moreover, this pair of gloves is angled for that perfect closure and fit, so you don’t feel the gloves moving around while you are playing.

It also comes with a removable ball marker that helps golfers mark their balls easier.

What We Like:

  • Designed for wet and rainy days
  • Provides the perfect fit and maximum control
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Dries very quickly
  • Removable ball marker

How to Choose the Best Golf Rain Gloves? – A Buying Guide:

Best Golf Rain Gloves


there are two common materials used for golf gloves.

The gloves are usually made with synthetic materials or leather. Synthetic materials are usually lightweight and breathable; therefore, it can be more weather-resistant.

Leather can mimic the natural shape and texture of your hands, so in most cases, it might be able to give you more control and a firm grip.


you also need to look for something strong and durable. You don’t want to keep replacing your gloves after all. Find something that is wear and tear-resistant.

On top of that, you might also need something waterproof.


this is a very factor that you should not skip. To achieve the optimal result, you need a glove that fits your hand perfectly.

You don’t want it to keep sliding off or slipping away while you are playing. Look for something that has adjustable closure so you can customize it yourself.


you also want to feel comfortable while you are wearing the glove.

While the gloves should give you protection and precise control, it should not be difficult to wear. Look for something that allows for air circulation.

Lean toward breathable and flexible materials.


you also need to pay attention to how well you can grip with certain gloves.

Because you might need to golf in wet weather conditions, you need to make sure that your golf rain gloves can provide you the firm grip and precise control you need to score the target.


In a nutshell, we hope you find this article helpful. We have carefully selected the above products following our buying guides.

If you like more products than you need, remember to put your needs first. There is no need to go for everything good and ideal if you have no use for it.

So shop smart and don’t break your bank.

Happy shopping!