Top 10 Best Golf Shoes For Men 2022 Reviews

Golf Shoes for men are designed to be stylish and provide adequate comfort for all-day use. Wearing golf shoes while out on the green is extremely important. The soles of the shoes have cleats, allowing you to keep your feet planted during each swing. Having reliable cleats or molded grip bottoms is especially important during wet conditions to prevent sliding.

10. Lunar Control Vapor Golf Shoes by Nike

Lunar Control Vapor Golf Shoes by Nike

The lunar style golf shoes by Nike are lightweight, containing Flywire technology that ensures a secure fit. Not only are these shoes a great quality product, but they come with a 2-year warranty.


  • Nike’s golf shoes are waterproof due to membranes in the footbed and upper area of the shoes. The mesh bootie works to provide a comfortable and breathable fit that mimics a sock. The outsole contains fin-like tracks that provide maximum traction for wet and dry conditions.

9. Ecco Men’s Golf Shoes

Ecco Mens Golf Shoes

These golf shoes for men by ECCO keep your feet comfortable all day long. The traction points are a perfect size, offering a superior grip for all field conditions.


  • These shoes are made of leather and synthetic material. The soles are made with rubber and provide excellent stability and support. The shoes are made with E-DTS hybrid technology and have hydro max treatment for waterproofing.


8. Woodworm Surge Golf Shoes

Woodworm Surge Golf Shoes

This is a reliable and inexpensive golf shoe option. These shoes have a solid exterior made with leather and golf-tex membranes that prevent water and the wind from entering the shoes.


  • These shoes come with a 1-year warranty that protects you against any water penetration. The mini stud sole is molded for additional stability and traction security. The ankles are padded for extra support, comfort, and protection.

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7. Men’s Grip Sport Golf-Shoes by Puma

Mens Grip Sport Golf Shoes by Puma

With six color combinations to choose from, Puma’s golf shoe is the perfect fit for any golf attire. The fusion foam interior ensures your feet stay comfortable all day long.


  • The performance mesh is extremely breathable. The Perimeter wrap is made with TPU, which provides a reliable, lasting hold. These shoes are very comfortable to wear all day on the green.

6. Performance Golf Shoes by Skechers

Performance Golf Shoes by Skechers

The Go Golf Pro 2 shoes by Skechers are believed to be the most advanced golf shoes offered by Skechers. The combination of classic design and replaceable spikes make these shoes extremely reliable and versatile.


  • Shoes come in seven different styles. Available in a large variety of sizes. The 3/4-inch heel is comfortable to wear. The insole is removable. The sole is made out of synthetic material that is soft and comfortable to step.

5. New Balance Men’s NBG2004 Golf Shoe

New Balance Men NBG2004 Golf Shoe

These golf shoes by New Balance are an exceptional combination of style, durability, and comfort. The golf-specific technology works to enhance stability and traction while on the green to ensure you play your best.


  • These shoes are lightweight and low-profile. They have a slim-look cleat system that provides exceptional grip with every wear. The midsole is designed specifically to provide a lightweight cushion to ensure your feet stay comfortable while walking the course.

4. Men’s Green Joys Golf Shoes by FootJoy

Men Green Joys Golf Shoes by FootJoy

The Green Joys golf shoes by FootJoy have excellent grip and traction on the course. These lightweight shoes are equipped with rubber outsoles and water-resistant synthetic uppers.


  • These shoes are extremely stylish and come in a large variety of sizes. These are some of the best and most comfortable shoes for individuals with wide feet. The cushioned insoles are extremely lightweight. The fast-twist cleat system is extremely reliable for providing good footing.

3. Fairway Golf Shoe by Skechers

Fairway Golf Shoe by Skechers

The Go Golf Fairway shoes by Skechers came in four colors and finished in leather and synthetic materials. The extremely breathable upper and the 5gen cushioning ensure your feet remain comfortable all day long.


  • These shoes have replaceable soft-spike cleats that provide comfort and traction while greatly improving the playing surfaces. The 5gen exterior foam is extremely lightweight and responsive, conforming to your every step. The H2GO shield provides a waterproof shield over the entire shoe to protect your feet during any weather condition.

2. Hyperflex Golf Shoes by FootJoy

Hyperflex Golf Shoes by FootJoy

The HyperFlex shoes by FootJoy are extremely lightweight and comfortable. The heel is optimized to be more stable and provide maximum security for your feet.


  • The soles are made of synthetic material and contain fast twist tornado cleats. The fine-tuned FTF 2.0 foam is extremely comfortable to wear. The upper has a FlexGrid 2.0 design that conforms to your feet and expands as you move.

1. Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe by ADIDAS

Men Tech Response

The lightweight Tech Response 4.0 shoes by ADIDAS are the perfect option for men who wear size 7 to 15 shoes. These shoes have a fintech cleat design, which provides superior grip during any weather on the green.


  • These shoes have four colors to choose from. They are lightweight, containing a mesh and synthetic upper that provides enhanced breathability and comfort. The low-profile technology works well for improving traction and stability.