Top 10 Best Kids Gardening Gloves 2022 Reviews

Kids Gardening gloves are important gardening garnishes that every parent should think about getting one for their child. Whether your kids visit the backyard occasionally or often, you need to get the gloves to keep them safe. Gloves protect young children’s fragile hands from dirty soil and sharp vegetation. Injuries in the garden may also result from stones and bricks. The gloves will also protect your child from chilly weather. Children equally get the comfort they deserve when they wear the gloves instead of touching vegetation with bare hands.

10. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Gloves


"</pThis is a gardening glove appropriately sized for toddlers. It has a paw patrol symbol on it hence the name paw patrol glove. This glove fits a child’s palm perfectly and has an eye-catching blue latex coated palm that excites children. Nickelodeon glove is made from cotton material in its entirety, which makes it soft and comfortable.


  • Made from cotton material that is soft in the hand
  • Perfect for playing in the garden
  • Fits perfectly into a toddlers palm


9. OZERO Leather Gloves


OZERO Leather Gloves

This type of gloves is used by children outdoors and is puncture resistant. It is embedded with colorful embroidery that makes it appealing to children. This glove is manufactured from genuine leather with a breathable mesh material to aid the user’s comfort. It also features an extra 2.4-inch long cuff that protects the kid’s hands from injury.


  • Ozero is made from high-quality safety leather that is highly durable.
  • Made with keystone thumb design to keep the fingers away from injury
  • Has a breathable lining for enhanced comfort


8. Garden Genie Gloves


Garden Genie Gloves

The Garden Genie glove is appropriate for digging around in the backyard. It features strong plastic claws that make it easy to dig out soil with claws strategically placed on one hand of a glove pair. They are light in weight and are made of stretchy plastic; therefore, they will fit older kids’ hands. Garden Genie gloves are equally puncture-resistant and made of durable ABS plastic.


  • Our stretchable, hence no size limit.
  • Puncture resistant to protect against injury
  • Comes with a breathable design to enhance the comfort of your child


7. Zoohanda Gardening Gloves


Zoohanda Gardening Gloves

This garden glove is appropriate for kids aged between 3 and 6 years. The different types made from Zoohands Gloves come in 4 packs. They have zebra-striped linings and alligator strips that make them appealing to the eyes. These gloves are made from pure cotton jersey, which enhances the comfort of your kid.


  • Give kids ultimate satisfaction while working in the garden.
  • Made from pure cotton
  • Available in different sizes for younger and older kids


6. MOFIR Garden Gloves


MOFIR Garden Gloves

These gloves come in a two-pack, and they are ideal for outdoor digging and planting. They feature 4 ABS claws on the one hand and are made to withstand thorns, dirt, and scratch due to the nitrile material. MOFIR gloves come in many sizes that fit children of all ages well. You can equally use them for your water chores since they are waterproof.


  • Ergonomically sized to fit many kids.
  • Can be used for a variety of duties
  • Made from both breathable nylon and waterproof nitrile hence comfortable to use


5. Disney Frozen Glove, 102T


Disney Frozen Glove, 102T

The Disney glove is made from pure cotton and serves to protect children in their outdoor adventures. They have an attractive Disney frozen embedded theme that makes them attractive to children. The gloves are designed to fit toddlers of all ages. Disney frozen gloves also have a knit wrist design to keep the dirt away from coming into contact with the baby.


  • Made from pure cotton soft material to ensure the kid is comfortable
  • Attractive Disney theme
  • Have a knit wrist extension that keeps the child away from dirt


4. G & F JustForKids Gloves


G & F JustForKids Gloves

These are soft jersey gloves that children use in the backyard. A set of gloves comes in 3 pairs. G and F gloves come in three common colors: blue, red, and green. These gloves can be used to perform a variety of duties outdoors.


  • Used for the general-purpose at home
  • Made from breathable cotton that gives users ventilation and comfort
  • Have knit wrists design to keep children away from dirt

3. Petiner Garden Gloves

These are digging designed gloves with fingertip claws for safe working. The claws are on both hands made from durable ABS plastic. They are also long-lasting and waterproof. Petiner gloves come in two pairs, and one size fits both adults and older kids.


  • Waterproof hence can easily rinse them.
  • Breathable nylon for comfort
  • Made from durable ABS plastic


2. G & F 2040-2P Garden Gloves


G & F 2040-2P Garden Gloves

These are beautiful gloves under the JustForKids series. They feature micro-foam quality that makes them comfortable and soft for use. The gloves are available in one pair and come in the pink color that attracts children. G & F 2040-2P gloves are made from 100 percent nylon shell hence comfortable and flexible for use.


  • Incredibly flexible to lessen hand fatigue after work
  • Have an excellent grip from the premium foam latex covering
  • Available in all sizes for kids

1. G & F 5013M Gloves


G & F 5013M Gloves

These gloves belong to the JustForKids glove series. They are appropriate for kids between 4 and 6 years old. This model has a suede genuine soft leather covering that makes them comfortable for use. The material also assures the buyer of durability. They also have a keystone thumb for comfort during work.


  • Made from comfortable genuine leather
  • Long-lasting
  • Available in medium and large sizes