Top 8 Best LED Helmet Lights 2022 Reviews

Are you bored of wearing the same helmet as everyone else on the road? Are you looking to stand out among the crowd while riding your favorite motorbikes? If you have had that thought in mind, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your helmet. It’s, in fact, not much work to do; all you need to do is sticking an LED to your helmet in the most convenient way possible. Not only that it makes you look cool and stylish, but it also provides you with more safety while riding in a dark environment. There might be many LED helmet lights in the market, but here we have done our research and brought you the best 8 LED helmet lights. Despite that, if instead of looking for a helmet light, you want a helmet that comes original with a light, you have to check the following article out “motorcycle helmet with integrated led lights.”

Buying Guides of LED Helmet Light

Helmet Compatibility: Since what we are suggesting are mostly just helmet lights, not the whole helmet, you should consider whether the light would fit on any helmet or only a specific helmet model or brand. Some recommended items have a universal fit, and some have specific compatibility on the specific brand.

LED Modes: Among our recommended LED lights, some have only one single light mode, and some have up to 3 modes, and some even have the featured LED for turning left or right or braking. Thus, you should consider the kind of LED you want and need since the more function it has, the higher the price.

8. ILM Motorcycle Modular Helmet LED Light

ILM Motorcycle Modular Helmet LED Light

This LED has a strong resistance (ABS Shell) attached with an adjustable strap. ILM designed this helmet LED with a lightweight and sleek design to reduce the motorist’s annoying wind noise. You will also be amazed by the safety level this helmet has as it has exceeded DOT and FMVSS-218 Safety Standards. For the LED, this helmet has several lights that can flash at different speeds according to your preference. There is also a control button at the back of the helmet, whereas you easily control the LED function. There is also a motorbike cover bundle that can cover up to 108-inch motorbikes when you purchase this. It will work compatibly with the popular motorbike brands like Honda, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, etc.


  • Strong Resistance and Safety
  • Lightweight and Sleek Design
  • Additional Motorbike Cover Bundle

7. ESA Supplies Motorcycle Helmet Lights LED

ESA Supplies Motorcycle Helmet Lights LED

Suppose you love to have hands-on DIY experience in designing the helmet lighting yourself. In that case, you have to consider this one highly. You will get a full package when you purchase these ESA supplies, such as two LED light strip stickers, one extension cable, and one controller to design on your helmet. The light sticker is indeed super thin and extra brightness with almost zero heat. It also comes with a controller that allows you to easily change the LED mode in three different ways, slow flash, fast flash, and always-on. Since there is substantially no weight at all for this sticker, you will feel as if there is no LED burden at all wearing your helmet. Lastly, these ESA light supplies are universal for any motorbikes.


  • Customized Design: DIY Experience
  • Super Thin and Extra Brightness
  • Universal Fit for all Motorbikes

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6. Street FX 1044081 Red Motorcycle Helmet Light

Street FX 1044081 Red Motorcycle Helmet Light

First, this helmet light is made 100% shock and weather-resistant; thus, there are zero obstacles for enjoying your motorbike journey under harsh weather. The light motion of this one is beautiful with its eye-catching motion in RED. It is also economical for you since it is energy-friendly, thanks to its electrical pods that take up low power consumption. Besides, you can easily replace the batteries since it comes with replaceable features. Despite these, the price of this helmet light is, in fact, much affordable than the earlier recommendations. Thanks to its efficient stick and peel application, you can attach this universal-fit helmet light to any motorbikes.


  • Shock and Water Resistance
  • Energy Friendly and Replaceable Batteries
  • Affordable Price

5. 12V Wireless Motorcycle Helmet LED

12V Wireless Motorcycle Helmet LED

This helmet LED comes in a full package for you to set up on the helmet yourself. It includes one helmet light, one USD cable, and one turn signal and breaks transmitter. This LED light will help to increase the side and rear rider visibility ont0 you. It also has a sleek design and will indeed act as an upgrade to your motorcycling style. With such a sleek design, this helmet LED comes in a much higher price tag than the earlier recommendation. The battery of this LED is chargeable through a wall charger adapter or USB. There is also a button right on the LED for you to control the pattern and light motion. Generic also designed this helmet for a universal.


  • A Full Package for Complete Set-Up
  • Improving Side and Rear Rider Visibility
  • Sleek Design and Rechargeable Battery

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4. PHZ. Adult Bike CPSC Certified Helmet LED Light

PHZ. Adult Bike CPSC Certified Helmet LED Light

Coming from PHZ, this helmet only works inclusively on PHZ bike helmets. PHZ designed three different light modes for this LED, such as steady, flashing, and tour. There is also not much complication in setting up this LED light onto the helmet. All you have to do is take off the old light from your helmet and then place your newly purchased onto it. If you want to be stylish, you should never overlook this one. The LED’s design comes in a triangle warning sign that will surely increase your visibility during the dark time. The best helmet light for night riding, in fact, looks just like the light shape on Iron Man’s chest. Besides, coming from PHZ itself, there is no need to question the LED light’s quality.


  • PHZ-Design and Exclusiveness: Trusted Quality
  • Three Different LED Mode
  • Stylish and Sleek Looking

3. 4PCS Motorcycle LED Night Light

4PCS Motorcycle LED Night Light

This is a trusted quality product with only premium materials. The LED night light is also waterproof, whereas you will enjoy your motorcycling habit in any weather. It does not get corrupted easily either and has a flexible and robust temperature resistance. The LED sticker itself is also fragile amid its substantial brightness. Thus, there would be three disturbance to you. And, in fact, it has deficient energy consumption. When you purchase this, you will get a full package to set up, including two helmet light strips, a double joint harness, an extension line, a battery case driver. You can also control the light with the controller and change the light among three modes (Flash, Fast Flash, and Always-On). Besides, your helmet will not get dirty easily after using this light sticker, thanks to its 3M double-sided adhesive, which is easy to clean after peeling off.


  • Premium Materials
  • Waterproof, Corrosion-Free, and Flexible
  • Three Different LED Modes
  • Keeping the Helmet Clean after Peeling Off

2. Wireless DC 12V LED Motorcycle Helmet mount light

Wireless DC 12V LED Motorcycle Helmet mount light

A wireless helmet light from BHY will provide the turn and stop signals for the first runner-up here. Every material used in this helmet light is high-quality, including the ABS Housing with a PC clear Lens. There are, in fact, 8 LEDs for this helmet light. Four are for the red brake light, two are for the left turn signal, and another two are for the right turn signal. There is also a wireless transmitter at 12 V with a power supply or 2AAA. When you purchase this, you will get a full package of one motorcycle helmet light, one transmitter, one screwdriver, and one space screw set. With this complete package, you can easily set up the light yourself. This LED light on the helmet is also really useful in preventing rear-end collisions and ensuring your safety. Amid all these qualities, this helmet light arrives at a really affordable price tag.


  • Turn and Stop Light Signals
  • Full Package for Easy Set-Up
  • Rear-End Collision Prevention
  • Affordable Price

1. 4PCS Motorcycle LED Night Riding Signal Helmet

4PCS Motorcycle LED Night Riding Signal Helmet

The light blue color of the LED equips you with a stunning outlook. With this LED from JIGUOOR, you will get a package of two helmet light strips, one double joint harness, one extension line, and one battery case driver. With the waterproof and durable design, you never have to once again worry about riding your motorbikes under harsh weather. Besides, with this BLUE LED light added to your helmet, it will make you more noticeable among the crowd. It’s basically an additional layer of protection for you. This BLUE LED light is, in fact, fragile and light; thus, it will make you look cool without causing a single disturbance to your routine. There are also three LED modes, like many earlier products such as flash, fast-flash, and always-on. The LED light sticker here also consumes less power supply compared to an average product in the market. And you will always get to keep your helmet clean, no matter how many times to peel it off, thanks to its double-sided 3M-adhesive. And since it is a universal-fit, what’s there for you to hesitate.


  • Full Package for Easy Set-Up
  • Waterproof and Durability
  • Three Different LED Mode
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Keeping Clean after Peeling Off


Coming to the end of the list, we are wondering if you have made your decision yet. Do not hesitate to gift your helmet a LED light. We hope you get to find your favorite one as well as having an amazing and safe motorcycling journey all year long. Have a great time shopping here!