Top 8 Best Make Up Brush Bags 2022 Reviews

A makeup brush bag is a storage case that lets you store and or carry your makeup brushes. Most makeup brush bags are made of durable fabric like nylon, Velcro, and Polyester that last.

They also have different compartments where you can store different makeup brushes separately.

Top makeup bags have a compact size that fits easily into your travel bag but is large enough to store all your makeup brushes.

Furthermore, a good makeup bag has well-organized compartments, and it has a handle to help you carry the makeup bag.

8. ROWNYEON mini makeup train case

ROWNYEON mini makeup train case

Rowayton mini makeup brush bag measures 10.2 x 9.1x 3.5 inches. This bag features a sturdy metal zipper and well-stitched fabric.

The two features make it a durable train case for your makeup brushes. Besides its durability, this makeup train case is also waterproof and shakes-proof.

Its size allows you to store your lipstick, eye shadow, and other beauty accessories in the train case.


  • Its padded compartments help you customize the compartments according to the size of your makeup.
  • The makeup brush bag is easy to wash.
  • Its large capacity makes it an ideal option for people with many beauty brushes.

7. Hotrose makeup brush bag with 28 pockets

Hotrose makeup brush bag with 28 pockets

This black-colored makeup brush bag is constructed from PU leather, a sturdy fabric. It measures 13.1 inches long by 10.6 inches tall.

Another fantastic feature of this makeup brush bag is its 28 pockets to store more brushes and other beauty products.

If you are a mobile makeup artist, this bag has an adjustable strap that you can hang on your shoulder.

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  • The cosmetic bag has a larger compartment where you can store eye pencils and Mascara.
  • You can use it as a casual travel bag.
  • Its zipper lets you lock your items safely.

6. Lmeison Waterproof Velcro Travel Makeup Bag

Lmeison Waterproof Velcro Travel Makeup Bag

This Emerson waterproof makeup bag is constructed from durable exquisite fabrics like plastic, sponge, and Velcro.

The Velcro travel makeup bag is waterproof and will keep your makeup brushes free from water.

Moreover, this brush bag’s spill-proof nature protects your interior from makeup soiling.


  • Its hand strap lets you carry your makeup brush bag with ease.
  • The brush bag comes with padded dividers that let you tailor your compartments according to your brushes’ size.
  • It is easy to wash, and it dries quickly.

5. Javoedge Double-Sided Travel Organizer

Javoedge Double-Sided Travel Organizer


Are you looking for a stylish makeup brush bag? This type might be a good option for you. The double-sided travel organizer comes in Cherry Blossom Brown, Cherry Blossom Purple, Poppy Turquoise, and poppy yellow colors.

This color variation lets you choose a color that matches your style. The case measures 8 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 4.5 inches high.


  • It is constructed from a durable fabric.
  • Besides being durable, the fabric also repels water to keep your beauty products safe.
  • Its compartments are designed to help you categorize your makeup brushes and other beauty products.

4. Travelmall Makeup Brush Organizer for a Makeup Artist

Travelmall Makeup Brush Organizer

This small makeup brush organizer measures 10.7 inches long, 7inches wide, and stands at 1.7 inches high. The makeup brush organizer has many pockets where you can store as many as 30 different makeup brushes.

Its dual zippers lock your items safely, while an outside pocket on the bag lets you store the beauty items that you use regularly.


  • The case has plenty of room where you can store other beauty products like eyeliners, finishing powder, and lip gloss.
  • It is constructed from a durable oxford nylon fabric.
  • The makeup brush bag has a side carry handle that fits comfortably in your hands.

3. Hotrose Multifunctional Makeup Brush Case

Hotrose Multifunctional Makeup Brush Case

This makeup brush case measures 10.43 inches long, 6.22 inches wide, and 1.53 inches tall. Its storage space can hold up to 20 cosmetic products and other beauty products you need for your makeup.

A removable net pocket in the bag lets you store other cosmetic products like mascara, lip gloss, and lipstick.


  • Its adjustable strap lets you carry the makeup brush bag on your shoulders or tied around your waist.
  • You can use the makeup brush bag as a casual travel bag.
  • It is light.

2. HOYOFO cosmetic bag with a brush holder

HOYOFO cosmetic bag with a brush holder


This cosmetic bag comes in black, flower, and black stripe, among other colors, to help you find your favorite color.

The bag measures 9 inches long, 6.7 inches wide, and 5.6 inches high. HOYOFO cosmetic bag’s lid features a brush and lipstick holder where you can arrange your makeup brushes neatly.


  • Its lightweight and compact size enhance its portability.
  • The makeup brush bag has a mirror to help you apply your makeup.
  • Its bow-shaped handle fits comfortably onto your hands.

1. LOUISE MAELYS Makeup Brush Bag

LOUISE MAELYS Makeup Brush Bag

LOUISE MAELYS Makeup Brush Bag is available in black and pink colors. The cosmetic bag measures 10.5 inches long, 6.6 inches wide, and 1.5 inches tall.

This ample storage space holds 30 makeup brushes plus other beauty products. Additionally, this makeup bag contains a removable net pocket where you can store beauty accessories that do not fit into the bag.


  • Its double zipper closure lets you secure your beauty products easily.
  • The makeup brush bag’s non-woven fabric lasts long.