Top 10 Best Measuring Wheels 2022 Reviews

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional contractor or simply a do-it-yourself sort of person looking for the right tools for that next big remodeling job.

Measuring wheels are an essential part of that endeavor.

These wheels help to make any such job easier by letting you measure large surface areas quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

10. Lufkin MW38M Meters/Decimeters Contractor Measuring Wheel

Lufkin MW38M Meters

This measuring wheel model from Lufkin features a highly efficient design that allows you to measure as fast as you can walk.

The wheel is calibrated to the counter and is very handy for estimable measuring jobs One of the most ideal things about this model is that it can be very useful for those times when you have to measure outdoors on uneven ground, or long indoor measurements.

However, some professionals claim that the model is quite lightweight in comparison to other wheels they have used, and cite long-term durability as a concern.

9. 1000Ft Measuring Wheel

1000Ft Measuring Wheel

This model features a simple, utilitarian design while still incorporating all of the necessities of a top measuring wheel.

In addition, it adds some great features such as a quick reset button for when you need to do multiple measurements in a hurry, a pic rim counter, and a handle that can be adjusted for those hard-to-reach measurements.

Perfect for any home improvement or fencing job.

Some users report that the model doesn’t always have the easiest release of the reset, which can cause some slight delays on the job.

Keep this in mind, as we know that resets are a near-constant feature used with a measuring wheel, and being able to do so quickly and efficiently is a must.

It also isn’t quite as accurate as some other models on the market, and while it works well for jobs such as driveway or roof measurements, may not be ideal for things such as surveying.



An easy-to-use measuring wheel made with quality materials and hardy construction. This device from Gill Athletics can accurately measure in either feet or meters, up to 10000.

Great for any project, users in the fields of outdoor athletics and sports coaching have made it their choice for accurate measurements when needed most.

It’s a good tool if you need to change unit measurements on the job, and especially useful for those who already carry a lot of extra equipment.

However, its lighter construction, while durable, may not stand up to extend use over some years.

The price is also somewhat prohibitive given other options on the market.

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7. Rolatape 32-300RP 11-1/4-Inch Single Measuring Wheel Feet

Rolatape 32 300RP 11 14 Inch Single Measuring Wheel Feet

This easy-to-use device has a quality measuring counter cast in steel for great strength and durability so that you know it will work when you need it most.

Some other great features include its ratchet counter with a 5-digit position, allowing easy, convenient measuring of even the longest areas–up to 100,000 yards or meters.

The ratchet also allows you to reset the counter from a variety of preset points. It folds for easy storage, and its unique color makes it easy to find when needed for the job.

However, some users complain that the construction is not sturdy enough for their needs.

Others need to walk quite fast with it, and it is not ideal for accurate measuring if walking too quickly.

The 5-point reset counter is also not as easy or handy to reset as a simple push button.

6. Rolatape 32-400 Professional Series 4-Foot Measuring Wheel

Rolatape 32 400 Professional Series 4 Foot Measuring Wheel

Another fantastic buy from Rolatape, the “Professional” series, just like it sounds, is great for heavy-duty measuring jobs in fields like construction, surveying, or utilities, when accurate measurements in a timely fashion are a necessity.

The 4-foot circumference wheel is extra wide to accommodate all measuring jobs, and the all-steel construction means that it will stand up to any on-the-job scrapes.

Some users do report that the reset button is difficult to press easily due to a guard.

Some users have also reported problems getting responses to sending in their warranties, when necessary.

5. Keson RRT12 3-Feet Top Reading Center Line Measuring Wheel

Keson RRT12 3 Feet Top Reading Center Line Measuring Wheel

This Top Reader from Keson has several attractive features.

A pistol-style grip ensures that you keep a firm hold on the measuring wheel at all times so that those measurements stay within the lines.

A counter reset is on the handle within easy reach, as Keson knows this is a near-constant need when measuring on the job.

However, some users report that the counter fogs easily, making readability an issue.

Others say that the product has some durability issues, and that the counter itself picks up dirt and debris, and that the reset handle breaks easily as well.

4. Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Pro 12 Commercial Grade Feet-Inch Distance Measuring Wheel

Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master

This measuring wheel from Calculated Industries measures an incredible distance of up to 10,000 feet with almost perfect accuracy–99.7%, give or take perhaps one inch in every thirty feet.

A gear assembly drives the transmission that is sealed for protection and durability, meaning the product will last in any environment or job.

The heavy-duty wheel helps to smooth out uneven terrain.

However, some users have reported device failure after only a few uses, and that this model is not adept at going over rough terrain–the terrain further exacerbating device failure in some cases.

3. Komelon ML1212 Meter-Man 4-Inch Measuring Wheel

Komelon ML1212 Meter-Man 4 Inch Measuring Wheel

The Meter-Man model by Komelon is not only a very affordable choice, but its features offer incredible value for the money.

It has a design that is lightweight enough not to be a hassle to carry on the job, yet boasts a design durable enough to handle some of the rough terrains during measuring, along with corrosion-resistant ABS wheels.

However, some users report that the wheel is not attached well to the handle, and is both flimsy and prone to falling off.

Others report that the device is somewhat inaccurate in comparison to most measuring wheels, and a few more have reported that the device breaks too easily after a few uses.

2. Rolatape RT312 12-inch Measuring Wheel

Rolatape RT312 12 inch Measuring Wheel

Rolatape does it again by bringing you one of their most value-packed wheels yet.

It’s made of durable yet lightweight aluminum, precision molded for quality while being light enough to carry and use daily on the job.

The pistol-style grip is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort over periods of long use.

A handful of users have had problems regarding accuracy with this wheel, however, and a few more have reported that the handle is of a poor design that does not function well.

1. TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Collapsible Measuring Wheel, Yellow/Black

TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Collapsible Measuring Wheel

Our number one pick for perhaps one of the best measuring wheels out there today, this model from TR Industrial’s “FX” series gives you perhaps the greatest number of features and value for the money.

A very affordable measuring wheel that includes a large counter that can easily measure 10,000 ft in a variety of areas large and small and over different surfaces.

Although the handle collapses, some users cite durability as an issue and have had problems with the handle after a few uses.

A small number of users have also had accuracy issues.