Top 10 Best Post Shave Balms 2022 Reviews

Most people may experience some discomfort and irritation on their skin after a shave. If you are one of such people, then you need a post-shave balm to soothe and calm your skin after each shave. A good post-shave balm prevents irritation, hydrates its skin, and may eliminate skin sensitivity after using it regularly.

The best post-shave balms deliver the desired results, are affordable, and are safe to use. Most of the recommended post-shave balms are formulated with ingredients that hydrate and soothe your skin. Furthermore, good post-shave balms should have the ability to rejuvenate your skin while reducing redness. Below, we have picked the top post-shave balms that might improve your shaving experience.

10. Woody’s Shave relief balm

Woody’s shave relief improves your skin’s moisture levels, eliminating a dryness that causes skin irritation and shaving discomfort. Another important factor that makes this post-shave relief balm a good product is that it does not make you feel greasy after application.


  • Its large 6 Oz size will serve you for a long time.
  • Woody’s post-shave balm has a citrus fragrance that makes you feel fresh.
  • It is cheaper than most post-shave balms of its size.

9. Dreadnought’s Post Shave Balms

This post-shave balm from Dreadnought is formulated from ingredients that shield you from nasty side effects of shaving like razor burns, irritation, and dry skin. Just like most top post-shave balms, this post-shave balm is safe on your skin.


  • It’s free of Paraben, a harmful ingredient used in some post-shave balms.
  • The post-shave balm contains decline, an element that delays hair growth.
  • It has a pleasant smelling fragrance.

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8. JB Post shaves cooling gel

JB Post shaves cooling gel

JB’s post-shave cooling gel is a 3.3 Oz alcohol-free aftershave that shields you against razor burns, cuts, ingrown hair, and skin irritation. Furthermore, this post-shave cooling gel contains natural ingredients that reduce inflammations that may result after a shave. Also, the post shave’s antibacterial effect protects you against bacterial infections.


  • It is formulated with natural ingredients like chamomile, rosemary, and aloe vera that are safe for use.
  • JB post-shave cooling gel is free of colors, Paraben, and artificial fragrance.
  • The post-shave balm is also rich in antioxidants that rejuvenate your skin.

7. Nivea post shave balm

Nivea post shave balm

This 3.3 Oz post-shave balm from Nivea contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that supports the health of your skin. This post-shave balm contains natural ingredients like chamomile and witch hazel, whose extract has a soothing effect on irritated skin. Other ingredients in this post-shave product include water, glycerin, soybean oil, and fragrance.


  • It improves your skin’s defense mechanism after regular use.
  • It is friendly on sensitive skin.
  • The post-shave balm has a pleasant cologne.

6. Dove post-shave balm

Dove post shave balm

This 3.4 Oz post-shave balm from Dove is free of alcohol, and it contains Vitamin B5, which reduces skin irritation. The post-shave balm reduces skin redness, shields you against skin burns, and keeps your skin hydrated. Other ingredients in this formula include water, stearic acid, sodium lactate, glycerin, and Capric Triglyceride.


  • It absorbs quickly into your skin once applied.
  • The post-shave balm is specially formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Dove’s post-shave balm’s fragrance-free nature makes it a good fit for individuals who are allergic to various fragrances.

5. Proraso Aftershave Balm

Proraso Aftershave Balm

This aftershave balm and moisturizer from Proraso is formulated to rejuvenate your skin while protecting it against razor burns, irritation, and any other discomfort that might result from a shave. The primary ingredients that make up this post-shave balm include vitamin E, aloe vera extracts, and licorice extracts.


  • It hydrates dry skin.
  • The post-shave balm’s ingredients, like vitamin E and aloe vera extracts, play a synergistic role in improving your skin’s health.
  • It is Alcohol and Paraben free.

4. Bay Rum Aftershave Splash

Bay Rum Aftershave Splash

The 4 Oz aftershave splash from Bay Rum is prepared from natural ingredients like citrus oil, glycerin, and bay leaves extracts that hydrate and soothes your skin after a shave. Most people love this aftershave formula because it is free of synthetic chemicals, artificial colors, GMO oils, and Paraben. As such, regular use of this post-shave splash won’t affect your health.


  • The post-shave balm absorbs quickly to leaves your skin moisturized.
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Bay Rum aftershave splash has a pleasant smell.

3. Nivea Post Shave Balm for men with sensitive skin.

Nivea Post Shave Balm for men with sensitive skin

This post-shave balm for men with sensitive skin contains ingredients like glycerin, water, chamomile extracts, witch hazel extracts, phenoxyethanol, and fragrance. These components improve your skin’s health, and they shield your skin against the discomfort and irritation that results after shaving.


  • This post-shave balm from Nivea is dermatologically tested for men with sensitive skin.
  • The standard pack contains three pieces that will last you for several days.
  • Prolonged use of the post-shave product increases your skin’s defense.

2. Lather and Wood Aftershave Lotion

Lather and Wood Aftershave Lotion

This is an alcohol-free formula that contains natural ingredients like aloe vera extracts, coconut oil, witch hazel extracts, Vitamin E, Rosemary leaf extracts, jojoba, and neem seed oil. The post-shave lotion eliminates razor burns, and it soothes irritated skin. It is non-greasy in nature, and it absorbs easily after application.


  • It is alcohol-free.
  • The post-shave formula improves your skin condition after a period of use.
  • It has a pleasant smell.

1. Clubman Aftershave Lotion

Clubman Aftershave Lotion

The Clubman aftershave lotion is formulated from SD alcohol, tree moss extracts, oakmoss extracts, water, fragrance, and citral. The ingredients improve the healing process of razor burns, and they soothe sensitive skins. Its large 6 Oz capacity means you will use the aftershave lotion for an extended period.


  • The aftershave lotion is made of natural ingredients that are safe for use.
  • It has a sweet-smelling cologne that has a masculine fragrance.
  • The aftershave lotion has a reasonable price-quantity ratio.