Top 8 Best Professional Food Processors 2022 Reviews

Are you one of those who are finally taking up cooking as a fun pastime this quarantine? Are you one of those who are passionate about eating, cooking, or food in general? Or are you one of the aspiring chefs who are working on sharpening their skills every day? If you are, you would know how important and convenient it is to have the right tools. You definitely do not need a hotel-sized pantry to cook, but you do need a few essentials. Today, we are going to take a closer look at one of the necessities: food processors. We’re going to examine the top 8 best and most professional food processors in the market.

A good quality food processor should be able to assist you in all stages of cooking. From chopping to grinding to blitzing to even kneading dough! A mini electric food processor can do it all effortlessly at lightning speed. To ensure that you get the best quality product possible, we have selected the top 8, compiled a list, and attached a comprehensive buying guide. Here is what you need to look for when buying a food processor.

Buying Guides of Professional Food Processor

Capacity and Speed: Firstly, you need to consider the capacity. Different brands of food processors come in different sizes and volumes. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide range of 11-14 cups capacity or mini options at 3-4 cups. We would suggest that the ideal food processor should be at least an 8-cup size model. This would ensure that you will be able to cook a variety of recipes you want and save up on the storage space efficiently. Not all the recipes have the same requirements. For instance, some would require you to chop and mix at a certain speed, while others require you to mix the dough or mixture at a slower speed setting. Thus, the food processor needs to have at least 2-speed options with a powerful motor. The common thing is low, high, and pulse options.

Attachments: What you should look for next is the attachments. The standard food processor should come with 2 spinning blades, but there should also be other attachments that can expand your processor’s scope. Be sure to check and see that it comes with all the things you need, such as the right mixing blade, chopping blade, slicing blade, or even a citrus juicer. It should also be easy to clean and store as well.

Materials: Lastly, you may also want to look at the materials your food processor is made from. We would recommend you consider getting a sturdy stainless steel food processor if you’re more likely to use it often. The plastic base would be less pricey, but it is more prone to breakage. See that they are all easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The lid, as well as the washing bowl, should be tough enough to withstand long uses.

8. Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor

Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor

This is a 12-cup capacity food processor. You can use this for chopping, slicing, whisking, kneading, and even juicing. It is made with a Dual-Control system with variable speed. The pre-set speed is great for an immediate and even result, while the other 11 speeds offer you great control over your performance. It is easy to clean with the parts being dishwasher safe. The power and voltage are rated very powerful at 600 watts for processing with 110V. The design is also great, and it comes with a food processor with 7 blades.


  • Powerful power and voltage
  • Dual-Control system with 11-speed options
  • Easy to clean and maintain

7. Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 8-Cup Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 8-Cup Food Processor

This is an 8-cup food processor that can slice, shred, chop, puree, and knead any ingredients at two different speeds and pulse. They have a built-in bowl scraper and sealed bowl that is also BPA-free, leak-free, and easy to use without the need for extra tools. It has a large feed chute that is easy to use, easy processing, and less prep time. It comes with 5 attachments with convenient storage. You can store the product in multiple ways without worry. Powerful and easy to use!


  • Easy processing with less prep time
  • Easy assembly with quiet operation
  • Fast storage

6. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor

This is 72 ounces and 2 horsepower processors that can pulverize ice to snow in seconds for any drinks and smoothies. This is an 8-cup processor that can aid you in providing perfect food prep in seconds! It also comes with 2 16ounces cups with to-go lids that are perfect for taking your drinks on the go! The parts are dishwasher and BPA-free, including the bowl, pitcher, and even a recipe guide! It is mighty at 1500 watt power! You can also clean the unit by hand with warm water and dish soap. The perfect blender and food processor!


  • Powerful blender for any drinks
  • 1500 watt power for the ultimate food prep
  • Easy to use

5. Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

This is the most powerful kitchen food processor that can process any food with ease with its 100-watt power. It offers professional versatility and performance with the included blades and discs for the ultimate results. It comes with 4 auto-iQ intelligent present programs for easy ingredient preps at the touch of a button. The handle up to 9-cup of ingredients and as much as 2lbs of dough. This is also easy to clean and assemble. All the parts except the motor are BPA-free and dishwater safe.


  • 1000-peak watts base
  • 9-cup capacity
  • Powerful, easy to clean, use and assemble

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4. Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor

Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor

The 7-speed touchpad controls with an LED indicator for different functions: off, on, pulse, stir, chop, mix, puree, and process. It is a 3-cup food processor with all the necessary attachments with a feeder and pusher. The features a powerful 500-watt motor. It also comes with a large 48-oz with a glass blender jar clear 2-oz. This machine also provides you with a measured pour lid. What makes this even more convenient is that all the removable parts are dishwasher safe.


  • 7-speed touchpad controls
  • All the necessary attachments and removable parts
  • Easy to use, clean, and assembly

3. Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

It comes with 5 multi-function discs with 3 included blades. The 5.5” super-wide feed chute makes it super convenient without needing to prep. It includes 2 BPA-free processing bowls in 2 different sizes. The LCD with a count up and down auto-timer with 110-120 voltage. The accessory storage box can be stored; however, you like it conveniently without taking up much storage space. It also includes stainless steel blades and a plastic spatula. You can choose between three color options.


  • 5 multi-function discs and 3 blades
  • LCD
  • Powerful, easy to use, and convenient

2. Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor

Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor

The food processor is great for frozen blending and perfect for chopping. It comes with 2 conveniently sized-jars with an ergonomic design. Easy to use and safe product! It features an anti-spill splash guard, easy flip-pour spout, no-slip base as well as 2-cup capacity. The removable features are all easy to clean, store, and assemble. It comes with a 400-watt power pod, a 48 ounces pitcher, and other necessities. All the things you need for the perfect food processor!


  • Perfect for blending and chopping
  • 2 different sizes of jars
  • All the necessary components provided

1. NutriChef NCFP8 Multipurpose 12 Cup Multifunction Food Processor

NutriChef NCFP8 Multipurpose 12 Cup Multifunction Food Processor

The best professional food processor on the list is the NutriChef multi-purpose food processor. This machine comes with 6 attachment blades with a 12-cup capacity. You can prep your ingredients in any way you like efficiently and powerfully with the ultra-quiet 600w powerful motor. It has a 2l capacity and can hold up to 12 cups of dry ingredients and 9 cups of liquid ingredients. It also comes with a handle for easy pouring while all the attachments are compact and easy to clean. The perfect food processor!


  • Electronic overload protection
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Quiet, powerful, and efficient


We hope that our article will bring some clarity into your decision-making on the best professional food processor. Among all the products on our list, you are sure to find the one food processor you are looking for. Make sure to be extra careful when reading the reviews and buyer’s guide. Happy Shopping!