Top 8 Best Quiet Fans For Sleeping 2022 Reviews

Many people need a fan to cool down our room so we can sleep peacefully at night. Having a cooling fan is great but having quiet fans for sleeping is even better. Not only will a quiet fan cool you down and create cooling air flows in your room, but it will not also disturb your sleep by making noises as some traditional fans do. A quiet fan for sleeping is even a must for light sleepers. But we get you, there are just so many products available in the market right now, so which one should you get?

To save you from all the hassle of searching and finding the right one among all these products available now, this article has compiled all the reviews and highlights of the best 8 quiet fans for sleeping available for your consideration. To make it even easier for you, we have come up with a buying guide for you to go through. Whether you are looking for the best silent cooling fan, keep these THREE important factors of a good quiet fan for sleeping.

Buying Guides of Quiet Fans For Sleeping

Quietness: you are trying to sleep, so you should look for a super quiet fan, so it will not disturb you at night. It would help if you looked at quiet bedroom fan reviews with ultra-quiet technology that spreads cool air well in your room.

Speed and Energy Saving: look for a fan that has powerful and cooling airflow. You should also check for speed options to manually select the level of airflow that you want according to your preference. It is also wise to look for energy-saving options, so you don’t have to see that high electricity bill every month.

Type & Ease of Use: there are several types of cooling fans for you to choose including Desk or Portable type (usually rechargeable & can bring anywhere) or Tower-type (more powerful, commonly used in bedroom). You should also look for extra features for your convenience, including remote control, timer, sleep modes; these make the fan more useful and easy to use.

Now that you know the three essentials of getting a good quiet fan for sleeping let’s dive into the reviews of the 8 best ones in the market right now.

8. Gazeled Cooling Fan

Gazeled Cooling Fan

Featuring the latest dynamic technology, this cooling fan produces strong air and runs very quietly. They will not disturb your work and sleep. It comes with two simple settings to make it easy to operate. It is a 9” desk fan so that you can place it on your bedside desk for closer comfort and cooling effect.

The fans feature a sturdy metal frame that allows you to adjust 360 degrees up and down so you can choose the wind direction easily according to your preference. The fan comes with 2 of the best quality lithium-ion 18650 2600mAh batteries. One battery can last for 4 to 6 hours, and two can last for 6 to 10 hours. You can also power or charge the fan with the USB cable to a power bank or plug. It comes with a 12-month warranty period.


  • Quiet Battery Powered Fan
  • 360 ° Rotation
  • USB Desk Fan
  • Rechargeable fan, 12-month warranty

7. ASTERION Portable Cooling Fan

ASTERION Portable Cooling Fan

This quiet fan is equipped with a circulation motor that can supply circulating airflow and quiet operation, move the air faster with 20-40 dB low noise, and keep your room air flowing. This fan is extra safe with bladeless technology, and it is straightforward to clean with a dry or wet cloth.

This fan also comes with an aroma diffuser feature, so you can enjoy soothing smells by placing different flavor tablets based on your choice. The fan only weighs 2.18lb, easy for moving around or traveling. The portable fan meets the standard and requirement of safety and is certified by the professional department for ETL certification.


  • Air Circulator Fan & Quiet Operation
  • Aroma Diffuser Table Fan
  • Lightweight Portable Fan & ETL&CA65 Approved
  • Bladeless Safe Fan

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6. Forty4 Small Oscillating Tower Fan

Forty4 Small Oscillating Tower Fan

This fan is powerful yet compact so that it can fit into any narrow area of either your room or desk. This tower fan is equipped with an updated turbine technology with two adjustable fan speeds for your undisturbed sleep: high and low. This fan generates only 50 decibels of noise, ensuring you get cool without making any noise.

An oscillation power of around 60 degrees provides comprehensive coverage to a specific place yet also assures you to sleep in a well-ventilated room. This fan is ideal if you are looking to save space or place it just anywhere in your room. It weighs only 3.2 lbs and requires only 4.13 inches of space. The design of the fan is very portable. It comes along with a built-in handle allowing you to carry it easily.


  • Compact design for great portability and save space
  • Updated turbine technology with two adjustable fan speeds
  • Only 50 decibels of noise
  • 60-degree oscillation, lightweight

5. Lasko 2511 36″ Tower Fan

Lasko 2511 36″ Tower Fan

This tower fan is durable with a combination of plastic and metal material. It comes with 3 Whisper Quiet Speeds for smooth and consistent airflow for your extra comfort and peaceful night. The unique space saver design and quiet operation make this fan even more ideal for the home office or children’s room.

This fan allows you to direct airflow to where you need it, but it has a special feature to ensure the air is widespread to the side as well. It has several features to further ease your use with built-in time for you to select a time to turn off, a clear LED display to see the timer, and wireless control so that you can control the fan from far away or from your bed.


  • Durable plastic and metal material
  • 3 quiet speed modes
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Built-in timer, LED display.
  • Wireless Remote

4. Jiffi Air Circulation Fan with 360 Degree Oscillation

 Jiffi Air Circulation Fan with 360 Degree Oscillation

This fan will ensure your room will be well ventilated with cooling and rapid air circulation as it multi-directional airflow technology and 360-degree oscillation. You can easily adjust this fan to your place of direction for extra comfort with 3 quiet and consistent fan speeds.

Feel free to adjust this fan around to your preferred direction without fearing it would fall as the fan comes with a strong and sturdy base to avoid accidents. It also has a powerful vortex using signature Vortex air circulation and an energy-efficient, brushless DC motor to move air more effectively throughout the entire room. It comes with a one year warranty.


  • Multi-directional airflow technology
  • 360-degree oscillation, Vortex air circulation
  • strong and sturdy base
  • Brushless DC motor, energy-efficient
  • One year warranty

3. Aikoper Store Tower Fan

Aikoper Store Tower Fan

This tower floor fan operates at deficient noise levels, yet it oscillates cooling air to a wide area to ensure your room is well ventilated. For your selection, this fan comes with 3 fan speeds and 3 operating modes (normal, natural, sleep), so you can easily customize your airflow and cooling needs. It also has a 7-hour programmable timer to save energy.

It comes with an LED display from a standing position to adjust mode, timer, or speed settings for your easy control. LED lights power off after 30 seconds to eliminate any light disturbance when you are trying to sleep. You can also manually adjust the settings of this tower fan using the smart remote control. This fan is portable for home, RV, or office, and it is space-saving.


  • Shallow noise levels, wide oscillate cooling air
  • 3 fan speeds and 3 operating modes
  • 7-hour programmable timer
  • LED display, auto light out
  • Smart remote control

2. Air Choice Tower Fan – 43 Inch

Air Choice Tower Fan - 43 Inch

This 43” tall tower fan will cool your entire room as it blows air up to 16.4 ft distance yet maintain very low noise. Using Ultra-Quiet cooling technology, this oscillating fan offers a full coverage oscillation function with a 70°wide-angle air supply. This increases air circulation and reduces your electricity consumption.

You can customize this fan with 3 quiet speeds settings (Low-Medium-High) as well as 3 optional modes, including Normal, Natural, and Sleep. This tower fan is ELT certified safe with bladeless design, lightweight, and a sturdy base to avoid toppling down on small children. With the up to 7.5 hours timer, this air circulator fan could automatically shut off. It is effortless to clean and move around.


  • Powerful Cooling & Ultra Quiet
  • Widespread Oscillation & Energy Saving
  • Adjustable Speeds & Wind Modes
  • Remote Control & 7.5H Timer
  • Safety feature and Space Saving

1. Homech Tower Fan

Homech Tower Fan

This powerful yet silent tower fan will bring comfort and a cool breeze to your room with an ultra-quiet cooling technology only at 45dB. It also has a high tech Auto Temp Detection mode (that you can select) that automatically snoozes at a room temp lower than 24°C and turns on again when it reaches 26°C for constant ventilation.

You can customize this fan with 3 speeds (Low-Medium-High) and 3 modes (Normal, Natural, or Sleep), and a 65° oscillation angle according to your preference, mood, or weather. It also has a built-in timer that can be set from 1 to 12 hours for energy conservation. It has a smart remote control that shows timer, temperature, airflow features, and a large LCD project that auto shuts off after a few seconds. This Home tower fan can fit into any room corner thanks to the small but sturdy base and body, and you move it easily with the convenient carry handle.


  • A super quiet fan at 45dB
  • Widened coverage airflow
  • 3 Speeds & 3 Styles
  • Auto Temp Detection & Safe Design
  • Large LED screen, smart remote control
  • Portable, lightweight


So that was the reviews of the 8 best quiet fans for sleeping and their features to enhance your sleeping experience. Now that you know the important features to look for in a good sleeping fan, we believe you are fully equipped to go and browse for the best one for you and your family. Remember to consider the fan type and convenient features, power and speed, and preferably an environment-friendly model with the energy-saving feature! Enjoy browsing and happy shopping!