Top 15 Best Radio Alarm Clocks 2022 Reviews

Nothing comes close to the sweetness of sleep. If you’re like a billion other people around the world who have a hard time waking up in the morning, you need to consider buying a radio alarm clock. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that your grandparents and great-grandparents used these devices to get up in the morning for work before the invention of smartphones. The main benefit of having a radio alarm clock is that it will ensure you’re not fired from work for oversleeping.

15. Jensen JCR-208A AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio

Jensen JCR-208A AMFM Alarm Clock

If you want large, bright numbers, the Jensen JCR-208A is the radio clock for you. It has a 1.8 inch LED display that lays out information such as time, radio station and lets you set your alarm time with ease. You don’t need glasses to read the screen, and you can also adjust the screen brightness.


  • Features a 1.8 inch Green LED Display with a Hi/Low Dimmer Control
  • AM/FM Receiver with Digital PLL Tuning
  • You can set 10 AM and 10 FM Presets.
  • You can set the clock to wake you up to Radio or Alarm.
  • Sleep and Snooze functionality
  • Auxiliary Input for Connecting your Digital Audio Players
  • Power: AC 120V ~ 60Hz

14. Electrohome Retro Alarm Clock Radio (CR35W)

Electrohome Retro Alarm Clock Radio

Perhaps the most outstanding quality about the Electrohome CR35W is its retro design reminiscent of the mid to late 90s era. However, despite its throwback design, this radio clock does not lack when it comes to features. It has some of the most advanced features to be fitted in modern alarm clock radios, as indicated below.


  • Retro design to enhance your bedroom’s design
  • Motion-activated night light sensor
  • Snooze functionality with gradual wake uplighting
  • SelfSet technology automatically sets the correct time and date while automatically adjusting to Daylight Savings Time.
  • WakeUp battery backup triggers the wake-up alarm even during power loss.
  • Digital AM/FM radio that features a phase-locked loop tuning
  • The pre-programmable dual alarm that features weekend cancellation
  • Other features include: a brightness-adjustable white LED display, an indoor temperature gauge, and a calendar.

13. iTOMA Bedside Radio Alarm Clock (CKS3501BT)

iTOMA Bedside Radio Alarm Clock

The iTOMA comes with everything you could think of to put in a radio alarm clock. Immediately you plug it in, the screen comes alive and automatically sets the date and time for you. You don’t have to worry about losing your preset stations and date because it features a standard CR2032 battery backup in case of a power outage. The clock also features different modes such as Bluetooth, auxiliary, and USB connectivity to charge your electric devices.


  • Auto Time & Date Feature
  • 1.4″ Large Blue LED Display
  • Digital radio tuning with 20 programmable preset stations.
  • Features an External Wire Antenna for excellent reception
  • Dual Alarm (radio or buzzer) with Snooze Functions
  • Bluetooth ready to connect with your smartphone for playing music or receiving calls
  • USB Charging Port to charge your electric devices
  • Auxiliary Input for connecting to an external audio source

12. iTOMA Alarm Clock (CKS507)

iTOMA Alarm Clock

The iTOMA is well made with a beautiful design. It also offers a great convenience level with its large LED display that lets you read the time with great ease. The numbers are easy on the eyes, and the screen has an inbuilt light sensor that auto dims according to the room’s brightness.


  • Single Day Alarm with Individual Alarm Volume Control,
  • Large 1.4 inch White LED Display.
  • Auto time setting with Daylight Saving Times (DST).
  • Backup Battery for Date, Time, and Alarm capabilities during a power outage
  • Dual Alarm with Snooze Functions
  • USB Charging Port for your devices.
  • One-Touch Night Light to enhance night visibility

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11. Timex T235BY Dual Alarm Clock Radio

Timex T235BY Dual Alarm Clock Radio

Overall, the Timex T235BY is a well-thought-of radio clock that carries out its functions seamlessly. It has a sturdy build and is easy to operate. A nice feature is that the alarm starts low and gradually gets louder. What’s more, it has a large display screen that lights red, which does not harm the eyes to look at when half awake.


  • An alarm can wake you to the sound of a radio or buzzer.
  • 1.8 Inch Red LED time and radio frequency display
  • 20 preset station memory
  • One-Touch radio with an on and off switch

10. Peakeep Little Digital FM Alarm Clock Radio

Peakeep Little Digital FM Alarm Clock

The Peakeep is for people looking for a small and handy alarm clock radio. It’s small built, and battery backup means you can carry it and listen to it while in the shower or the kitchen while preparing your meal. You can use it to listen to music or even your local news before you head to work in the morning.


  • Dual Alarm Wake to buzzer or radio with adjustable 16 level volume
  • 10 FM preset radio stations and storage.
  • Red LED display is gentle on eyes at night.
  • Intuitive Buttons where one button has only two functions for easy setup
  • AC powered but accepts two AAA batteries for the radio, alarm, and time display functions in power outages.
  • Independent 30-inch antenna for excellent radio reception.

9. Electrohome Digital Clock Radio (EAAC201)

Electrohome Digital Clock Radio

The Electrohome EAAC201 is a modern-looking clock radio with its large and easy-to-read six-inch LED display screen. Unlike traditional clock radios, it does not use a 9V or coin type batteries for power. Instead, it uses AA batteries for backup power. It is easy to operate, and you can easily carry it around while unplugged.


  • Digital AM/FM radio with 20 programmable stations for easy access
  • Dual alarm function for couples
  • Reliable battery backup in case of power outages
  • 6-inch green LED display
  • High and low brightness settings
  • Convenient sleep & snooze functions

8. Sony ICFC1T Alarm Clock Radio

Sony ICFC1T Alarm Clock Radio

This Sony ICFC1T is for people who like being soothed awake, not woken up gung-ho style or military style. Perhaps its nicest feature is the progressive alarm that gradually gets louder to wake you up softly. What’s more, setup is easy, and the orange LED display is adequately bright at night while at the same time will not harm your eyes.


  • Dual alarms for setting two separate wake times
  • You can set to wake up to buzzer, radio, or set a gradual wake alarm.
  • Clock & alarm battery back-up
  • Analog/Dial-in Radio
  •  Cube design for easy placement

7. Electrohome Alarm Clock Radio (EAAC470)

Electrohome Alarm Clock Radio

This clock does everything you need it to and features everything you could ever need in a clock radio. I would go as far as saying the Electrohome EAAC470 a smart clock radio that is perfect for techies.


  • Convenient USB charging port
  • Advanced SelfSet technology that automatically sets date and time
  • Lithium Battery backup for power outages
  • 1.2-inch Dimmable LED display
  • 20 pre-programmable stations for the memory

6. Emerson CKS1708 Smart Set Radio Alarm Clock

Emerson CKS1708 Smart Set Radio Alarm Clock

The Emerson CKS1708 is very nice right from its packaging. Setting up was a walk in the park largely thanks to its automatic date and time setting mechanism. Overall, it has a respectable volume level that is adequate as a buzzer or listening to music.


  • Digital Tuning FM Radio with a 20 station memory
  • 3-Level Dimmer Control
  • Dual Alarm for couples
  • 3 Alarm Modes: Daily mode, Weekdays Only, and Weekends Only
  • Built-In FM Antennas
  • Automatic date setting

5. Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

Buyers of the Sony ICFC1PJ will be pleased with the nature sounds and the easy to read LED display of the two-alarm settings. Its speakers are mounted at the back, and a cool feature is that the display allows you to remove the time display if you don’t need it. It is a small built means it is portable and great for traveling.


  • Time projection with a 180-degree adjustable tilt and viewing angle
  • Features 5 different soothing natural sounds like falling asleep to and waking to
  • A programmable sleep timer that lets you fall asleep while listening to the radio
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time (DST) adjustment
  • Backup battery power

4. Sony ICFC1 Alarm Clock Radio

Sony ICFC1 Alarm Clock Radio

This clock radio is for people that want a simple alarm clock that is compact and comes in various colors. When you press the reset button to stop the alarm, it automatically sets it for the next morning so that you don’t have to keep resetting it. For this reason, ICFC1 is ideal for everyone.


  • Adjustable brightness control
  • Backup battery
  • Gradual wake alarm with snooze
  • Automatic time set with DST adjustment
  • Programmable sleep timer

3. Electrohome Alarm Clock Radio (EAAC475)

Electrohome Alarm Clock Radio

The Electrohome EAAC475 feels sturdily built and comes with many features that you will probably not use. Two of the features you will love most are the auto date and time set, and the second is the ability to turn off the display completely. You won’t have to struggle with setting the date every time there is a power outage, and turning the display off means; you can sleep soundly without having to deal with light interruptions.


  • High-speed USB charging enabled
  • SelfSet technology that automatically detects and sets the correct time and date with DST adjustment
  • WakeUp lithium battery backup to sustain the clock radio during power loss
  • 1.2 inch LED display with 180-degree tilt projection
  • 20 station memory
  • Pre-programmable dual alarm with weekend cancellation

2. Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock Radio

Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock Radio

Runners up on our list is the EAAC601. Most people are sold when they see their projection capabilities. Unlike other models, which show blurred projections, this clock does a great job in projecting clear time and temperature levels. It also features soothing music that can put you to sleep or wake you in the morning.


  • Large, 3.6-inch blue LCD that is brightness adjustable
  • Project time and temperature onto your ceiling or wall using the 180-degree swivel
  • Advanced SelfSet technology to automatically set the correct date and time with an automatically adjustable DST.
  • Pre-programmable daily dual alarm for couples
  • Auxiliary input to listen to your favorite music
  • Built-in Lithium battery to restore your alarm settings after a power loss

1. RCA Digital Alarm Clock

RCA Digital Alarm Clock

The best-rated radio clock and first on our list is the RCA. If you’re picky about your alarm clocks, you will be impressed with this device. It passed our brightness, number size, and sound test with flying colors. It has a sturdy build for durability, and the materials feel high quality to offer reliability.


  • 1.4 inch Red LED Display
  • Large full-width snooze button for easy accessibility
  • Alarm Indicator to notify you when the alarm is on
  • Brightness control setting
  • Battery backup in to sustain the clock during power outages