Best Real Relax Massage Chairs 2022 Reviews

What is the ultimate Real relax massage chair? It is the utter embodiment of coziness and relaxation to the core. The product should also fit your budget since you will own it for good. The best part about buying it is that you don’t have to go to a beauty parlor. At the end of a tiresome day, you can conveniently get off the tension. What’s more, you can get some alone time at the comfort of your abode. The market has tons of massage chairs, and it can throw in confusion when choosing one. However, it would help if you didn’t panic since we’ve rounded up the top 8 excellent picks for you.

8. Real Relax 3D Massage Chair Recliner

Real Relax 3D Massage Chair Recliner

From a glance, it is elegant and classy, making it a perfect gift. The product has three years’ worth of warranty from the day that you purchase it. Plus, it is fully assembled; hence, it is the best choice. It saves a lot of space since you can keep it roughly 1.96 cm from the wall. You can use the recliner Chair for a good nap when it’s off.


  • It claims the tag as one of the best massage chairs due to its standout specifications. For starters, it comes with a Bluetooth device that is compatible with your devices. This way, you can listen to soothing music as you enjoy a wonderful time.
  • The robot hands in 3D are the product’s highlight since they can maneuver from the neck to the hands seamlessly. They also move with sheer simplicity to the hips to ease all the
    tense areas.
  • It comes in arrays of magnificent colors that blend to give a perfect item. They include brown and black combination plus dark navy blue and silver.
  • The body scan feature allows the massage chair to adjust the rollers to fit your size for the utmost easement.

7. Real Relax Premium Massage Chair

Real Relax 2019 Premium Massage Chair

It is FDA registered, making it of high quality and safe to use. With the remote control, you can customize the massage to fit all your wants. What’s more, it has a warranty of up to three years that means value for money at all times. It is also pre-assembled to give you a seamless time as you unpack. It is suitable for people with 5.2 to 6.5 feet.


  • The Real Relax Massage Chair has fantastic traits specs such as 3D robot hands that can navigate your head to thighs painlessly.
  • Additionally, it has six preset programs that you can modify. They include Chinese, sleep, strong, relax, waist, and Thai stretch.
  • Plus, it has adjustable speed so that you can customize it to suit all your needs.
  • The Chair has zero gravity for you to have the weightless massage session that you deserve.

6. Real Relax Premium SL-Track 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner

Real Relax 2019 Premium SL-Track 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner

The LED light adds to the already magnificent look that it has. It is designed specifically for maximum comfort as it accommodates high leg lengths. The weight capacity is 440 pounds, and that means it can handle people in that category. As a space saver, it requires a total of 5.9 inches from the wall. It is the optimum item for your home and office, as well.


  • The package comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can listen to your favorite jams while the massage is on.
  • It has five automatic programs for your adjustments, as you please. They entail relaxing, back, waist, zero gravity, yoga stretch, neck, and shoulder modes.
  • It has five automatic programs for your adjustments, as you please. They entail relaxing, back, waist, zero gravity, yoga stretch, neck, and shoulder modes.
  • The footrest extension is customizable and can move from 5.2 to 6.5 feet, depending on the height that you require.

5. Real Relax Superior Massage Chair Recliner

Real Relax Superior Massage Chair Recliner

It is pocket-friendly and also comes with three years warranty. Moreover, it fits people who are from 5.2 to 6.5 feet in height. It will save you time and effort because it is already assembled before shipping. If you love entertainment, get prepared to have the time of your life. You can download incredible apps from the Google Play Store and also connect it via Bluetooth.


  • It is incredibly gorgeous with brown and black colors to choose from and enjoy your massage.
  • The massage Chair is loaded with eight automatic and 16 manual programs to change the settings as per your age and body part.
  • The bespoke shoulder airbags ensure that your shoulders get a thorough massage. What’s more, they relieve all the tension and stress as well.
  • The built-in heater on the waist and hand promotes blood circulation and gives you an incredible heating experience.

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4.  Full Body Massage Chair

2019 Full Body Massage Chair

It is a brand new design in the market that is quite affordable. It guarantees you paramount comfort since the pad is soft and smooth. You will have to assemble it on your own by adhering to instructions from YouTube. The massage Chair has a robust frame that can handle various weight capacities. Additionally, it is excellent for people who are 6.1 feet in height.


  • The crowning moment of the Massage Chair is that it has zero gravity in its structure so that you can relax mentally and physically.
  • The exceptional heating system improves your blood circulation and maintains a suitable temperature alike.
  • The seat massager has three vital functions such as; air squeeze, heat, and vibrate modes for a perfect time.
  • The six airbags work ideally for the neck, legs, and shoulders. You will have a relaxed session as you receive a gentle massage.

3. Real Relax Massage Chair Full Body

Real Relax Massage Chair Full Body

The Chair comes as a whole package, and you don’t have to assemble it. It is FDA approved, meaning that it is secure to use it. You can utilize it at home or in your office since it doesn’t take much space. The best part is that it has three years of warranty as well. The height limit can fit about 6.1 feet at most.


  • The Chair provides full massage with the aid of 3D robot hands giving massage in six various techniques.
  • Its unique characteristic is the 50 airbags that relax the hips, shoulders, feet, and arms.
  • With six automatic programs, you will be pleased to hear that the yoga stretch function is available. On that account, the device will not miss a spot in your body.
  • The Bluetooth speakers are there to entertain you as you luxuriate in the excellent massage.
  • You can extend the footrest depending on your height to get a suitable stretching position.

2. Real Relax Full Body Massage Recliner

Real Relax Full Body Massage Recliner

The item can enter into a door size from 20.2 to 30.7 inches with sheer simplicity. Its intended use is for workers, parents, and drivers at home or office. Since the FDA has registered the product, you can comfortably enjoy your massage time. Its aesthetic beauty is a blend of black, brown, and silver, as well.


  • As the name implies, the massage Chair gives utter body massage thanks to the 50 airbags and zero gravity masterpiece design.
  • It has a rocking Chair specification loaded with six preset automatic programs that will satisfy every ounce of your needs.
  • You can alter the item according to width, speed, and intensity to have the most mind-blowing moments ever.
  • It is highly portable and mobile since it has two wheels at the back. For this reason, you can move it from your home to the office.

1. Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair

Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair

It has a specific capacity for weight and height. On that account, it is perfect for 6.1 feet and 400 pounds without exceeding the limits. Assembling the massage Chair is easy and takes a short time to have it ready. The product’s main aim is to invigorate you, relieve back pain, soothe leg stress, and care for your waist. You can use the recliner Chair to relax and catch up with your favorite show on TV.


  • Ultimately, the massage chair has zero gravity as part of the make for a top-notch rub-down all over your body.
  • The package comes with three years of warranty, a remote control, installation video, and a manual guide for ease of use.
  • The arm link system is the optimum way to give your arms comfort bearing in mind the reclining posture.
  • The automatic modes that include mild, sleep, strong, and relaxing elements add to the already amazing features that the Chair possesses.
  • Besides, it has a heating function meant for the feet and lowers back too. Also, the seat vibration will make you unwind and get off all life’s pressure.