Best Reclining Computer Chairs 2022 Reviews

If you are a gamer, the chair you sit in is almost as important as the gaming system you play. Even if you aren’t a gamer but spend many hours in front of a computer screen, you need a proper chair. Sitting hunched over and staring at a computer screen is not only bad for your neck and back, but it can also cause problems down the road. A reclining computer chair would be the perfect addition to any game room or office. They offer comfort and support for your long gaming sessions. Below you will find the top ten reclining computer chairs that won’t break your budget.

10. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair


RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The RSP-110 features a racecar style that’s perfect for long gaming sessions or equally long working days. With an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and footrest, you are sure to be comfortable for whatever purpose you have for buying the Chair. The RESPAWN will give you comfort without breaking the bank. The Chair tilts back with the lift levers located on the right side of the chair, beneath the seat. The chair comes with a fixed padded armrest, adjustable lumbar and head pillow, and a 155-degree tilt. The tilt comes with an infinite angle lock so that you can choose the most comfortable angles for your needs.

9. Healgen Reclining Gaming Chair

Healgen Reclining Gaming Chair

The Healgen Reclining Gaming Chair offers you adjustable comfort at an affordable price. The multifunctional chair allows you to adjust the height, backrest, and pull-out footrest to meet your comfort needs. The premium leather is easy to clean. The Chair can hold up to 320lbs. The Chair features a 90-155 degree tilt, 360 swivel rotation, adjustable height, and a USB lumbar cushion for massages and adjustable footrest.

8. FICMAX Ergonomic Gaming Chair

FICMAX Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This Racing style computer Chair comes with a footrest, massage lumbar support, and 90-180 degree adjustable reclining. The Chair can hold up to 300lbs. The reclining chair also has PU leather, an alloy frame, high-density shaping foam, and 4.8-inch thick seat cushions. This adjustable chair would be the perfect addition to any game room or office. It is made from premium materials like PU leather, which is dirt and fade resistant. The metal framing and heavy-duty wheelbase mean the Chair will last a long time. Built for comfort, it features a 180 degrees tilt, a retractable footrest, and an adjustable armrest. This chair also features a large seat cushion, neck pillow, and a USB powered lumbar massage pillow. This comfortable and adjustable Chair will allow you to spend hours gaming or working at your computer. In fact, you may want to sit in it all the time.

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7. GTRACING gaming Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair

This comfortable chair has a metal frame, an adjustable armrest, and 0-165 degree adjustable reclining. It also comes with adjustable seat height and headrest, and it comes with a lumbar pillow. The GTRACING gaming Chair is multifunctional and great for gaming, working, or music. The Chair features two Bluetooth speakers. With this special feature, you can connect the speakers to your Bluetooth-enabled devices and experience surround sound when you are playing videogames, watching movies, or listening to music. You can even blast music while you are doing a little spring cleaning. The speakers last for up to six hours. The Chair also features a 360-degree swivel, footrest, strong metal frame, and adjustable seat height. This Chair would add flair to any game room or office. It would work well for studying, working, or gaming.

6. Von Racer Memory Foam Gaming Chair

Von Racer Memory Foam Gaming Chair

This gaming chair might be a little more expensive than the chairs on the list, but it is worth it. The Von Racer is easy to assemble, comfortable, and sturdy. The ergonomically designed gaming Chair is extremely comfortable with memory foam padding and a lumbar pillow. It also features a rocking high backrest and wide armrest, detachable padded headrest, and lumbar cushions. Every part can be adjusted to fit your body type and height. The tilt of the backrest, back pressure, and armrest can be adjusted too. The Chair also features an extra-large frame to ensure comfort for those long gaming sessions.

5. GTRACING Gaming Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair

The GTRACING gaming Chair features a strong metal frame, thick padded backrest, and seat. The armrest and seat height are adjustable. With 90-170 degree reclining and 360 degrees swivel, smooth-rolling casters, and retractable footrest, the Chair can be adjusted for optimum comfort. This Chair is designed for video gamers who spend hours gaming because it was built to conform perfectly to your body and offer as much support as possible.

4. Racing Video Gaming Chair by Elecwish

Racing Video Gaming Chair by Elecwish

The Racing Video Gaming Chair by Elecwish comes with an adjustable armrest, removable headrest, lumbar support pillow, and a 350lb weight limit.

This Chair is both comfortable and customizable. It’s built a little on the large side to ensure whether you are big or small, you will be comfortable. The gaming Chair features a foldable five-star base, removable headrest, lumbar pillow, and a 0-170 degree tilt. It was perfectly designed for stability, protection, and comfort. PU leather is easy to clean and fade resistant. This Chair is great for gamers or office workers putting in long hours.

3. Ergonomic Office Chair by BestOfice

Ergonomic Office Chair by BestOfice

This office chair comes with smooth-rolling casters, adjustable lumbar pillows, breathable PU leather, and a bucket seat. With an attractive design, this chair would be a welcomed addition to any office or game room. This Chair features 4 recline positions and a 360-degree swivel, and a 90 to 155-degree adjustable tilt. It also features a bucket seat to ensure you will be comfortable and have more than enough room to relax and a backrest that molds to your body. It is easy to assemble and can stand up to 250lbs. This sleek chair is perfect for gamers who need a comfortable but stylish chair.

2. Killabee Massage Gaming Chair


Killabee Massage Gaming Chair

Thi Chair comes with lumbar support, a high backrest, retractable padded footrest, and a positioning lock. This chair is perfect for the office or a gaming room. With a massage lumbar cushion, you are sure to be comfortable where ever you decide to put it. It also features a 90-175 tilt, and once you have it in the position you want, you can lock it there so it doesn’t move. It also comes with a 360-degree swivel, adjustable Chair height, and thickened armrest and seat cushions. This Chair is perfect for gamers and people who work long hours at a desk but anyone with back problems. If you spend long hours on your feet or behind a desk, this chair would be the perfect addition to your office, game room, or living room. The massage lumbar cushion could do wonders for your back.

1. Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair

The Homall Gaming Chair comes with a height-adjustable gas-spring cylinder, sturdy five-star base, multidirectional wheels, and a steel frame. The number one reclining Chair is the pinnacle of comfort. With its high-density shaping foam, headrest pillow, and lumbar cushion, you will definitely be comfortable while playing video games or working. This chair also features a 360-degree swivel, backrest rocking function, and 90-180 degree adjustable reclining. It also features a lock mechanism, so once you put the backrest in the desired position, you can lock it in place. It can withstand up to 300lbs. This Chair is great for any office, game room, or study. You could really put it anywhere you sit for long periods of time.