Top 8 Best Riding Gloves Leather 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for gloves to protect your hands from external elements when enjoying your fast and exciting ride? Well, leather riding gloves would be your ultimate choice. Either with leather biker gloves fingerless, these pairs of leather gloves would serve well to protect your hands. While there are many kinds of leather gloves in the market, finding ones that fit correctly and keep your hands safe from injury can be difficult. It depends on using them on the road, off-road, or in rough weather conditions. However, you don’t have to worry. This article will provide you with the main features to look for in leather riding gloves with reviews of the top 8 best. Now, let’s check out the two main things to consider when getting leather riding gloves.

Buying Guides of Riding Gloves Leather

Material & Size: look for a premium or high-quality leather that fits well and stretch according to your hand while also protecting your hands.

Weather: keep in mind when you’d be using the gloves. For winter, get the leather gloves that maintain heat; if for summer, use gloves with good air-ventilation features or waterproof ability.

Design feature: depends on your preferences, look for gloves that come with touchscreen features, adjustable wristband, or cool design.

Now that you know the main features to consider to get the right riding glove leather for your bike journey, let us review the 8 best riding gloves leather and all the necessary information you need to make the right decision.

8. Milwaukee Leather Ladies Leather Riding Glove

Milwaukee Leather Ladies Leather Riding Glove

These motorbike gloves are made especially for women with premium cowhide leather that fits well with your hands. They are super comfortable with cooling and breathable material between the fingers, so they are perfect for summer riding. You would absolutely love these gloves as they fit perfectly with pink stitching & wrist lacing for a fancy look but also for you to adjust your glove to how tight you want it to be. The inside is soft with gel palms. These leather winter motorcycle gloves are good for use during the dry season or winter where there’s no rain.


  • Premium Cowhide Leather
  • Welted Top Panel Design
  • Gel Palm
  • Laced Wrist Closure

7. Indie Ridge Motorcycle Gloves (Brown/Size M)

Indie Ridge Motorcycle Gloves (Brown/Size M)

Next on the list is the Motorcycle Gloves from Indie Ridge in medium-size and brown color. This classic glove features premium denim and brown leather that will protect your hands and fingers during summer, fall, and cool weather. Perfect fit to use in hot weather, The pre-curved leather motorcycle gloves perfectly provide breathability. These leather motorcycle gloves feature durable yet flexible hardened rubber reinforced knuckle protection and high-density palm padding for your hand’s protection. The gloves have fingertips that actually work. The thumb, index, and middle finger all have mobile touchscreen material for you to use your smartphone.


  • Genuine Denim & Leather Riding Gloves (Brown)
  • Improved Flexibility and Grip
  • Mobile screen touchpads on three fingers (Mobile Device)
  • Reinforced, Hardened Knuckles

6. Alpinestars Men Motorcycle Riding Glove

 Alpinestars Men Motorcycle Riding Glove

Moving on is the Men Motorcycle Riding Glove from Alpinestars. These gloves are made from full premium leather with perforated leather top hand and wrist for great air ventilation so your palm would not be sweaty during the dry season. This comes in a mid-size cuff length for additional coverage over your hands.
To provide great safety to your hands, these gloves feature TPU injected knuckle protection system that is tested to absorb and dissipate impact during your race. For your even more comfort, it has foam padding on fingers. The thumb and palm reinforced with advanced elastomer allow for your superior grip and movement.

  • Premium leather with a perforated top for air ventilation
  • TPU injected knuckle protection system
  • Foam padding fingers for comfort
  • Reinforced elastomer thumb and palm for superior grip

5. Highway 21 Black Ivy Women’s Motorcycle Gloves

Highway 21 Black Ivy Women's Motorcycle Gloves

This Highway 21 Black Ivy Women’s Motorcycle Gloves feature genuine goatskin leather for that durable fit and long-lasting usage. It has an attention-to-detail laser-etched design around the wrist part with pre-curved fingers for added comfort.
It comes with dual density memory foam padding for comfortable usage and light breathability usable during summer and winter. For you to easily adjust the tightness, it has a convenient wrist closure feature. This would look good on any woman with its beautiful but simple design and great quality material.


  • Genuine goatskin leather with great design
  • Dual-density memory foam for comfort and protection
  • Pre-curved fingers for added comfort and less fatigue
  • Reinforced knuckle and Adjustable wrist closure

4. Men’s Premium Leather Motorcycle

 Men's Premium Leather Motorcycle

Another top quality on the list is made from aniline cowhide leather with carbon fiber knuckle protection to protect your hand from external elements and keep it safe in case of an accident. To ensure your comfort, it has a soft and comfy inside padding with a silicon printed grip so you can perfectly accelerate your bike with ease. With the secure hook and loop wrist closure, these gloves won’t come off your hands accidentally. It comes with a palm slider for even easier usage.


  • Top-quality Aniline cowhide leather.
  • Secure hook and loop wrist closure.
  • Carbon fiber knuckle protection.
  • Silicone printed grip and Palm sliders.

3. INBIKE Motorcycle Genuine Leather Gloves

 INBIKE Motorcycle Genuine Leather Gloves

These genuine leather gloves from Inbike feature a Carbon Fiber protective shell to shield your knuckles and prevent cuts and injuries. With the high-quality inner pad, it also comfy for long hours usage. It is also wear-resistant with a thickened palm for a good damping effect. With these gloves, you don’t have to worry about it coming off unintentionally with YKK Zipper for flexible adjustment of tightness with hook and loop. This glove also gives the palm the maximum degree of anti-slip function and a full range of grasping conditions for your need for speed.


  • Carbon Fiber protective shell
  • High-quality inner pad
  • Wear-resistant with thickened palm
  • Flexible adjustment and Anti-slip

2. Oro Biker Motorcycle Gloves

Oro Biker Motorcycle Gloves

These Oro biker leather gloves are high-performance gloves, with Premium Quality Goat Skin leather to protect your hands when you are riding. Usable for most weather conditions, it has an air-mesh fabric nicely stitched for weather resistance, long-lasting, and impact protection. For protection, the knuckle, fingers, and palm are fitted with extra padding. Thumb and index finger work well with all touchscreen devices while wearing gloves. Quickly choose your preferred level of tightness with adjustable Velcro for a comfortable fit. These gloves come with confidence through our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


  • Premium Quality Goat Skin leather
  • Air-mesh fabric nicely stitched
  • weather resistance, long-lasting durability
  • Padded knuckle, fingers, and palm
  • Adjustable velcro, guarantee.

1. Indie Ridge Motorcycle Gloves (Black / Size: L)

Indie Ridge Motorcycle Gloves (Black / Size: L)

In the last list are Indie Ridge’s Leather and Denim Motorcycle Gloves with classic black color in extra-large size. These gloves feature perforated leather for breathability, ideal for summer weather. The pre-curved leather and soft inner pad also provide great comfort with easily adjustable wristbands. The gloves are very classy looking with dark blue denim with black leather and nicely snitched at the wrist. Not only that, but they also have flexible hardened rubber reinforced knuckle protection and high-density palm padding for perfect grip and to protect your hands. All the thumb, index, and middle finger all have mobile touchscreen material.


  • Perforated leather for breathability
  • Pre-curved leather and soft inner pad
  • Fancy looking designs and snitches
  • Flexible rubber knuckle
  • Palm padding for grip
  • Touchscreen gloves


Now that you have gone through all the reviews of the 8 best riding leather gloves that are trendy among bikes, we hope you have at least one or two items that attracted your attention. Remember to consider the quality of the gloves’ material, weather, and design features to ensure you get the best glove for your two wheels’ journey. Enjoy exploring and happy shopping.