Top 8 Best Rubber Coated Dumbbells 2022 Reviews

As everyone is more focused on achieving their body and health goals, home-gyms are becoming increasingly. It is no surprise that working out at home is more convenient and less expensive than yearly memberships. When we’re talking about home gyms, we cannot forget about one important piece of equipment: dumbbells.

There are so many types and brands available out there, but we will only look at one specific type: rubber-coated dumbbells. If this is not what you had in mind, you can also check out the rubber encased dumbbell set and other related products.

The best rubber coated dumbbells are among the best choices you can find. It generally comes in a hexagon shape to prevent rolling, and the rubber prevents unnecessary floor damage and rusting.

However, not every rubber-coated dumbbell out there offers the same quality. Thus, we have looked at all the available options in the market, and a list of the top 8 best rubber coated dumbbells. First, let’s look at our buyer’s guide for the best rubber-coated dumbbell possible.

Buying Guides of Rubber Coated Dumbbell

Weight: The weight of your dumbbell is the most important thing to consider. It is important to know and find a dumbbell that fits your fitness focus best. It is not recommended to pick one that is too heavy or out of range, as you will not work out as long. The light of a dumbbell will also result in a not so effective workout as it will be too easy for you. Choose the one that is most comfortable to use, or get a set! A set would mean that you can up your weight range whenever you need to. You may also share it with your family and friends.

Ergonomics: A high-quality dumbbell should offer a comfortable grip that feels nice on the hands with a firm and non-slip grip. You should be able to work out comfortably without having to worry about having numb fingers or blisters. It should also be easy for you to store with the rubber-coated layer without having them roll around your house, causing potential mishaps. It is also recommended to pick dumbbells smaller but heavy in size as it occupies less space. Effective and user-friendly.

Durability: Of course, any product needs to be durable to be considered the best. Rubber-coated dumbbells are no exception. It needs to be made from strong and durable materials to tolerate daily use and possible mishandling. Dumbbells should be like a lifetime investment. Check out the customers’ reviews for more realistic feedback on quality and durability.

8. Fun1980s 5-50 Pounds Hex Rubber Dumbbell

Fun1980s 5-50 Pounds Hex Rubber Dumbbell

This is a 1 piece dumbbell single that can be widely used in gyms and at homes. It is such a versatile piece of equipment to have for any exercise or weight training. You can use it to repair a torn rotator and stabilize muscles. The hexagon-shaped rubber-encased ends to prevent rolling, rusting and provide easy storage. It is made with a solid cast iron material with a chrome-plated handle and rubber-coated case. You can choose between different weight categories.


  • 1 piece dumbbell with different weight ranges
  • Can be used anywhere for any purposes
  • High-quality materials

7. Sporzon! Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell

Sporzon! Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell

It is the rubber encased hex dumbbell by the brand Sporzon! It is made from a high-quality solid cast dumbbell encased in rubber to last throughout the years without damaging your floor. It also features solid metal-chrome-finish contoured handles that are designed ergonomically for better grip and fit. With the textured handle, you are sure to have a tight and secure grip. The hexagon shape rubber encased heads prevent your weight from rolling around and provide easy storage. You can choose to buy it in pairs or as singles at different weight loads.


  • High-quality, durable and ergonomic
  • Tight and secure grip
  • Anti-slip and easy storage

6. AmazonBasics Rubber Encased Hex Hand Dumbbell

AmazonBasics Rubber Encased Hex Hand Dumbbell

This is a great option for those who are looking to weight train or resistance train. It is made from a solid cast-iron core for better strength and durability to not bend or break after long or repeated use. The rubber encased ends make it easier to store as well as prevent any mishaps. On top of that, it also comes with a contoured chrome handle for a much more comfortable and secure grip. You can choose between four weight options.


  • One-year warranty
  • Great solid cast-iron core
  • Good for resistance or weight training

5. BalanceFrom GoFit All-Purpose Dumbbells

BalanceFrom GoFit All-Purpose Dumbbells

This comes in a set that includes 3 pairs of 3lb-dumbbells, 5lb, and 8lb, as well as a stand for easy storage. It is made from a durable and neoprene material coated cast-iron for greater durability both indoor and outdoor. With the neoprene coating, you are sure to have a secure grip with the hex-shaped heads to prevent them from slipping or rolling around the house. The weight stand is easy to assemble by simply using the assembly tool provided. You can choose between a 32-pound set and a 50-pound set.


  • A set of dumbbells of different weight
  • A stand for easy storage
  • Easy to assemble, use and care for

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4. SPRI Dumbbells Deluxe Vinyl Coated Dumbbell

SPRI Dumbbells Deluxe Vinyl Coated Dumbbell

This product is sold as a set of 2 with color-coded vinyl coating in various weight loads. The vinyl-coating helps protect your dumbbells from rust, wear, and tear over time. The weight is professionally graded in terms of quality, and it can be used repeatedly without worry. This is a great addition to your workout routine for aerobics, step workouts, or even strength training. All you need to do is decide on the weight range you need!


  • Professional grade quality
  • Comfortable, no-slip, and long-lasting
  • A great addition to your workout routine

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3. REP FITNESS Unique Rubber Grip Handle Dumbbells

REP FITNESS Unique Rubber Grip Handle Dumbbells

The dumbbells are coated with a high-quality rubber coating that will never flake or chip off to provide the most comfortable and secure grip. The solid steel heads are friction welded to the handles for a permanent bond while remaining 30% smaller than most cast-iron options. Compact design with a heavy punch! It also takes up less space in your storage as well as easier to handle. You can choose the sizes you want from 5lbs up to 100lbs. The all-black finish is another plus as it’s easier to maintain, clean, and adds some style!


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Solid steel materials: compact but heavier
  • Stylish, easy to use, and durable

2. CAP Barbell Set of 2 Hex Rubber Dumbbell

CAP Barbell Set of 2 Hex Rubber Dumbbell

The second best product on our list is the CAP Barbell set of hex rubber dumbbells. It is made with high-quality design and materials. The weights are guaranteed to stay tight and do not detach, while the rubber coat keeps it from damaging the floor surface. It features solid cast-iron weights with chrome-plated handles as well as a rubber encasing. You can use it to curl, lift, or squad as you see fit. It is sure to provide you with the ultimate support and assistance. There is no need for maintenance, yet this product will last years and years to come with its anti-rust nature. You can choose between a large variety of weights to suit your workout goals.


  • Solid cast-iron weights with a chrome-plated handle
  • Flat hex-shape that is coated with rubber
  • No maintenance required

1. Day 1 Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbell

Day 1 Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbell

It is made from welded metal handles with thick hex-shaped rubber encasing to prevent potential injuries or damages to the floor. It is also easier to store and will last you throughout the year. You can use it as part of various workout routines without going to a professional gym to stay fit. This dumbbell can be used anywhere and anytime! With its high durability and ergonomic design, this product is the ultimate home-gym dream. You can pick between 6 different weight categories.


  • Versatile and flexible use
  • Easier to store
  • Durable, comfortable, and user-friendly


We hope that all of you looking for the perfect workout assistance will feel less overwhelmed by the choice you have to make. All the products listed in our article offer uniquely different features and advantages. Make sure to read the reviews carefully. Happy Shopping and Working Out!