Top 10 Best Shaving Brush Stands 2022 Reviews

Buying a shaving brush stand and cartridge set makes shaving less burdensome and reduces cleanup. The right stand offers exceptional drying, keeps your razor safe, and ensures an efficient shaving experience. While there are many different styles available on the market, finding the right option that fits your needs may take some investigative work. Luckily, you can use this collection of best shaving brush stands to narrow down your options and find the perfect set.

10. Sanwa: Plastic Genuine Badger Shaving Brush Stand

For the budget-conscious, this bowl offers a sturdy and reliable option designed to keep your brush, razor, and down all in one place. Enjoy exceptional stability and a strong plastic design. The set also comes with a genuine Badger brush for additional value. Overall, this unit provides a sleek and stylish option.


  • Includes the stand, brush handle, and bowl.
  • Made from polycarbonate and ABS plastic blend.
  • Includes a genuine badger brush for the soap.


9. Super Safety Razors: Stainless Steel Shaving Brush Stand


Super Safety Razors: Stainless Steel Shaving Brush Stand

Simplicity and grace are the hallmarks of this exceptional shaving brush stand. Place your safety razor and brush on the stand to air dry after your morning shave. With a small footprint, the stand won’t take up space or get in your way. Enjoy modern styling and old-world quality with this stainless steel stand.


  • A heavyweight base ensures good stability.
  • Made from an all-metal design.
  • Simple and functional design enhances your space.

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8. Edward London & Co.: Chrome Shaving Brush Stand


Edward London & Co.: Chrome Shaving Brush Stand

Modernity and functionality come together to bring you a striking design. While serving as a stylish addition to your bathroom, this stand also offers a strong foundation to rest your tools. A magnet secures the bowl to the base. Enjoy a high-quality design and superior craftsmanship with this contemporary option.


  • Suitable for the modern palette and artistic taste.
  • The water-resistant and non-skid sole offers stability.
  • Heavy-duty magnets hold the bowl in place.


7. Omega: 172 Chrome Shaving Brush Stand


Omega: 172 Chrome Shaving Brush Stand

Simple, efficient, and highly portable, this stand offers a great option for the minimalist or traveler. Sporting lustrous chrome plating, the stand works well with all sizes of shaving brushes. Additionally, the stand’s design ensures a strong foundation that won’t let your brush down. Made in Italy by a company you can trust, this stand offers superior reliability and durability.


  • Made in Italy by the trusted Omega brand.
  • Chrome-plated parts provide excellent durability.
  • Simple, sanitary, and safe for most razors.

6. Orpheus: Wooden Shaving Brush Stand


Orpheus: Wooden Shaving Brush Stand

For the forest-lover in all of us, this stand gives you the stability and utility needed to dry your brush properly. Suitable for brush knot sizes from 19-22 mm, this unit should work with most brushes. Store your razor horizontally to minimize the potential for accidents. Round it off with a walnut finish and see your shaving experience take off.


  • Wood, with a walnut finish, offers a rustic feel.
  • Works with the cartridge, straight and double-edged razors.
  • Offers exceptional drying thanks to a vertical design.


5. Mid Century Shaving: Chrome Shaving Brush Stand


Mid Century Shaving: Chrome Shaving Brush Stand

Like a snake poised to strike, this stand means business. The stand includes space for your brush and razor. Chrome plating looks great in any environment, and you can enjoy exceptional drying with a design that promotes exceptional airflow. Hold a shave brush with a knot up to 24mm. Conveniently, this unit can also hold conventional brushes.


  • Chrome plating elicits a sophisticated look and feel.
  • Extends the life of the brush by placing the bristles down.
  • Sturdy construction and one-piece design.


4. Parker Safety Razor: Chrome Black Badger Shaving Brush Stand


Parker Safety Razor: Chrome Black Badger Shaving Brush Stand

Elegance, sophistication, and a passion for the finer things brings you to this shaving brush stand. Enjoy a Badger brush that accentuates the design and brings your morning ritual up a notch. Barbershop-styling and a durable design ensure a long life from your razor and brush.


  • Includes a 29L Parker Butterfly Open safety razor.
  • The design ensures proper drying of your brush.
  • Includes a deluxe Black Badger brush.


3. Premier Rasage: Ebony Shaving Brush Stand


Premier Rasage: Ebony Shaving Brush Stand

Practical, functional, and stable, this shaving brush stand offers the option to mount the unit to the wall. A wall-mounted unit offers better stability, and it ensures the sand stays out of your way while remaining within easy reach. An ebony design gives the unit an exceptional shine with the ability to keep your space clean and light up your day.


  • The solid and minimalist design offers great utility.
  • Effectively dries the brush of excess water.
  • Includes a screw hole for mounting the unit.

2. Super Safety Razor: Chrome Shaving Brush Stand

Super Safety Razor: Chrome Shaving Brush Stand

Perfect for all standard-sized shaving razors with a 20-25mm brush knot, this unit makes short work of your wet brush. The design offers a proper tilt that ensures your brush dries thoroughly. Since it works with all standard razors, you can use this stand with all manner of setups.


  • A strong and heavyweight base offers good stability.
  • Works with all standard razors.
  • The modern look gives your bathroom an upscale feel.

1. Perfecto: Chrome Shaving Brush Stand


Perfecto: Chrome Shaving Brush Stand

Like a bullet speeding to its target, this stand gives you a precise and purpose-filled shaving experience. Experience the best shaving stand available for your brush and razor. Using a vertical design, this unit keeps your tools in a central location and out of the way. Perfectly designed for everyday use and the man who needs to get work done.


  • Facilities natural air drying for your brush.
  • The weighted base ensures a strong foundation.
  • It offers the ability to store your razor and brush.