Top 10 Best Wooden Baby Gates 2022 Reviews

The world becomes a playground for babies when they start crawling. When they grow from crawling to walking, their curiosity also starts growing.

This is really an exciting milestone in the life of a child. However, as you know, this is the most dangerous stage in the life of your child.

Laundry rooms, bathrooms, high steps, etc., may seem innocent things, but they can be dangerous for your child.

They also try to catch and play with anything and everything within their reach, which can be really challenging.

Baby gates are safety devices, which are used for keeping your baby out of forbidden areas.

Best Wooden Baby Gates Reviews:

10. Dreambaby Cottage Gro-Gate

Dreambaby Cottage Gro-Gate

Dreambaby Cottage Gro-Gate is ideal for those who want to purchase a healthy gate for protecting their babies. Natural wood is used for manufacturing this baby gate.

You can use it in a large opening or doorway, such as the top or bottom of the stairs, hallway, etc. Adults can open this gate by using only one hand.

But, it is very difficult for young children and toddlers to open this gate.

The door of this wooden gate will conveniently swing open in either direction.

This is a hardware-mounted gate, so it will not create any tripping hazard.

This is the perfect way to keep your child safe from dangerous places.

9. Evenflow Safety Baby Gate

Evenflow Safety Baby Gate

Safety Baby Gate from Evenflow is the best baby gate for keeping your kids safe from common household dangers.

You can also adjust the width of this gate so that you can use it around stairs, doors, hallway, kitchen, play yard, doorways, etc.

This gate is a perfect barrier for keeping your children within a safe zone.

So, you can keep your kids away from dangerous spots like fireplaces or staircases. You can also install this baby gate very easily.

It is perfect for all your needs. Evenflo is the most trusted brand in America.

So, you can surely purchase it if you want to give maximum protection to your toddlers.

8. Safety 1st 24” Wood Security Gate

Safety 1st 24” Wood Security Gate

Safety 1st is a 24-inch Wood Security Gate. It has a splinter-resistant finish, which is perfect for keeping your babies safe and secure.

You can use this gate perfectly for openings that are 27 to 42 inches wide. It has an easy lock-resistant handle, which provides more comfort to the adults.

The pressure mount design allows this gate to adapt to baseboards and uneven openings without hardware. This baby gate has rounded corners, so it is safe for children.

You can adjust the gate for a secure fit. Non-phthalate vinyl is used in this gate, so it is perfectly healthy for children.

7. Munchkin Auto-Close Safety Gate

Munchkin Auto Close Safety Gate

Getting an aesthetically pleasing as well as a safe baby gate is very difficult.

But, if you purchase Munchkin Auto-Close Safety Gate, you can fulfill both these requirements.

This is a stylish baby gate, which is manufactured based on baby gate technology. Sleek wood and steel design make this gate perfect for every homeowner.

Natural-looking dark wood adds more beauty to the gate. It has a U-shaped power frame, which gives extra safety.

It has a two-way opening door and a triple-locking mechanism that provides both versatility and safety.

You can use Munchkin Auto-Close Safety Gate virtually at any place at your home.

You can handle it very easily because of a double-locking system. It has an optional third lock, which provides more safety.

6. Wood & Metal Walk-Thru Gate from Summer Infant

Wood & Metal Walk-Thru Gate from Summer Infant

Wood & Metal Walk-Thru Gate is a stylish and sleek gate, which is perfect for any home.

It has a hinged door, which can be opened very easily in either direction.

You can also operate it with one hand because it comes with an automatic close feature. Attractive, furniture-grade hardwood is used for creating this gate.

It has a pressure mount installation, so it will not damage your walls or woodwork.

You can use this gate in different areas in your home because it has extension sections as well.

This Summer Infant baby gate comes in a combination of brown and black colors.

5. Summer Deluxe Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Deluxe Walk Thru Gate


If you want to provide the topmost safety to your kids, the Summer Infant Deluxe Walk-Thru gate is the best possible option.

You can place this gate ideally in doorways or stairs. Wood is used for constructing this walk-thru gate. Thus, it provides you maximum strength and durability.

Sure and Secure gate has a cherry finish, which is perfect for various settings and decors. One-hand opening and auto-closing features add more functionality.

The width of this gate can be adjusted according to space. It comes with two directional swing opening, which allows easy usage.

This is a pet-compatible gate, so it is a great option for outdoor use as well.

4. Munchkin Wood and Steel Gate

Munchkin Wood and Steel Gate



This gate from Munchkin offers you a sturdy and strong design, which is perfect for keeping your kids safe. Steel and wood are used for making this baby gate.

A U-shaped power frame offers maximum stability. Natural-grain dark wood can complement the style of any home.

Adults can open their doors very easily by using one hand. Durable, stylish construction with a double-locking handle is the attractive feature of this gate.

Durable steel is used for making this gate; thus, it provides you maximum strength.

The gate swings can open in both directions, so the gate is highly convenient.

3. Evenflo Top-of-Stair Gate

Evenflo Top of Stair Gate

Evenflo Top-of-Stair Gate is beneficial for protecting your children from common household dangers. Most accidents happen around the stairs.

If you use this gate, you can avoid most of these problems. This gate can swing in one or both directions. But it depends on how you set its swing control.

Whatever may be your preference, this gate is highly convenient for you.

You can operate this gate with one hand very easily and quickly. However, your baby cannot open its door easily, so it offers maximum protection to them.

If space is a constraint in your home, this gate can retract when you open it.

2. Summer Infant Decorative Pressure Mounted Gate

Summer Infant Decorative Pressure Mounted Gate

Wood and metal are used for constructing this 5-foot decorative, pressure-mounted baby gate.

This is the best gate for protecting your baby without sacrificing style. This expansion walk-thru gate is manufactured using high-quality wood and metal.

This is a pressure-mounted gate, which can be adjusted up to 5 feet wide. Thus, it offers added security without damaging your walls.

This gate is designed to keep your baby in a safe environment. It can also enhance your home’s décor. The extra-wide hinged swinging door opens in both directions.

1. Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate

Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate

If you do not want to be fooled by purchasing imitations, Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate is the best option.

This is a patented, high-quality, freestanding pet gate. This beautiful gate is designed to keep your pets safe in most areas.

At the same time, it allows adults to move freely. This gate’s height is shallow, which allows you to step over this gate very easily.

The side panels of this gate are designed to keep it from tipping over. The gate comes along with rubber feet, which helps keep the gate from sliding on hard floor surfaces.

Beautiful hardwood construction is the other peculiar feature of this gate. This gate is highly durable, and it can resist destruction.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Baby Gates? – A Buyer’s Guide:

Best Wooden Baby Gates

It is difficult to choose the finest baby gate for your house and kid when there are so many choices available. 

However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind before making a purchase.

1. Size:

You should measure the area where the baby gate will be used before you purchase it. 

Make sure the gate is broad and tall enough to fit into the area, whether it is on a stairway or a doorway leading to the kitchen.

2. Material:

Baby gates come in a variety of materials based on where and how you want to use them.

 Consider a more weighted version that will remain in place for your older children, who may quickly fall over a plastic gate. 

An alternative to this would be an easy-to-clean and lightweight plastic solution for usage outdoors or on the road.

3. Height:

You require infant gates by law to be 22 inches (0.56 m) high. 

You will want to get a gate that is at your child’s height to reduce the risk of him climbing over it. 

Moreover, you will not need a stair baby gate once your kid is approximately two years old or three feet tall. 

However, in the meantime, you must ensure that your kid cannot easily leap over the fence and risk falling.

4. Materials:

Plastic, metal, and wood are the most common materials used to make baby gates.

However, this does not imply that this is the only material used. 

Some plastics contain toxins and other chemicals that should not be around your kid. 

To give you an idea, if you are searching for a plastic baby gate, make sure it is free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is toxic to children. 

Also, pay attention to how you train your kid. 

Screws that are too loose or have sharp edges may cause injury.

5. the Distance Between The Gates:

To avoid your child’s arms, legs, hands, or even their minds getting trapped between the baby gate holes, they must be no more than three inches apart. 

Prior to making a purchase, check your owner’s handbook to ensure the slat spacing. 

It will help to reduce the risk of damage. 

To avoid unintentional pinches, use a baby gate with a plastic telescoping fence.

6. U.S. Safety Standards:

For peace of mind, look for a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification on the safest baby gates for stairs. 

This certificate certifies that your baby gate has passed all the ASTM testing and certification criteria. 

If you are uncertain whether the manufacturer of your baby gate is approvable, go to the JPMA website and look in the Certified Product Directory.

7. Installing A New System:

A baby gate that is simple to set up, does not leave a mark, or is portable is essential to you?

 You should bear this in mind since certain gates are intrinsically harder to install because of the additional hardware.

Or because they need an even number of panels (for multi-panel convertible play yards) to be functional.

8. Dimensions

Always double-check the size of the area before you put up a baby gate there. 

Especially if your house has larger door frames or corridors, certain baby gates will not work. 

If your house has larger pathways, look for baby gate types with extension panels that come standard.

9. Your Kid:

Do you know someone who is a die-hard climber or seeks out new experiences? If this is the case, even the best baby gate may not be able to keep your kid contained. 

When it comes to keeping infants and toddlers safe, baby gates may be an effective tool, but they can not replace constant adult monitoring. 

When your kid learns how to climb or push a play yard fence aside, this becomes even more important.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the best baby gate?

After consulting with four childproofing experts and putting 20 baby gates to the test, we have come to the conclusion that the Cardinal Gates SS-30 Stairway Special is the best choice in the vast majority of cases.

What type of stair gate is best?

It is no secret that our experts like the HIPAA-certified Kid Co Safeway Gate’s simple one-handed release, directional stop, and no-bottom threshold for reducing tripping hazards.

What is the easiest baby gate to open?

It is easy to open with one hand while carrying your kid or whatever else you are dragging about with the other, the Munchkin baby gate, which is perfect for doors you pass through often.


Stairway Baby gates keep youngsters safe and secure, and we are more than capable of taking care of children while you focus on other chores. 

The stair baby gates will provide us peace of mind so that we may let our children develop unrestricted rather than excessively confine them.