Top 10 Best Z Wave Light Switches 2022 Reviews

Z-Wave Light Switches allow you to control the lighting very easily, whether it is outdoors or indoors.

Easy management of lighting around or inside the house is the other benefit of these types of switches.

One switch can be connected to multiple appliances or light switches, which is the other major benefit of Z-Wave Light Switches.

Thus, you can avoid the hassles of turning them on/off separately. The event-based control of these switches provides you with an added security feature to your house.

You can also save energy because these switches enable automated lighting.

10. GoControl WA00Z-1-

GoControl WA00Z-1-Z

The battery-powered GoControl WA00Z-1-Z is a smart wall switch that helps add a secondary z-wave scene controller.

No wires are required for installing this switch. It is perfect for controlling your z-wave electronics such as switches, outlets, light bulbs, or plug-in modules.

One switch is enough for controlling up to 10 Z-wave switches or lights.

You can mount over any decorator-style or ordinary switch. Simple, self-adhesive mounting pads are also included, which helps mount it on any surface.

  • Can control on/off very easily
  • One switch is enough for controlling 10 z-wave switches.
  • Can mount on any surface
  • Very easy to install
  • Battery-powered wall switch
  • Affordable

9. Eaton RF9500AWAspire

Eaton RF9500AWAspire

ASPIRE RF is a wireless control system that offers easy-to-use and easy-to-install control of your whole home or a single room using Z-wave technology.

It comes with a full array of controllers, which help manage devices.

Remote on/off, bright control, and other programmable functions are the other features of this device.

You can use it with ASPIRE RF of any other products that are compliant with Z-wave. The battery-operated device uses 2 CR2025 batteries.

No wiring is required for installing this switch. The device also provides a dimmer option as well.

  • Battery operated switch
  • No wiring is required.
  • Durable and affordable
  • Helps to reduce the energy bill

8. Jasco 45609LAB

Jasco 45609LAB

Jasco 45609LAB allows you manual or wireless control of your Z-wave. You can connect it very easily by using the existing wires.

The device has a LED indicator light, which helps locate the switch in the darkroom very easily.

Wirelessly control the on/off function is the other major feature of Jasco 45609LAB. Hard-wired connections and in-wall installation are required for using this device.

It has a gloss white finish, which perfectly matches the modern wall plates. This switch is perfect for replacing your current light switch.

  • Can connect existing wires very easily
  • Comes with LED indicator light
  • Wirelessly control ON/OFF.
  • Wireless and manual control are possible.
  • Gloss white finish

7. Linear Z-Wave (WT00Z-1)

Linear Z Wave

The WT00Z-1 is a wall mount, accessory dimmer switch, which allows you remote ON/OFF control.

At the same time, it can dim lights that are controlled by associated Z-wave modules. As a result, it creates virtual 3-way switches.

This device controls no load directly. Therefore, you can wire it anywhere, but you should ensure the availability of power.

The WT00Z-1 can be used for replacing the existing standard switches. It is ideal for connecting up to 5 devices.

The Scene Command Class of Z-wave is used in this device.

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  • Affordable
  • Uses Scene Command Class of Z-Wave
  • It requires Minimote
  • Easy to install
  • Connect up to 5 devices

6. Leviton VP0SR-1LZ

Leviton VP0SR 1LZ

The products of Leviton are trendy for reducing electricity bills. They also make the life of people more convenient.

You can reduce energy consumption considerably by simply replacing standard switches in your house with Leviton VP0SR-1LZ.

This switch is also helpful for extending the life of the bulb as well. The Vizia+ Collection of the company comes with an elegant, digital design.

Thus, it offers a sophisticated touch to the interior of your house. The Vizia+ Collection of light includes switches, dimmers, switch remotes, etc.

All of them are available in both coordinating and matching versions. By integrating digital engineering, they deliver an intuitive operation.

Leviton VP0SR-1LZ is CSA certified, and UL listed. It offers fan speed control and ON/OFF lighting. A green LED light indicator illuminates during the time of darkness.

  • Helpful for extending the life lamp
  • LED locator light is handy during darkness
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable
  • Dimmer or Fan speed control is possible.

5. Leviton Decora Switch

Leviton Decora Switch

The Z-wave enabled Leviton Decora Switch is a universal switch designed to use most motor and residential lighting applications.

Scene control integration is the major feature of this Z-wave switch.

It can support a large range of load types, including electronic low voltage, magnetic and halogen low voltage, fluorescent, incandescent, and motor loads up to 0.5 Horse Power.

The switch is handy for Z-Wave enabled home automation hubs, controllers, and gateways.

The switch is compatible with Amazon Echo, SmartThings, and Wink.

  • Ideal for all residential setting
  • Fully compatible
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable

4. Leviton DZS15-1BZ

Leviton DZS15-1BZ

The Decora Z-Wave Controls are Scene capable switches available in different colors such as light almond, ivory, and white colors.

The switch is designed for most residential lighting applications.

Like Leviton Decora Switch, the Decora Z-Wave Controls can also support a large range of load types.

The product is completely compatible with Wink Hub. However, a neutral wire is required for installing this switch.

  • Available in different colors
  • 15-Amp scene capable
  • Affordable
  • Great performance
  • Transcient surge suppression

3. Linear WD500Z-1

Linear WD500Z 1

Linear WD500Z-1 is the other high-quality, wall-mounted dimmer switch that comes with Z-wave smart chips.

Thus, 2-way RF communication is possible among hundreds of Z-wave-enabled devices.

A simple replacement of your current wall-mount switch with Linear WD500Z-1 allows you to turn on/off and dim all the connected light fixtures.

The dimmer helps control the brightness and operation of any associated lights.

  • Offers up to 100 feet line of sight
  • Fits in standard J-box
  • Enables 2-way RF communication
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install

2. GE Z-Wave

GE Z-Wave

GE Z-Wave is the best option for transforming your home into a smart home.

Once you install this switch in your home, you can control the light wirelessly. You can also create a custom scene or schedule a timed event from anywhere in the world.

Thus, you can control it at any time of the day.

GE Z-Wave also allows you to reduce energy costs considerably. Therefore, you can keep your home safer.

In-wall installation with a hardwired connection is required for using this switch.

Thus, you can control it from your smartphone, PCs, tablets, and Z-wave-enabled wireless remotes.

  • Offers complete control
  • Works with all bulbs
  • Gives ultimate flexibility
  • Improved space efficiency
  • Can be controlled in groups

1. WeMo Light Switch

WeMo Light Switch

If you want to get the best Z-wave switch for your home and office, WeMo Light Switch is the best option.

This switch comes with myriad useful features. You can avoid your boring, old light switches if you purchase WeMo Light Switch.

It can also provide you control of any one-way connection light. Therefore, you can control it directly from your phone.

The free WeMo app and home Wi-Fi network are the only requirements for operating WeMo Light Switch.

Thus, you can turn on/off the switches anywhere in the world. It also allows you to control your ceiling fans and lights with voice commands.

  • The best Z-wave switch due to several impressive features
  • Can connect directly from your phone
  • You can control it from anywhere in the world.
  • Best way to save electricity
  • Affordable
  • Highest-quality Z-wave switch